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July-August 2008

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These pages are a searchable archive of news reports, editorials and other web resources related to Israel. They are intended to be used for study and to aid in research for journalists, bloggers and students. They are based on materials prepared by Stephen Franklin and and edited, adapted and reproduced here by permission. Remarks at the end of each entry show the source and the type of material, and might show classification information.

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Articles and materials

28-Aug-2008 - Israel Robo-suit Helps Paraplegics Walk Israel Medical Text Totally Jewish

27-Aug-2008 - Hizballah high-up falls to his death at rocket pad on Israeli border Hezbollah Text Debka file

25-Aug-2008 - "It doesn't mean that we don't want the 1948 borders [all of Israel]... but our current political program is to say that we want the 1967 borders." [PA TV, Aug. 25 2008] Video PMW (Fatah TV)

21-Aug-2008 - MI5 report challenges views on terrorism in Britain UK terrorism Text Guardian

20-Aug-2008 - BBC charity funded jihadists BBC Another BBC Jihad link Text The Times

19-Aug-2008 - Mus'ab Hassan Yousef, Son of a West Bank Hamas Leader: Atrocities Committed by Hamas Led Me to Convert to Christianity Hamas Chritian convert from Islam Video Memri

12-Aug-2008 - Widening campaign by Hamas, Fatah to quiet Palestinian dissent Fatah Hamas Suppression of opposition Text AP

12-Aug-2008 - Israel grants war vet status to woman raped by British troops in Mandate Palestine Mandate Rape Text Haaretz

12-Aug-2008 - Islamist Forum Member Proposes Poisoning Water Systems of Major European Cities Islamist Terror Text MEMRI

3-Aug-2008 - Top IDF officer: Gaza was never close to a humanitarian crisis Gaza Hamas Text Haaretz

2-Aug-2008 - British Muslims 'fighting with Taliban in Afghanistan' British terrorists Text Daily Telegraph

1-Aug-2008 - Prodigal son Hamas Hamas' Christian convert: I've left a society that sanctifies terror Text Haaretz Magazine

31-Jul-2008 - Hamas' Christian convert: I've left a society that sanctifies terror Hamas Text Haaretz

31-Jul-2008 - 2,000 kids from 33 nations have been healed by Israel Israel Text Israel Today

30-Jul-2008 - Despite Gaza truce, Hamas men undergo advanced military training Hamas Won't stop till all of Palestine "liberated" VideoHaaretz + Hamas TV

30-Jul-2008 - Cartoons in the Arab Press on ICC's Indictment of Sudanese President 'Omar Al-Bashir Sudan Arab Press Cartoons Text MEMRI

29-Jul-2008 - Kuwaiti Daily Reveals: Iran Building Secret Nuclear Reactor Iran Nuclear Text MEMRI

29-Jul-2008 - Huge blast at Hamas training base in Gaza Hamas Former settlement now used for terror training Text CNN

28-Jul-2008 - Report: Torture in Palestinian Jails PA Hamas Text Time

28-Jul-2008 - Internal Fight Palestinian Abuses in Gaza and the West Bank PA Hamas PDF HRW

28-Jul-2008 - Diskin says Hamas using truce to plant mines in Gaza Hamas Truce Text Ynet

27-Jul-2008 - Third of Muslim students back killings UK Muslim students Text Sunday Times

24-Jul-2008 - The Identity Of The Land Video Israel National TV

23-Jul-2008 - Iran vows no nuclear concessions Iran Nuclear Text BBC

15-Jul-2008 - Israel, Iran & the bomb Iran Nuclear Text WSJ

14-Jul-2008 - Our World: When talking can kill Iran Nuclear Text Jerusalem Post

11-Jul-2008 - No, Muslims are not ônew Jews' Muslims Jews in UK Text JC

11-Jul-2008 - No, Muslims are not ônew Jews' Jews UK Text JC

10-Jul-2008 - PA wants 'festive' funeral for coastal road killer PA "Wedding" Celebrating mass murder Text Jerusalem Post

9-Jul-2008 - Socialist Workers Party on Zionism Anti-Semitism UK "Superstitious conservative Hamas supporter more progressive than liberal Zionist" Text SWP (Engage)

7-Jul-2008 - Israel to close Gaza crossings Tuesday in wake of mortar fire Gaza Hamas Text Haaretz

7-Jul-2008 - Iran has resumed A-bomb project, says West Iran nuclear Text Daily Telegraph

3-Jul-2008 - US Jews political survey US Jews US Jews don't like Bush and vote Democrat Text jstreet

1-Jul-2008 - Islam on Campus Muslim students UK universities Survey of UK Muslim student opinions PDF Centre for Social Cohesion

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