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January-February 2008

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Articles and materials

29-Feb-2008 - NUJ's decline - that figures NUJ Anti-Israel Text CTJT Blogspot

29-Feb-2008 - Hamas MP Fathi Hammad: We Used Women and Children as Human Shields Gaza Hamas Human Shields Text Hamas TV

29-Feb-2008 - Hamas MP Fathi Hammad: We Used Women and Children as Human Shields Gaza Hamas Human Shields VideoHamas TV

28-Feb-2008 - London students slam anti-Israel exhibition anti-Semitism UK Text Jerusalem Post

28-Feb-2008 - Female terror suspect detained; Jerusalem bombing averted Jew hatred Islamic Jihad Text Ynet

28-Feb-2008 - "Dying for a Degree" at a College threatened by the Boycott Sapir College Hamas Text Boycotted British Academic

27-Feb-2008 - The Latest Damage to Antiquities on the Temple Mount Temple Mount Jerusalem Y JCPA

26-Feb-2008 - The Sderot Calculus Sderot Gaza Text WSJ

26-Feb-2008 - Profiles: Mohammed Hamid and his followers Don't Panic I'm Islamic British Terrorists Text Guardian

22-Feb-2008 - Hizbollah ‘targeting Israeli ministers’ Hesbollah Lebanon Hesbollah do Nazi salute Text Jewish Chronicle

21-Feb-2008 - When there is no benign explanation WW2 Iran today Facing up to the threat Text Jewish Chronicle

21-Feb-2008 - 2 rockets hit building near Nahal Oz Gaza Kassams 1150 in 2007, 1488 in 2006, 400 in 1st 50 days of 2008 Text Ynet

20-Feb-2008 - Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Warns Countries against Supporting Sanctions and Declares: Israel Is a "Filthy Black Germ" Anti-Israel Iran's bomb Transcript Text MEMRI

20-Feb-2008 - Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Warns Countries against Supporting Sanctions and Declares: Israel Is a "Filthy Black Germ" Anti-Israel Iran's bomb Confirms Iran is producing bomb VideoMEMRI

20-Feb-2008 - Exile group claims Iran is developing nuclear warheads Iran nuclear NCRI Text WSJ

20-Feb-2008 - Darfuris get Israeli ID cards and start their new lives Darfur Israel Text JTA

19-Feb-2008 - Palestinian Christians live in constant fear Gaza Christians Text National Post

19-Feb-2008 - Israeli-Arab Journalist Discusses Middle East Palestine Toameh Khaled Abu Toameh talks to Cornell University Text The Cornell Daily Sun

17-Feb-2008 - BBC sorry for Mughniyeh-Hariri parallel Lebanon BBC Text Jerusalem Post

14-Feb-2008 - Lebanon Holds Memorials Lebanon Hisbollah BBC equates Rafik Hariri and Imad Mughniyeh as "great national leaders." VideoBBC

12-Feb-2008 - Israel must be wiped off the map" photo Iran Image Ynet Iran poster

8-Feb-2008 - Lyubov Razdolskaya Victim Suicide bombing MFA obituary of victim of Dimona suicide bomb Text Israeli MFA

8-Feb-2008 - Hamas Rabbit eat Jews Gaza Hamas "I, Assud" (the bunny rabbit), "will finnish off the Jews and eat them" VideoHamas TV

7-Feb-2008 - Hamas: We’re Allowed to Lie Hamas Text Israel National News

7-Feb-2008 - Hamas seizes aid meant for Red Crescent Gaza Hamas Text Ynet

6-Feb-2008 - Snow City Israel Dimona Description of suicide bomb victim Text Totally Jewish

6-Feb-2008 - Slain Dimona Woman Buried Victim Suicide bombing Text Israel National News

5-Feb-2008 - Mearsheimer, Gandhi and the Antisemitism Debate Anti-Semitism Israel Z Word

4-Feb-2008 - Gazans hear of attack, hand out sweets Gaza Dimona Gazana celebrate suicide bomb Ynet

3-Feb-2008 - Shin Bet chief: Rockets, missiles were smuggled into Gaza Gaza Hamas Text Ynet

1-Feb-2008 - The Nazareth Book – a Prospectus. Christian Islam dispute in Nazareth Text

1-Feb-2008 - Abbas with PLO flag erasing Israel P A Palestine PMW Jan Bulletin Text PMW

31-Jan-2008 - Malcolm Hoenlein talks on global Islamic threat Islamism Global R Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations

31-Jan-2008 - Gaza Humanitarian Issues in the Service of Islamists Gaza Hamas Text ME On Target

31-Jan-2008 - A barrage against Israel Robin Shepherd Winograd report The critics had another field day yesterday. But their arguments are dishonest Text The Times

30-Jan-2008 - Poll: 53% of Palestinians oppose rocket fire Palestine Gaza Text Ynet

30-Jan-2008 - Israel's Lebanon Disaster Israel Lebanon Text WSJ

29-Jan-2008 - The Gaza Breakout Gaza Egypt The danger to Mubarak from events in Gaza Text WSJ

29-Jan-2008 - Hamas backers Saudi Arabia and Tehran Step into Gaza Crisis Gaza Hamas Gazans got $300 each to shop in Egypt Text Debka File

28-Jan-2008 - Special Report: The Hamas Propaganda War Media Hamas Text Honest Reporting

28-Jan-2008 - Al Qaeda Readies Dual-track Offensive in Iraq and Gaza al Qaida Hamas Text Debka File

27-Jan-2008 - 20 Years of Research Reveals: Jerusalem Belongs to Jews Jerusalem International law Text INN

26-Jan-2008 - Saudis send extremist preacher SheikSheik SafarSafar al Hawali to raise funds for Hamas al Qaida Hamas Text Debka File

25-Jan-2008 - 'Terrorists killed while infiltrating yeshiva were just released' Palestine Hamas Text Jerusalem Post

24-Jan-2008 - 'Hamas staged some of the blackouts' Gaza Hamas Text Jerusalem Post

24-Jan-2008 - Hamas 'spent months cutting through Gaza wall in secret operation' Hamas Gaza oxyacetylene Text The Times

23-Jan-2008 - Peres: Hamas Should be Blamed for Gaza Crisis Gaza Hamas Once Hamas stops the missile madness, Israel's operations in the strip will be halted" Text, Video etc

22-Jan-2008 - Fundamentally Freund: The face of evil Hesbollah Hamas Text Jerusalem Post

21-Jan-2008 - Arab editor blames Hamas for Gaza crisis Gaza Hamas Text Jerusalem Post

19-Jan-2008 - More Jerusalem Arabs seek Israeli citizenship Jerusalem Arabs Text McClatchy

18-Jan-2008 - Broadcasting & the web: Further gaps in the BBC's MidEast map Palestine BBC Text Jewish Chronicle

17-Jan-2008 - Study: Most Sderot kids exhibit post-traumatic stress symptoms Text Haaretz

17-Jan-2008 - Out Taxes Pay for Lessons in Terror PA UK Text Daily Express

17-Jan-2008 - Funding Hate Education PA UK PDF Taxpayers Alliance

16-Jan-2008 - A Barrage of Bad Reporting Anti-Israel Text Honest Reporting

14-Jan-2008 - 2 tons of explosives found amongst humanitarian aid en route to Gaza EU aid Hamas Text Ynet

11-Jan-2008 - Your tax money 'boosts terror' Govt money funds "hate education" Text Jewish Chronicle

11-Jan-2008 - Rejectionism Rejected NEC Palestine poll nicely set out Read the terms they want for refugees, Jerusalem etc.. and I don't think it is rejected in practice. Text

10-Jan-2008 - One Year Analysis: The BBC in 2007 BBC Text Honest Reporting

8-Jan-2008 - Mideast Dispatch Archive Anti-Israel Text Mideast Media Analysis

7-Jan-2008 - President Bush said Israel had no role in bringing about the Iraq war. Israel Iraq Text JTA

7-Jan-2008 - Bush: Israel no factor in Iraq Iraqi WMD Iraq and Israel Text JTA

3-Jan-2008 - Shin Bet: It wasn’t that terrorists didn’t try last year; they simply didn’t succeed. Palestine Terrorists still trying to kill Israelis Text Jerusalem Post

3-Jan-2008 - Security & Defense: Future Tense Terrorism Terrorist kept trying in 2007 Text Jerusalem Post


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