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The comments space at ZioNation Web log is meant for constructive and insightful commentary, not for inciteful commentary, spam or self-promotion. We especially welcome corrections of errors in spelling or factual material.

We cannot moderate comments for technical reasons. We can (and will) delete inappropriate ones.

This is our Web log. The Web log is not here to promote your ideas. We have no obligation to post your opinions, and we reserve the right to delete any comment, for any reason without explanation.

The major reasons for deletion of comments:

SPAM - Comments left in order to promote a commercial Web site or any other Web site that is not compatible with our mission. If you want to advertise, pay for it.

Repeat messages - Messages that have obviously been repeat-posted at different Web logs will be deleted.

Articles - This is not a space for your articles. If you want to write an article, get your own Web log or submit articles to us. Limit comments to a reasonable size that relates to the article. It is OK to give a pointer to another article that explains your point of view. We are glad to publish reasoned rebuttals of a point of view, as long as you present facts rather than innuendo, ad-hominem attacks or propaganda slogans.

Forum - This is not a space for posting other people's articles either. You can post a pointer to an article, but it will not be displayed as a live link. 

Racism - Racism of any kind will be deleted.

"Anti-Zionist" propaganda - "Zionists control the world and don't give us Aryans a fair break" "Zionists killed Christ" and other thinly disguised racism will be deleted.

Defamatory Accusations - We are happy to correct errors if you point out that the facts are different. If you simply call us liars, we don't want to hear from you and won't publish your opinions.

Anonymous Posts - If you repeatedly post unacceptable materials repeatedly, and we have no way of reaching you, you may be banned from posting. If you do not leave an e-mail address, the probability of being banned is greater. 

By posting at ZioNation you agree to the above conditions.

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This site provides resources about Zionism and Israeli history, including links to source documents. We are not responsible for the information content of these sites.

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