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January-February 2010

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These pages are a searchable archive of news reports, editorials and other web resources related to Israel. They are intended to be used for study and to aid in research for journalists, bloggers and students. They are based on materials prepared by Stephen Franklin and edited and reproduced here by permission. Remarks at the end of each entry show the source and the type of material, and may show classification information.

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Articles and materials

28-Feb-2010 - The Fair Play (Not) of the Jewish Book Week in London Debaters all members of far-left Independent Jewish Voice Text My right word

28-Feb-2010 - Ten top Israeli business ventures that inspire peace in the Middle East Text Israel21c

28-Feb-2010 - Tel Aviv University Professor leading British anti-Semites in "Israel Apartheid Week" - not a Purim Gag See Adi Ophir Book review Text Jewish Press Blog

28-Feb-2010 - Hitting the wrong target The false-passport row denies Israel's right to act against those trying to destroy it. Text WA Today

28-Feb-2010 - Hamas Deputy Minister of Religious Endowments: Jews Are Bacteria, Not Human Beings Video Al Aqsa (Hamas) TV

27-Feb-2010 - David Frum: Something's seriously wrong at York University Text National Post

27-Feb-2010 - British Baroness: Israel Went to Haiti to Harvest Organs Text Pajamas Media

27-Feb-2010 - Britain hardens line in support of Goldstone Report, not one EU member state votes against it at latest UN resolution Text Robin Shepherd

26-Feb-2010 - What apartheid state? Text Jerusalem Post

26-Feb-2010 - Targeting Israel, Hitting Palestinians EU Tarrifs Text Commentary Magazine

26-Feb-2010 - PA TV teaches children that all of Israel is "occupied Palestine Video PA TV

26-Feb-2010 - Israel's man in Hamas just 'wanted to save lives' In a new book on his life as Israeli agent, son of Hamas founder says he had the trust of Arafat, Barghouti and even Khaled Meshal. Haaretz

26-Feb-2010 - Guess who missed Iran's atrocities? Answer: UN Human Rights Council Text Chicago Sun Times

26-Feb-2010 - General Assembly Requests Secretary-General to Submit Further Report on Investigations into Violations During Gaza Conflict Text UN

26-Feb-2010 - Christianity's Modern-Day Martyrs Text Der Spiegel

26-Feb-2010 - At Damascus Summit, Iranian President Ahmadinejad and Syrian President Assad Defy U.S., Promise that Israel's Elimination is Near Text MEMRI

25-Feb-2010 - Nato admits that deaths of 8 boys were a mistake Only The Times made anything of this story. Imagine if Israel had made such a mistake. Text The Times

25-Feb-2010 - Fury at Muslim hate speaker invited to universities Text JC

25-Feb-2010 - EU Court Allows Duties on Products from the Settlements Text Der Spiegel

25-Feb-2010 - Colonel Richard Kemp blasts media's Israel coverage Israel helped UK devise strategy for beating suicide bombers Text JC

25-Feb-2010 - Article in Syrian Government Daily: Israel's End Is Near Text MEMRI

24-Feb-2010 - UN Envoy to Peres: No Humanitarian Crisis in Gaza Text INN

24-Feb-2010 - Response to Attacks against the State of Israel Regarding the Tomb of the Patriarchs and Rachel's Tomb Text Israel (PMO)

24-Feb-2010 - Muslim extremist hosted by Kings College London by Peter Tatchell Jews, gays and kaffirs are “filth” says fanatical cleric Text + VideoGays without borders

24-Feb-2010 - More than meets the eye - in Dubai Text 2nd thoughts

24-Feb-2010 - Lonely Obama vs. Popular Iran Text Huffington Post

24-Feb-2010 - Haaretz exclusive: Hamas founder's son worked for Shin Bet for years Text Haaretz

24-Feb-2010 - Army police winds down Gaza human shields investigation Inquiry finds no basis for claims that IDF troops hid behind noncombatants during Operation Cast Lead. Text Haaretz

24-Feb-2010 - Am I Nuts or Is An Education a Jew-Bashing Polemic? by Carol Gould The Oscar-nominated film serves up a giant helping of anti-Semitism. Text Pajamas Media

23-Feb-2010 - 'UK combat doctrine influenced by IDF' I found in my time that the British forces and British government had no stronger ally than Israel and the IDF. Text Jerusalem Post

23-Feb-2010 - Palestinian Authority: Still Stealing "Hundreds of Millions", Hamas Taking Over Text Hudson NY

23-Feb-2010 - NATO commander apologizes to Afghans for air strike Afghan officials say at least 21 people died in the attack, though the Afghan cabinet had reported that 27 people had been killed. Canadian TV

23-Feb-2010 - More Like This Please He was taken out quietly without even alerting, let alone harming, any of the civilians around him. Text Commentary Magazine

23-Feb-2010 - Israel's Right To Self-Defense Headlines "mask the serious issues involved in the death of Hamas terrorist Mahmoud al-Mabhouh." Text NGO Monitor

23-Feb-2010 - Iranian Website: Iranian Nuclear Bomb Spells Death to Israel Text MEMRI (Asr-e Iran)

22-Feb-2010 - UK officer says views of Israeli forces 'anti-Semitic' Text BBC

22-Feb-2010 - Jewish Refugees Demand Justice as Part of 'Arab Peace Process'' Text INN

22-Feb-2010 - Editors of Arab Dailies Assess: A War between Iran and the West Is Imminent Text MEMRI

22-Feb-2010 - BBC blasted for ‘bigoted fear-mongering’ Text Jerusalem Post

22-Feb-2010 - A two-way street Admiral Mullen's visit reaffirms US-Israel ties based on mutual strategic interests Text Ynet

21-Feb-2010 - What The IAEA Knew IAEA issues damning report about Iranian nuclear program Text Forbes

21-Feb-2010 - Similar but different Over the past weeks, we have been witnessing an increasing anti-Israel campaign on various campuses. Text Jerusalem Post

21-Feb-2010 - Salman Rushdie's statement on Amnesty International Amnesty International Text The Times

21-Feb-2010 - Report: Dubai refers to Hamas man as 'real killer Text Ynet

21-Feb-2010 - Mother celebrates son's Martyrdom death "All mothers should sacrifice their child for Palestine" Text PA media (PMW)

21-Feb-2010 - Jews leave Swedish city after sharp rise in anti-Semitic hate crimes Text Daily Telegraph

21-Feb-2010 - Gita Sahgal talks about human wrongs Amnesty International Text DNA India

21-Feb-2010 - Embassy cancels deputy envoy's talk at Manchester Uni Text Jerusalem Post

21-Feb-2010 - earn To Deceive Hezbollah Text Asharq Al-Awsat

21-Feb-2010 - Britain as a Focus for Hamas's Political, Propaganda and Legal Activities in Europe Text Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center

21-Feb-2010 - Bad Jews, a Weak America and the Fight for Freedom The duplication and fraudulent use of passports is standard procedure by any spy agency looking to do subversive work in defense of their country Text Europe News

20-Feb-2010 - Media failed in Dubai hit, not Mossad Text Haaretz

20-Feb-2010 - Increased humanitarian aid to Gaza after IDF operation Text MFA

20-Feb-2010 - How a ForgeryùNot the ProtocolsùShows Us Why So Many Still Donöt Understand Antisemitism When They See (or Produce) It Some of the worst anti-Semites have been Jews. Text Rubin Reports

19-Feb-2010 - Why can't this country follow Israelös lead? As military chief of terrorist group Hamas, Mahmoud al Mabhouh had the blood of many Israeli soldiers and civilians on his hands. Daily Express

19-Feb-2010 - In U.S., Canada Places First in Image Contest; Iran Last Israel 5th most popular foreign country amongst US citizens Text Gallup

19-Feb-2010 - Ian O'Doherty: Only one group could be behind the latest hit -- the Irish Jews Text Irish Independent

19-Feb-2010 - Hypocrisy and lies fuel enemies of a Jerusalem museum Museum of Tolerance Text NY Daily News

19-Feb-2010 - Did Britain know about Mossad hit? Isreali agent claims MI6 was tipped off Text Daily Mail

19-Feb-2010 - At what point does criticism of Israel become anti-Semitic? Text The Jewish State

19-Feb-2010 - ‘Dam butlab dam’ – only for some Son bragged that the late lamented, who was discovered dead in Dubai, fought the Jews, hit the Jews, kidnapped and killed Israelis. Jerusalem Post

18-Feb-2010 - What drives lecture-hall hate Profoundly nonsensical thinking links Oxford and Cambridge Islamists. Text JC

18-Feb-2010 - UAE Tipped Jordan of Palestinian Suspects whilst they were in the Air Text Asharq Al-Awsat

18-Feb-2010 - The big taboo: campus extremism Text JC

18-Feb-2010 - Middle East Terror and Double Standards Text Pajamas Media

18-Feb-2010 - Mahmoud al-Mabhouh: To Kill a Terrorist Text Canada Free Press

18-Feb-2010 - Israel vies to bring Mideast Jewish refugees into talks Text Jerusalem Post

18-Feb-2010 - Interpol adds suspected Dubai assassins to most wanted list Several members of Fatah arrested in connection with Dubai killing Text Haaretz

18-Feb-2010 - If Israel killed Mahmoud al-Mabhouh, Did It Have the Right To? by Alan M. Dershowitz Text Hudson NY

18-Feb-2010 - Echoes Of Goldstone Difference between the way Israel is treated and NATO is treated whwn civilians die Text The Jewish Week

18-Feb-2010 - BBC broadcast: 'One million Jews help Mossad' Amid all the excitable nonsense being talked about dead Hamas commander Mahmoud al-Mabhouh I think the BBC has topped the lot. Daily Telegraph

17-Feb-2010 - PM Netanyahu's Speech at the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations Text Israel (PMO)

17-Feb-2010 - Palestinian Dubai Murder Suspects are Hamas Members - Palestinian Security Official Text Asharq Al-Awsat

17-Feb-2010 - Geert Wilders and European democracy If Wilders is convicted of promoting "hate speech| in a country such as the Netherlands where Muslim violence and calls of "death to the Jew"  are regular occurrences and rarely prosecuted... Text Jerusalem Post

17-Feb-2010 - Fatahgate Fallout: Where are the Media? "Editors Are Not Interested Unless It Has an Anti-Israeli Angle" Text Hudson NY

16-Feb-2010 - The Right to Self-Defence by Eli E. Hertz International Law United Nations and the International Court of Justice PDF Myths and Facts

16-Feb-2010 - How Syria benefits from the axis of proliferation Text Now Lebanon

16-Feb-2010 - Fatahgate Text Hudson NY

15-Feb-2010 - The false sacredness of the 1967 border Hamas say in English that their aim is destruction of Israel, not 1967 border. Text Hamas

15-Feb-2010 - The day the 'Post' was bombed BBC bias far back as 1948 Text Jerusalem Post

15-Feb-2010 - Hamas: British journalist ordered held for 15 days Text AP

14-Feb-2010 - The Voiceless Victims Text Commentary Magazine

14-Feb-2010 - PA Prime Minister honors dead terrorist with condolence visit Text Fatah press (PMW)

14-Feb-2010 - An anti-Israel extremist seeks revenge through Goldstone Report Text Jerusalem Post

11-Feb-2010 - Egyptian Journalists Under Attack Text Hudson NY

11-Feb-2010 - Arab refugee: Arabs left Israel in 1948 because of leadership's promise that it would be temporary Video PA TV (PMW)

10-Feb-2010 - 'West Bank terrorist who killed soldier was a PA officer' Killed soldier was Israeli Arab Text Jerusalem Post

10-Feb-2010 - New Revelations About the UN Goldstone Report that Seriously Undermine its Credibility Military expert on Goldstone report ôseverely biasedö Text JCPA

10-Feb-2010 - Lebanese PM: Nation Stands United Against Israel "Mr Hariri also said that Lebanon was united, and that the government would stand by Hezbollah" in a future war with Israel. Text + VideoBBC

9-Feb-2010 - 'Wannabe suicide bomber' walks free Scotland He set up websites urging others to commit terrorist acts and showing how to make and use explosives. Text Daily Telegraph

9-Feb-2010 - Uncivilized Tactics at UC Irvine (Rough Cut) Repeated interruptions to Michael Oren's talk to UC Irvine VideoStand with Us

9-Feb-2010 - Oxford student at Israeli minister: 'Kill the Jews' Text JC

9-Feb-2010 - NIF-Funded NGOs: Goldstone's Building Blocks Text NGO Monitor

9-Feb-2010 - Israel's first Arab female combat soldier see A female soldier in the IDF.doc Text Maariv

9-Feb-2010 - Christian teacher 'forced out' after complaining Muslim pupils praised 9/11 hijackers 'as heroes' UK School in Tower Hamlets Text Daily Mail

8-Feb-2010 - Palestinians favor bin Laden, Ahmadinejad over Hamas Palestinians Al Qaida See FAFO poll (15 Jan 06) and the full survey (4th Feb 10) Text Ynet

7-Feb-2010 - Libel tourists will love the tales of Lord Hoffmann by Nick Cohen If you want to see hypocrisy in action, look at England's libel courts Text The Observer

7-Feb-2010 - An Immoral Enemy Receives its Comeuppance NIF Text Rosenblum

5-Feb-2010 - Were the Oslo Accords a state of mind? Text The Jewish State

5-Feb-2010 - 'Toxic atmosphere' at Oxford University Text JC

5-Feb-2010 - THE US-EUROPE-ISRAEL RELATIONSHIP TRILATERAL Referring to Iran's recent missile testing. A missile with a range of two thousand kilometres only makes sense if it carries a weapon of mass destruction.

5-Feb-2010 - Schoolgirl 'terrorised' by mob anti-Semitism Text JC

5-Feb-2010 - Palestinians, Israelis propose plan for mixed Jerusalem neighborhood Between Gilo and Bethlehem Text Haaretz

4-Feb-2010 - Palestinians favor bin Laden, Ahmadinejad over Hamas Survey in full PDF Pew Research Center

4-Feb-2010 - Palestinian Prime Minister to Israeli Audience: You Make Concessions, We Don't Text GLORIA

4-Feb-2010 - EU 'funding Palestinian terror' Ayalon "The money has either gone to terror or just isnöt here.┤ Text JC

4-Feb-2010 - British doctor Ian Miskin tells of hell in Haiti Text JC

4-Feb-2010 - Anti-Israel Bias Infects Medical Journals Text Pajamas Media

4-Feb-2010 - A Moral Evaluation of the Gaza War - Operation Cast Lead Text JCPA

3-Feb-2010 - N Korea, Syria Resume Military Cooperation: Sources Text Nikkei

3-Feb-2010 - Israel, the Holocaust and the Survival Lesson The universalization of the Holocaust was also the dejudaization of the Holocaust Text Daniel Greenfield

3-Feb-2010 - Israel more tolerant of Muslims than burka-obsessed France Text Haaretz

2-Feb-2010 - White Phosphorus Israel is a nation both keen and able to hold itself to account Text The Times

2-Feb-2010 - The influence of New Israel Fund organizations on the Goldstone Report PDF Israel Behind the News

2-Feb-2010 - Suckered by Hamas and Hizballah: How the Media Interprets Radical Documents as Proof of Moderation GLObal Research in International Affairs (GLORIA Centre) Text GLORIA

2-Feb-2010 - Palestinian Authority: Where the Money Ends Up Lead article in Jerusalem Post 29th January Text Jerusalem Post

2-Feb-2010 - On Free Speech and Informed Public Debate: An Open Letter to NIF and Affiliated NGOs Text NGO Monitor

2-Feb-2010 - It's wrong to suggest Israel was direct result of Holocaust by Moshe Aarens Text Haaretz

2-Feb-2010 - Human Rights Watch: The World Needs More Corrupt and Politicized “International Justice” Text Commentary Magazine

2-Feb-2010 - Hezbollah is not the IRA Text Now Lebanon

2-Feb-2010 - Goldstone Tied to Anti-Israeli Organizations Text Yeshiva World News

2-Feb-2010 - “JOINING THE GLOBAL DECEPTION CAMPAIGN” New Israel Fund Translated from Hebrew in original published in Maariv Text Tom Gross

1-Feb-2010 - The case against international jurisdiction Text Daily Telegraph

1-Feb-2010 - PATV sermon: "Jews are enemies of Allah and humanity - Kill them" Text PMW (PA TV)

1-Feb-2010 - Israeli propaganda is both intelligent and necessary Text Haaretz

1-Feb-2010 - Im Tirzu: NIF NGOs gave bulk of Goldstone testimonies Text Jerusalem Post

1-Feb-2010 - Hamas Terrorism against Christians in Gaza Video Israel Channel 2 TV

1-Feb-2010 - Hamas is Threatening Who? Text Asharq Al-Awsat

31-Jan-2010 - The outsiders UK Anti-Semitism by Anthony Julius Princess Diana's lawyer Text The Times

31-Jan-2010 - Defying Convention û A Gaza love story Text Jerusalem Post

31-Jan-2010 - Beyond Images Goldstone Report Briefing Briefing 250 Text Beyond Images

29-Jan-2010 - The Case Against Goldstone Report: Study in Evidentiary Bias Alan Dershowitz's highly detailed rebuttal of the Gaza war report. Text Jerusalem Post

29-Jan-2010 - Gaza Operation Investigations: An Update PDF IDF

29-Jan-2010 - Britain's affair with antisemitism By questioning the allegiances of Jews serving on the Chilcot inquiry, Sir Oliver Miles continues a long tradition of prejudice Text Guardian

29-Jan-2010 - ‘Corruption will let Hamas take W. Bank' Khaled Abu Toameh Dramatic warning delivered by Abbas's former corruption-buster Fahmi Shabaneh. Text Jerusalem Post

28-Jan-2010 - U.N. accused of setting up Israeli officials 'Real danger' is that unsupported war crimes charges will develop Text World Net Daily

28-Jan-2010 - The Return of “Defensible Borders”? Israel's defence establishment always needed control of Jordan crossings Text Commentary Magazine

28-Jan-2010 - The Power of Inclusive Exclusion Adi Ophir Book review PDF IsraCampus.org

28-Jan-2010 - Sri Gaza And The Tamil Hamas by Tim Marshall Text Sky News

28-Jan-2010 - 'Kill British' blog man fails in MoS libel bid Text Press Gazette

28-Jan-2010 - Jews flee Muslim Malmö as anti-Semitism grows Text Counter Jihad

28-Jan-2010 - Financial Times 2009: A year of Middle East editorials PDF Just Journalism

28-Jan-2010 - Eroding Israel’s Legitimacy in the International Arena The groups promoting this delegitimacy aim to isolate Israel and ultimately turn it into a pariah state. Text Reut Institute

28-Jan-2010 - Ending the illusion of peace in our time We all desperately yearn for peace, and the vast majority of us do not wish to rule over Arabs. Text Word from Jerusalem

27-Jan-2010 - Syrian blood libel Syrians claim Israel stealing Haitians body parts VideoSyrian TV (MEMRI)

27-Jan-2010 - Gaza power plant hampered by money row Text AP

26-Jan-2010 - Written statement by the European Council for Law & Justice on the Goldstone Report PDF ECLJ

26-Jan-2010 - NGO Monitor sues EU over lack of NGO funding transparency Text NGO Monitor


25-Jan-2010 - When Yemen Meets Gaza Al Qaida meets Hamas Text Washington Institute

25-Jan-2010 - We are still in the shadow of the Holocaust Anti-Semitism is on the rise, which makes memorial day all the more vital. Text Daily Telegraph

25-Jan-2010 - US Terror Blacklist Whitewashes Hamas, Enables Funding The United States Treasury has taken all but one member of Hamas off the international list of terrorists, thus enabling funds from the European Union to enter Hamas-controlled Gaza. Text INN

25-Jan-2010 - Olmert's negotiator: Full Mideast peace impossible "The biggest mistake was that everything was based on the premise that nothing is agreed until everything is agreed Text Haaretz

25-Jan-2010 - Mohammed al-Dura - Israel's greatest PR failure Text Haaretz

25-Jan-2010 - Iran's Secret Nuclear Dossier Department for Expanded High-Technology Applications -- the secret heart of Iran's nuclear weapons program Text Der Spiegel

25-Jan-2010 - From Crete with hate Anti-Semitism Text Jerusalem Post

24-Jan-2010 - When good deeds are worse than doing nothing Israeli aid Text Jerusalem Post

24-Jan-2010 - US Terror Blacklist Whitewashes Hamas, Enables Funding Text INN

24-Jan-2010 - Lancet Study Blames Palestinian Wife-Beating on Israel Text Pajamas Media

24-Jan-2010 - Hamas is to blame for Israel's failure to aid Gazans Text Haaretz

24-Jan-2010 - For Bigots, Israel Can Do No Right Israeli aid Haiti Text Huffington Post

24-Jan-2010 - Barak: NIS 25 Million to Gaza, Every Year Text INN

23-Jan-2010 - Who has won here? Many are blaming Hamas for the destruction because the militants hid among civilians and attracted Israeli fire. Yet no one dares to speak out openly. Text Der Spiegel

23-Jan-2010 - Controversial cleric Yahya Ibrahim to tour UK universities Controversial hardline Muslim cleric Yahya Ibrahim, who is banned from visiting the United States, is planning a speaking tour of Britain universities. Text Daily Telegraph

22-Jan-2010 - Radical Muslim poet forms anti-Zionist party in Sweden Text World Jewish Congress

22-Jan-2010 - Israel to the rescue By DAVID HOROVITZ Text Jerusalem Post

22-Jan-2010 - Israel is Not Responsible for the "Siege" on Gaza. Egypt Gaza Text Middle East & Terrorism

22-Jan-2010 - Hamas TV hosts applaud girl's wish for Martyrdom death Video Al Aksa (Hamas) TV

22-Jan-2010 - Haiti faces its apocalypse now, and the future is just as bleak Israeli aid They are perhaps the only people in the world for whom extenuating circumstances are routinely cited in explanation of their charitable deeds Text Belfast Telegraph

22-Jan-2010 - Barghouti, Amnesty and travesty West Bank The Israeli occupation changed local agriculture profoundly. It introduced modern technology, including mechanization, precision tillage, pest control, plastic covering of crops for temperature control, high yielding varieties, postharvest processing of Text Middle East & Terrorism

22-Jan-2010 - Arabs to Israel: Juden raus. Text Middle East & Terrorism

21-Jan-2010 - Today's great defamation of the Jewish people Holocaust distortion Text JC


21-Jan-2010 - J'lem Municipality Refutes BBC Commentator BBC Panorama A Walk in a Jerusalem Park Text CBN News

21-Jan-2010 - IDF Soldier's Eyewitness Account In Haiti Text Muqata

21-Jan-2010 - IDF 'angel' donates own blood to save baby Text JC

21-Jan-2010 - Haiti president thanks Israel for help Text Jerusalem Post

21-Jan-2010 - Did the Long Arm of Iran Reach the Dead Sea Highway? Text Gloria Centre

21-Jan-2010 - Cast Lead Conclusions In the wake of her efforts to defend its citizens, Israel has been attacked on multiple fronts by determined foes intent on hobbling the country's military while at the same time backing her into a diplomatic corner. Text American Thinker

19-Jan-2010 - When the Resistance Passes It's Expiry Date By Abdul Rahman Al-Rashid Text Asharq Al-Awsat

19-Jan-2010 - What Drives Arabs to Hamas and Al-Qaeda? Text Hudson NY

19-Jan-2010 - ISRAEL: ECO-REVOLUTION IN THE DESERT Text Daily Express

19-Jan-2010 - Israel builds a field hospital in Haiti. Anti-Zionists not fooled! Text Daily Telegraph

19-Jan-2010 - 'Iran ordered attack on Israeli convoy' Text Jerusalem Post

19-Jan-2010 - Illegal structures razed in West Bank Text JTA

19-Jan-2010 - Celebrated Iraq war veteran's view of the Gaza conflict Col. Tim Collins Newsnight Video BBC

19-Jan-2010 - Abbas equates PA's naming of square after terrorist killer, with Israel's naming road after terror victim Text PA media (PMW)

18-Jan-2010 - Haiti Day 6 - No one but the Israeli's have come to help any of our patients that are dying The only hospital in Haiti that is properly equipped is the Israeli field hopital. VideoCNN

18-Jan-2010 - Abbas: Only Difference from Hamas Is that Fatah Is in Power "He boasted that the Arab leaders in Judea, Samaria and Gaza ñhas not offered any concessions from May 1988 until today.┤ In a further eradication of the American roadmap, he claimed that Israel and not the PA proposed temporary borders for a future PA s Text INN

17-Jan-2010 - The Palestinian paradox Hamas and Hizbullah proclaim they will fight until Israel is destroyed, without causing an int'l furor. Jerusalem Post

17-Jan-2010 - Iranian dissident Masoud Ali Mohammadi ‘killed by Arab hitman’ Text The Times

17-Jan-2010 - CAIRO'S PLAN B For the past year, Egypt has been determined to put an end to Hamas' tunnels enterprise. Text DAILY NEWS EGYPT

17-Jan-2010 - Anything but Jewish Examples of Arab disregard for historic Jewish sites and artifacts could easily fill a book. Text Jerusalem Post

16-Jan-2010 - Big Israeli field hospital starts treating 500 Haitians a day Text Debka

15-Jan-2010 - Senior member of extreme Islamist group Hizb ut-Tahrir teaches at LSE Text The Times

15-Jan-2010 - Fatah prides itself on deadly terror attacks Text PA media (PMW)

15-Jan-2010 - Erasing Ezekiel's Jewish identity Text Jerusalem Post

15-Jan-2010 - DNA test the jury - they might be Jewish Text JC

15-Jan-2010 - Comment / Israel delegitimizers threaten its existence Text Haaretz

14-Jan-2010 - PA Minister defends glorification of terrorists: "It's the least we can do" Text PA media (PMW)

14-Jan-2010 - PA Arabs Try to Knock Israeli Car off Highway 443 Text INN

14-Jan-2010 - Details on IDF Humanitarian Aid Delegation to Haiti Past IDF Search and Rescue Aid Delegations Abroad Text IDF

14-Jan-2010 - Child at Fatah event in Cairo: We will liberate "Palestine" with weapons Video PA TV

14-Jan-2010 - Catholic priest: Over 6 million were killed in Shoah Holocaust of bulletd Father Patrick Desbois Text Jerusalem Post

14-Jan-2010 - Al-Qaeda threat: Britain worst in western world Text Daily Telegraph

13-Jan-2010 - Terra Incognita: Soft colonialism Belgium Text Jerusalem Post

13-Jan-2010 - Reactions in Arab and Muslim World to Egyptian Steel Barrier along Its Border with Gaza Text MEMRI

13-Jan-2010 - Gaza Residents Enraged Over Hamas IEDs In Densely Populated Areas Text MEMRI (Alaahd.com)

12-Jan-2010 - Ken Roth vs. Israel: Another Embarrassment Human Rights Watch Text NGO Monitor

12-Jan-2010 - Hezbollah operative photographed at scene moments after Iranian nuclear professor killed Google translation from Farsi Text Irandoht

12-Jan-2010 - Dr. Kifah Al-Ramali on Hamas TV: The Real Palestinian Beauty Queen Is the Jihad-Fighting Mother Text + VideoMEMRI

12-Jan-2010 - Abbas takes pride in rejecting US request PA say poliucy and pholosophy of Fatah same as Hamas Text PA media (PMW)

12-Jan-2010 - A Murderous Deception in Tehran Marks a New Escalation in the Islamic Republicös Struggle for Survival Iranian scientist killed by regime, not Mossad or FBI Text Pajamas Media

11-Jan-2010 - Israel's welcome barrier Israel is building a new anti-migrant barrier along its Egyptian border û leaving Mubarak's regime with one problem fewer Text The Guardian

11-Jan-2010 - If Iran continues to defy the West, Barack Obama will be forced to launch military action Iran nuclear Text Daily Telegraph

11-Jan-2010 - Four Years On, Many Gaza Evacuees Are Without Permanent Homes Text Forward

11-Jan-2010 - Behind the Headlines: Palestinian incitement distances peace Text MFA

10-Jan-2010 - Test Your Palestine IQ Part II Text INN

10-Jan-2010 - Test Your Palestine IQ Part I Text INN

10-Jan-2010 - Strange effects - Israel's right to self-defense Text Jerusalem Post

10-Jan-2010 - Senior officer admits IDF signposting of territories controlled by Palestinian Authority 'not meticulous' Warning to Jews to stay out of Area A Text Haaretz

10-Jan-2010 - PM: Israel will react strongly to verbal and physical attacks Roadmap breach by PA Glorification of female terrorist Dalal al-Maghrabi, one of the perpetrators of the 1978 Coastal Road Massacre in which 38 Israeli civilians were killed, could only serve to incite to more violence. Text Venetia Thompson

10-Jan-2010 - Play Aired by PA TV Lauds Child Martyrdom, Portrays Jews with Stereotypical Antisemitic Characteristics Video PA TV (MEMRI)

10-Jan-2010 - Play Aired by PA TV Lauds Child Martyrdom, Portrays Jews with Stereotypical Antisemitic Characteristics Video PA TV (MEMRI)

10-Jan-2010 - Egypt bars aid convoys bound for Gaza Text Saudi Gazette (IMRA)

10-Jan-2010 - A GOD WHO HATES Book review Women in an Islamic world Text Think Israel

9-Jan-2010 - Report: Hezbollah funded by drug trade Der Spiegel Text Ynet

9-Jan-2010 - Egyptian mosques, press berate Hamas Op-ed: Killing Egyptians won't liberate Palestine Text Ynet

8-Jan-2010 - Shragai piece puts Jewish refugees centre stage Jewish Refugees from Arab Lands Text Israel Hayom

8-Jan-2010 - Malaysia Churches Hit Over ôAllahö Row Churches attacked for saying "Allah" in their prayers Text Jakarta Globe

8-Jan-2010 - Jerusalem fumes at Abbas and Fayyad Mahmoud Abbas and Prime Minister Salam Fayyad are engaging in incitement by honoring a woman responsible for the worst terrorist attack in Israel's history, and calling the men who killed Rabbi Meir Avshalom Chai last month martyrs. Text Jerusalem Post

8-Jan-2010 - IAF hits terrorist targets in the Gaza Strip; Kerem Shalom crossing closed Text MFA

7-Jan-2010 - UNIFIL peacekeepers find bombs buried near Israel border Violation of Chapter 7 UNSC Resolution 1701 Text Haaretz

7-Jan-2010 - Learning from Umar Denial of threat from al Qaida by UK demonstrators Text American Thinker

7-Jan-2010 - Further Evidence of Hezbollah's Military Activity Explosive pits containing dozens of advanced, standard IEDs recently found in South Lebanon Text Israel's Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center

7-Jan-2010 - Egyptian troops clash with Palestinians Egyptian soldier shot dead by Hamas gunman by Rafah crossing point Text VOA

7-Jan-2010 - A lone voice in the wilderness Prof. Shaikh Palazzi Peace is possible between Islam and Judaism, between Israel and the Muslim world based on the Koran and the traditional Muslim sources. Text Jerusalem Post

6-Jan-2010 - The Shots That Murdered The Children's Rabbi Text Philadelphia Bulletin

6-Jan-2010 - PCHR Condemns Measures Taken by Security Services in Gaza against Fatah Activists Text PCHR

6-Jan-2010 - Egyptian threatened over interest in Israel Egyptian security forces harass visitors to Israel cutural centre in Cairo Text Ynet

5-Jan-2010 - US intelligence: Southern Gaza is the next Yemen Al Qaida Hamas Text Debka

5-Jan-2010 - PATV honors first female suicide terrorist while Abbas glorifies six most recent terrorists Text PA media (PMW)

5-Jan-2010 - Obsession and Scandals: HRW in 2009 Text NGO Monitor

5-Jan-2010 - Israel's PR Problem The Jewish state is good at many things, like war and technology, but inept at promoting itself. It needs to get better, soon. Text Newsweek

5-Jan-2010 - How UCL authorities ignored Islamist extremism Proof of UCL President's systematic failure to tackle campus radicals PDF Centre for Social Cohesion

4-Jan-2010 - The Expansion of Al-Qaeda-Affiliated Jihadi Groups in Gaza: Diplomatic Implications Dore Gold Text JCPA


4-Jan-2010 - Road to nowhere By Nitsana Darshan-Leitner Opining the road from Jerusalem to Modiin to Palestinians put Israeli travellers at risk. Text Jerusalem Post

4-Jan-2010 - Palestine 2010 - keeping the faith A more upbeat view of West Bank tourism Text eTurboNews (Travel Industry News)

4-Jan-2010 - PA Security Chief Muhammad Dahlan Threatens Hamas and Admits Spreading False Rumors to Instigate Anti-Israeli Riots Video PA TV

4-Jan-2010 - How Israel is implementing the settlement freeze Text JTA

4-Jan-2010 - Behind the headlines: The Palestinian refusal to negotiate peace Israel's peace overtures Text MFA

3-Jan-2010 - MI5 knew of Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab’s UK extremist links When at UCL Text The Times

3-Jan-2010 - Iran: the truth the UK cannot admit Official denials of involvement in kidnapping should not mask Tehran's growing power, says a leading Iraqi politician Text Independent

3-Jan-2010 - Iran Expands Its Target List I was the Marine commander in Beirut in 1983. I've seen these tactics before. Text WSJ

3-Jan-2010 - Appeasing high risk groups can prove deadly Saudi apartheid -You can see it on highways leading to Mecca on which only Muslims can travel. Text Haaretz

2-Jan-2010 - Hamas approves $540 million budget Text Ynet

1-Jan-2010 - Palestinian Historical Revision: Jesus misrepresented as "Muslim Palestinian Christian; PA media (PMW)

1-Jan-2010 - How Taqiyya Alters Islam's Rules of War Lies permitted by islam Defeating Jihadist Terrorism Text Middle East Quarterly

1-Jan-2010 - Hamas: -The subjugation of the Christian world will begin in Rome Subjugation Genocide -“No Jew will be left on the face of this earth” PDF Hamas media (PMW)

1-Jan-2010 - "We Have Martyrdom-Seeking Parliament Members" Leader of the "Palestinian Freedom Movement" Khaled Abu Hilal We have a Legislative Council whose members are martyrdom seekers. We have national and Islamic factions, whose leaders are martyrdom seekers. We have martyrdom-seeking women. We raise our children from kindergarten to love martyrdom. VideoAl-Alam TV (Iran) MEMRITV

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