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These pages are a searchable archive of news reports, editorials and other web resources related to Israel. They are intended to be used for study and to aid in research for journalists, bloggers and students. They are based on materials prepared by Stephen Franklin and edited and reproduced here by permission. Remarks at the end of each entry show the source and the type of material, and may show classification information.

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Articles and materials

31-Aug-2009 - The Region: Let's pretend we're making peace Text Jerusalem Post

31-Aug-2009 - Muhammad Al-Shimari, an Al-Qaeda Terrorist Captured in Iraq: I Was Trained in Syria Al Qaida Video MEMRI TV

30-Aug-2009 - Right of Reply: Isolating Israel through the language of human rights HRW GERALD STEINBERG Text Jerusalem Post

30-Aug-2009 - Hamas slams UN over "Holocaust classes" in Gaza Branding the Nazi genocide of the Jews "a lie invented by the Zionists," Text Reuters

27-Aug-2009 - Remembering the Hebron Massacre Hebron 1929 Until 1929, Jews had lived in the city for three millennia. Text WSJ

24-Aug-2009 - Hamas to expel Gaza schoolgirls not wearing Muslim dress Hamas Islam Text Haaretz

24-Aug-2009 - FM employee: Lieberman a provocateur 'Luckily we have laws in this country against discrimination.' Text Ynet

24-Aug-2009 - "Hamas executing its rivals in Gaza' Text Jerusalem Post

22-Aug-2009 - Argentina condemns choice of defence chief, wanted for 1994 attack Iran Text + VideoFrance 24

18-Aug-2009 - Palestine problem hopeless, but not serious Palestinian economy Text Asia Times


16-Aug-2009 - Fatah Sixth General Conference Resolutions: Pursuing Peace Option Without Relinquishing Resistance or Right to Armed Struggle Text MEMRI

13-Aug-2009 - West Bank Success Story Michael Oren The Palestinians are flourishing economically. Unless they live in Gaza. Text WSJ

13-Aug-2009 - IDF: HRW report on 'white flags' based on unreliable reports Gaza War Text Jerusalem Post

13-Aug-2009 - HRW acknowledges Palestinians used human shields in Cast Lead Gaza War Text Jerusalem Post

12-Aug-2009 - HRW Finds Hamas War Crimes ù 6 months late Text NGO-Monitor

11-Aug-2009 - The Warped Mirror: Israel, war crimes and the media Text Jerusalem Post

10-Aug-2009 - A Jewish state threatens all humanity: Official PA news agency Text PMW

9-Aug-2009 - Israel refutes claims of Gaza misconduct Gaza War Text Jerusalem Post

8-Aug-2009 - Muslim Europe: the demographic time bomb transforming our continent A fifth of European Union will be Muslim by 2050 Text Daily Telegraph

6-Aug-2009 - Syria celebrates too soon on sanctions "Syria cannot abandon its support for violence and subversion, or its alliance with Iran, because those are the only tools allowing it to bolster its relevance above its political weight." Text Now Lebanon

6-Aug-2009 - Another Tack: (Trans) Jordan is Palestine Text Jerusalem Post

5-Aug-2009 - World's Largest Temple Model Inaugurated next to Temple Mount Aish Temple Model Text + Video INN

4-Aug-2009 - 'Water not being withheld in West Bank' Text Jerusalem Post

4-Aug-2009 - Terrorists who killed 37 Israeli civilians applauded as heroes by Fatah leaders Fatah conference Video PA TV (PMW)

4-Aug-2009 - Rockets from Gaza Gaza War HRW Report Harm to Civilians from Palestinian Armed Groups' Rocket Attacks PDF HRW

4-Aug-2009 - Pakistani Christians: Police did not stop carnage Text AP

4-Aug-2009 - MK Tibi: Israeli Arabs are Palestinians "No settlements in Palestine" Tibi MK Text INN

31-Jul-2009 - Double Standards and Human Rights Watch Text WSJ

31-Jul-2009 - Child Abuse in Gaza, Hamas Terrorists Sponsored Pedophile Wedding Same on Aljazeera http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RYmtaXQHEtw VideoYoutube

30-Jul-2009 - UK funding political activity in Israel Text Jerusalem Post

30-Jul-2009 - Netanyahu: 'Crossings shut until Schalit freed' Cement Fatah convention Text Jerusalem Post

30-Jul-2009 - Israel: Gaza op necessary, proportionate Gaza War Report Text Jerusalem Post

30-Jul-2009 - IDF orders criminal probes into 14 cases of alleged misconduct Text Jerusalem Post

25-Jul-2009 - Why is Israel suddenly resuming immigration from Ethiopia? Text Haaretz

25-Jul-2009 - The Arabs in the Holy Land - natives or aliens? Text Dr. Harry Mandelbaum

25-Jul-2009 - Hamas says Egypt bolstering Gaza border security justinc@thejngroup.com Text Haaretz

24-Jul-2009 - Massacre that stained the Light Horse See The Surafend Affair Text The Age

22-Jul-2009 - Senior Fatah official: We won't recognize Israel Fatah Ynet

15-Jul-2009 - The Operation in Gaza Gaza War Official Report PDF MFA

15-Jul-2009 - The Operation in Gaza Gaza War Official Report Text MFA

15-Jul-2009 - Israeli soldiers give their own testimonies Gaza War + Text + VideoStand With Us

15-Jul-2009 - Breaking the Silence Mechina Report PDF Breaking the Silence

13-Jul-2009 - PATV documentary ignores Israel's existence Fatah claims all of Israel Broadcast for children monthly since August 07 and continuing VideoPMW (Fatah TV)

13-Jul-2009 - Palestinian children rally against siege on Gaza-Egypt borders Egypt Raah Crossing point Text Xinhua

12-Jul-2009 - PM to Palestinians: Abandon right of return Text Ynet

12-Jul-2009 - Are some Palestinians actually Jews? DNA Video Middle East facts

10-Jul-2009 - Kerem Shalom Crossing Closed for Lack of Demand Crossing points Text INN

9-Jul-2009 - Camera surveillance urged to stop Mt. Olives vandalism Text Jerusalem Post

8-Jul-2009 - Polishing a Lost Gem to Dazzle Tourists Archeology Lod Text NYTimes

8-Jul-2009 - Hamas tries to detain woman walking with man Text AP

8-Jul-2009 - Allenby crossing to operate 24 hours a day to boost PA economy Text Ynet

7-Jul-2009 - What is the Two State Solution supposed to Solve anyway? Will it stop Terrorism? Bring Stability? Text Canada Free Press

7-Jul-2009 - PA Boasts of Terror Attacks by US-trained PA Security Forces PA July 7 PMW (Email) Bulletin Text PA TV (PMW Bulletin)

7-Jul-2009 - Mullen: Iran is very focused on developing nuclear capability Iran Nuclear bomb Text Jerusalem Post

7-Jul-2009 - Fatah official: "Our goal has never been peace" Fatah Video PMW (Fatah TV)

4-Jul-2009 - Palestinian police arrest West Bank "plotters" Hamas Cash Text Reuters

4-Jul-2009 - PA security arrests man 'who received 3 million euros from Hamas' Hamas Cash Text EarthTimes

2-Jul-2009 - Suspicion: Palestinians burned holy Jewish books at Homesh Text Ynet

1-Jul-2009 - Poll: Most Palestinians believe Jerusalem should not be shared with Jews and Christians PDF Arab World for Research and Development

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