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January-June 2005

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These pages are a searchable archive of news reports, editorials and other web resources related to Israel. They are intended to be used for study and to aid in research for journalists, bloggers and students. They are based on materials prepared by Stephen Franklin and and edited, adapted and reproduced here by permission. Remarks at the end of each entry show the source and the type of material, and some show classification information.

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Articles and materials

30-Jun-2005 - Pictures of Prejudice BBC Palestine PDF BBC Watch

27-Jun-2005 - UK Student Warned to Stop Protesting Jew-Hatred Anti-Semitism Text Front Page Magazine

13-May-2005 - Palestinian Friday Sermon by Sheik Ibrahim Mudeiris: Muslims Will Rule America and Britain, Jews Are a Virus Resembling AIDS Ant-Semitic Britain Video PA TV

13-May-2005 - Palestinian Friday Sermon by Sheik Ibrahim Mudeiris: Muslims Will Rule America and Britain, Jews Are a Virus Resembling AIDS Ant-Semitic Britain Transcript Text PA TV

2-May-2005 - MEMRI TV Fatah Leader: PLO Charter changes not accepted Fatah Farouq Al-Qaddumi: "I do not accept any amendments, made in 1996, to the charter. We who opposed the Oslo Accord do not accept any change to the charter." Text ANB TV

1-Mar-2005 - Countering Improvised Explosive Devices British army Colonel David Eshel Israeli Defence Force - Royal Tank Regiment Journal 771 March 05 Text RTR Journal

1-Feb-2005 - Kill A Jew – Go to Heaven Itamar Marcus and Barbara Crook A Study of the Palestinian Authority’s Promotion of Genocide PDF PMW

22-Jan-2005 - Arafat Lives Oslo Arafat Text Stand with Us (by Ephraim Karsh)

18-Jan-2005 - FILM REVIEW: Jenin, Jenin and Road to Jenin "Jenin massacre" film Text Camera

16-Jan-2005 - Six Israelis killed in attack at Karni Karni Hamas Text Jerusalem Post

14-Jan-2005 - Israel: Palestinian gunmen kill 6 Israelis Karni Hamas 6 civilians killed at Karni crossing point Text CNN

1-Jan-2005 - WORKING DEFINITION OF ANTISEMITISM Produced in 04, adopted in 05 Adopted by the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA) in 2005 Text European Forum on Anti-Semitism

1-Jan-2005 - The Forgotten Refugees Persecution Exile Jewish Refugees from Arab Lands Video The David Project


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