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March-April 2008

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Articles and materials

30-Apr-2008 - Israel's dilemma over sick Gazans Gaza Health Text BBC

30-Apr-2008 - Hamas: Jews planned Holocaust Gaza Hamas Video Al Aksa (Hamas) TV

29-Apr-2008 - IDF: Gazan mother and four children killed by Palestinian explosives Gaza Text Dabka

26-Apr-2008 - Meshal: Hamas ready for truce, but only as 'tactic' Hamas Gaza Text Haaretz

22-Apr-2008 - Study: Muslim anti-Semitism is strategic danger for Israel anti-Semitism Text Haaretz

22-Apr-2008 - Israel allows entry of aid into Gaza Hamas Gaza Attacks on crossings Text Ynet

21-Apr-2008 - Hamas vows 'harsh' attacks on Israel, previous attacks were 'practice' Hamas Gaza Attacks on crossings Text Jerusalem Post (AP)

21-Apr-2008 - Hamas still rejects Israel's existence World News Daily

21-Apr-2008 - Hamas Leader, Mahmoud Al-Zahhar, on Jewish History anti-Semitism Hamas Video MEMRI

19-Apr-2008 - Militants killed in attack at Gaza-Israel border Hamas Keren Shalom Attacks on crossings Text Reuters

18-Apr-2008 - Defense officials: Iran smuggling arms into Gaza by sea Iran Gaza Text Jerusalem Post

17-Apr-2008 - Palestinians fire at trucks transporting fuel to Gaza Gaza Fuel Text Ynet

16-Apr-2008 - PMW: PA cozying up to America's enemies PA Text Jerusalem Post

16-Apr-2008 - Ahmadinejad again casts doubt over September 11 attacks Iran Text AP

15-Apr-2008 - UN expert? No, a conspiracy crank anti-Semitism UN Falk Text The Times

15-Apr-2008 - Report: Anti-Semitic attacks up 50% anti-Semitism Text Jerusalem Post

14-Apr-2008 - PA Representative in Lebanon: We Will Drive Jews Out of All of Palestine, Allah Willing PA Palesine Video MEMRI

11-Apr-2008 - Israel and PA: Hamas seizing half of all fuel sent to Gaza Strip takes Text Haaretz

11-Apr-2008 - Hamas MP We will conquer Rome and two Americas Hamas Video Memri tv

9-Apr-2008 - PLO Once We Get Jerusalem, We Will Move On to Drive Israelis Out of All of Palestine PLO Lebanon Video Memri tv

9-Apr-2008 - Murder at the Border Hamas Gaza Palestinians target depot that brings them gasoline for their cars and diesel for their hospital generators Text Jerusalem Post

9-Apr-2008 - Israel to UN: Nahal Oz terror attack 'cynical' Hamas Gaza Palestinians target depot that brings them gasoline for their cars and diesel for their hospital generators Text Ynet

9-Apr-2008 - Iran, stop persecuting your Arab minority Iran Text Jerusalem Post

6-Apr-2008 - Hamas won't free Israel soldier without prisoner release: report Hamas Shalit Hamas will negotiate with Israel over Shalit's bones if the prisoners are not released. Text AFP

4-Apr-2008 - 'Marching toward total ruin' Arafat PA Text Haaretz

4-Apr-2008 - Hamas man "tortured to death" in custody-lawmakers PA Fatah Text Reuters

4-Apr-2008 - Former terrorist at Israel's service BBC Hamas Text Ynet

3-Apr-2008 - Al Qaida No. 2 vows to strike Jews worldwide anti-Semitism al Qaida Text Haaretz

1-Apr-2008 - The jihad against the Jews anti-Semitism Isamist Text Haaretz

1-Apr-2008 - In Gaza, Hamas's Insults to Jews Complicate Peace anti-Semitism Hamas Y NY Times

31-Mar-2008 - 'UK is European center of anti-Semitism' anti-Semitism UK Text Jerusalem Post

27-Mar-2008 - Migrants killed on Egypt's border Migrants Sudanese Text BBC

27-Mar-2008 - Lebanon Publishes New Evidence of Ties Between Syria and Fath Al-Islam Greater Syria Lebanon Palesine and Greater Syria Text MEMRI

25-Mar-2008 - 'Refugees will get jobs if they leave Tel Aviv' Israel Sudan Text Jerusalem Post

24-Mar-2008 - International Law and Gaza: The Assault on Israel's Right to Self-Defense Text Middle East Strategic Information

23-Mar-2008 - The Region: Palestinian politics: Onward and downward Fatah Extremism "The treacherous Zionist enemy will never permit us to lessen our revenge towards him or stray from our confrontation against him Text Jerusalem Post

22-Mar-2008 - World Service kowtows BBC Arabic service Text Daily Telegraph letter

22-Mar-2008 - BBC admits inaccuracies in coverage BBC Palestine Text Jerusalem Post

21-Mar-2008 - Poll Shows 85% of PA Arabs Support Terror Opinion poll Text Israel Against Terror

21-Mar-2008 - Factions fight in Lebanese camp Greater Syria Lebanon Text BBC

20-Mar-2008 - The Myth of Rachel Corrie Text Front Page Magazine

19-Mar-2008 - Poll Shows Most Palestinians Favor Violence Over Talks Palestine Opinion poll Melanie Phillips Text NY Times

19-Mar-2008 - Palestinian Textbooks: From Arafat to Abbas and Hamas PA Hamas PDF The Center for Monitoring the Impact of Peace and American Jewish Committee

17-Mar-2008 - PA celebrates "wedding" of murderer of Yeshiva students PA Mercaz Harav Text PMW (Maan)

17-Mar-2008 - 3 Arabs sent to jail for torturing Palestinian Israel Arabs Torture Text Ynet

16-Mar-2008 - Police suspect Ramla woman shot over engagement to Jew Israeli Arab Text Ynet

15-Mar-2008 - The BBC Goes Native BBC Lebanon BBC Arabic service PDF BBC Watch

15-Mar-2008 - Iraqi Author 'Aref 'Alwan: The Jews Have an Historic Right to Palestine Israel Text MEMRI

15-Mar-2008 - Defusing the Demographic Time Bomb Demography Israel Text Jewish Policy Center

12-Mar-2008 - Mark Uran on Gaza Gaza Text BBC

9-Mar-2008 - The Candle of God Jeruslem suicide bomb Personal tragedy Text Aish

9-Mar-2008 - Palestinian funding. Abbas "Recognise Israel in order to oppose it" Text Israel Against Terror

9-Mar-2008 - Hamas wages Iran's proxy war on Israel Iran Hamas Text Sunday Times

8-Mar-2008 - Murdered in a house of God Jerusalem No spiral of violence Text Jerusalem Post

7-Mar-2008 - Family of terrorist: Everyone in Jabel Mukaber is proud Jerusalem suicide attack Text AP

6-Mar-2008 - Gaza Celebration of Terrorist Attack on Mercaz HaRav Yeshiva Gaza Hamas Video IBA

5-Mar-2008 - Palestinian civilians as Human Shields Gaza Hamas Text Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center at the Israel Intelligence Heritage & Commemoration Center (IICC)

5-Mar-2008 - France2 Accused: The Appeals Case Takes Another Turn Al Dura Israel Text The Augean Stables

5-Mar-2008 - Arab Press Responds to Gaza Violence with Holocaust Analogies and Anti-Semitism anti-Semitism Arab Media Cartonns Text ADL

3-Mar-2008 - UNSC 1803 Iran Sanctions See also UNSC 1737 and 1747 Text UNSC

3-Mar-2008 - The War Against The Jews (4) Palestine Gaza Text Spectator

3-Mar-2008 - Israel's moral war against Hamas Gaza Hamas Barrage of rockets Text Jerusalem Post

3-Mar-2008 - Five Days of Escalation in the Gaza Strip Gaza Hamas Text Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center at the Israel Intelligence Heritage & Commemoration Center (IICC)

2-Mar-2008 - Independent expert: IDF bullets didn't kill Mohammed al-Dura al Dura Gaza Text Haaretz

1-Mar-2008 - Sudan says rebel's office in Israel proves "foreign hands" in Darfur Darfur Israel Text Sudan Tribune

1-Mar-2008 - Al-Qaeda has infiltrated Gaza with help of Hamas, says Abbas al Qaida Hamas Text The Times

1-Mar-2008 - Abbas: IDF action worse than Holocaust Abbas anti-Semitic Text Jerusalem Post


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