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Articles and materials

30-Apr-2010 - So Shall You Reap Israel Deputy Ambassador attacked at Manchester University Text CiFWatch

29-Apr-2010 - UN to distribute 200,000 laptops to Gaza children Text Ynet

29-Apr-2010 - BBC ignores Hezbollah threat to Israeli tourists Text Just Journalism

28-Apr-2010 - Letter to UN High Commissioner of Human Rights Navi Pillay Text UN Watch

28-Apr-2010 - How Hamas Tortures Gaza Text FrontPage

27-Apr-2010 - Pre-State Israel, in Color 1947-1967 Colour videos taken in Israel Video My Jewish Learning

27-Apr-2010 - Israeli startup designs program to catch online pedophiles Text Haaretz

27-Apr-2010 - Israel razes 10 settlement houses built after freeze Text Haaretz

27-Apr-2010 - IN-DEPTH MEDIA ANALYSIS BBC: January 1 - March 31, 2010 Honest Reporting PDF Honest Reporting

27-Apr-2010 - Gates: Hezbollah has more rockets than most governments in the world Text Haaretz

27-Apr-2010 - Egyptian Foreign Minister in Al-Ahram Names Israel as 'the Enemy,' Praises Ties with Syria; Al-Ahram Editorial: 'What We Need Now is to Increase Israel's Isolation' Text Al-Ahram, Egypt (MEMRI)

27-Apr-2010 - Cast Lead video Video Aish

26-Apr-2010 - The Palestine Peace Distraction Announcing a comprehensive plan now—one that is all but certain to fail—risks discrediting good ideas, breeding frustration in the Arab world, and diluting America's reputation for getting things done.

26-Apr-2010 - Student Islamic societies must tackle hate speech Text The Guardian

26-Apr-2010 - Officials: East Jerusalem construction in de facto freeze Text Haaretz

26-Apr-2010 - Barack Obama's top ten insults against Israel See also Obamas 10 greatest insults against Britain (link in this article) Text Telegraph blog

25-Apr-2010 - Common tricks the media uses in obfuscating the truth about the Middle East. Text Aish

23-Apr-2010 - Who needs the Jews? US support for Israel always rested on what non-Jews think about Zionism. Text Jerusalem Post

23-Apr-2010 - Israelis maintain presence in Haiti for the long haul Text JTA

23-Apr-2010 - Editor's Notes: From bad to worse Why canöt the Obama administration simply ask Mahmoud Abbas to stand up and deliver, as Netanyahu did at Bar-Ilan last year, a ôtwo statesö speech?

22-Apr-2010 - Now it's Morocco's turn to destroy its Jewish heritage Text JC blog

22-Apr-2010 - Judaization project for the area south of Al Aqsa Nasty bit of propaganda from Jordan Govt newspaper Text Petra (Jordan Govt)

21-Apr-2010 - Roots of Islamic fundamentalism lie in Nazi propaganda for Arab world, book claims In his new book, "Nazi Propaganda for the Arab World", Mr Herf argues that Nazi propagandists offered a message that neatly dovetailed with underlying prejudice.

20-Apr-2010 - The Palestinians: Why Salam Fayyad Cannot Deliver Khaled Abu Toameh Text Hudson NY

20-Apr-2010 - Plotting the Next Mideast War Syria's alleged transfer of Scuds to Hezbollah could spark an uncontrollable chain reaction. Text WSJ

20-Apr-2010 - Israel's ambassador to the UK lays out a powerful home truth in the Guardian Text Robin Shepherd

19-Apr-2010 - The View From Jerusalem Why Israel is anxious about the Obama Administration. Text WSJ

19-Apr-2010 - SCUDs and Syria Israel has a legal right and a moral obligation to keep Syrian arms out of Lebanon. Text National; Review

19-Apr-2010 - Israel must repair rift with US, defence minister warns Text Daily Telegraph

18-Apr-2010 - Promoting a Genocidal “Peace” Text Israel against terror

17-Apr-2010 - Ten Years, 968 Terror Victims Text INN

17-Apr-2010 - Obama's Syrian Policy Collapses Text Commentary Magazine

17-Apr-2010 - Obama and Israel; Does He have a Problem? Do we? RABBI MITCHELL WOHLBERG SHABBAT SERMON PDF WOHLBERG

17-Apr-2010 - Gates Says U.S. Lacks Policy to Curb Iranös Nuclear Drive Text NY Times

16-Apr-2010 - When Armageddon lives next door Obama is denying Israel the right to self-defense when it is not his, or America's, life that is on the line. Text LA Times

16-Apr-2010 - Obama and Israel: Showdown at the UN? Text Fox News

16-Apr-2010 - 'No need to remove any settlements' Ya'alon to Post: Jews should be able to stay in Palestinian entity. Text Jerusalem Post

16-Apr-2010 - 'Israel made world better’ Petraeus: Nation built by Shoa survivors "one of our greatest allies." Text Jerusalem Post

15-Apr-2010 - The Times Makes It Official: Obama Has Shifted U.S. Policy Against Israel Text Commentary Magazine

15-Apr-2010 - Syrian Government Daily: U.S., Israel behind Moscow Bombings Text MEMRI

15-Apr-2010 - Obama: America a Superpower 'Whether We Like It or Not' "When conflicts break out, one way or another we get pulled into them," Obama said. "And that ends up costing us significantly in terms of both blood and treasure."

15-Apr-2010 - 'Israel was close to war this winter' Text JC

15-Apr-2010 - How to lose friends and alienate people. A lesson from Islamist-cowed Jewish students FOSIS has said of Jews: ñTheyöre all the same. Theyöve monopolised everything: the Holocaust, God, money, interest, usury, the world economy, the media, political institutionsç they monopolised tyranny and oppression as well. And injustice. A Jew is gene Text Daily Telegraph

15-Apr-2010 - A Letter to Gaza by Nonie Darwish Text FrontPage

14-Apr-2010 - Obama Speech Signals a U.S. Shift on Middle East Text NY Times

14-Apr-2010 - National Survey of Jewish Voters in the USA PDF McLaughlin

14-Apr-2010 - Iran's Parliament Limits Its Power as a Watchdog Even more power to Khamenei Text NY Times

14-Apr-2010 - Hamas temporarily shuts Gaza smuggling tunnels Clearly faked photo  Image AP

14-Apr-2010 - Fayyad sponsors fencing tournament named after terrorist leader Text PA media (PMW)

14-Apr-2010 - Antithesis - Proud to be a Zionist - Yom Haatzmaut 2010 - Herzl 150 Zionist rap Video Antithesis

13-Apr-2010 - US holds back on ambassador to Syria amid Hizbollah Scud fears Israel almost bombed what it claimed was a convoy of advanced weaponry headed from Syrian military bases to Hizbollah along the shared border with Lebanon.

13-Apr-2010 - U.S. delays Syria envoy over Hezbollah arms deal Syria supplies Hezbollah with scud missiles and training for their use. Text Haaretz

13-Apr-2010 - The Holocaust and its relevance today. Text The view from Israel

13-Apr-2010 - Thales: UK could extend Hermes UAV operations in Afghanistan Text Flight

13-Apr-2010 - Syria snubbed request for talks 'Postö learns J'lem sought mechanism for trilateral negotiations. Text Jerusalem Post

13-Apr-2010 - Sayeret Hasbara: No Truth to Canard that Israel Seeks to Expel West Bankers. The Charge Hides What Arab States Are Doing to Palestinians Text Lenny Ben-David

13-Apr-2010 - Palestinian Leaders Do It Again! Throw Away Opportunity Obama is Giving Them and Poke Him in the Eye Text GLORIA

13-Apr-2010 - Measures Taken by Israel in Support of Developing the Palestinian Economy, the Socio-Economic Structure, and the Security Reforms PDF ISRAEL

13-Apr-2010 - Bashar Assad Takes the Measure of Barack Obama Text Commentary Magazine

13-Apr-2010 - A Tale of Two Cities In New York, Islamic states try to carve out an exception for killing Israeli and American civilians. In DC, they smile. Text Weekly Standard

12-Apr-2010 - The Holocaust can happen again, warns top anti-Semitism scholar Text Haaretz

12-Apr-2010 - Palestinian Public Opinion Poll No 40 (PDF) 66.7% reject settlement on basis of Clinton's 2001 Taba proposal PDF An-Najah National University

12-Apr-2010 - Palestinian Public Opinion Poll No 40 77.4% reject making Jerusalem a capital for two states: Palestine and Israel. Text IMRA

12-Apr-2010 - Israeli nuclear scientists denied entry to U.S. in policy reversal Text World Tribune

12-Apr-2010 - Ahwazi Organization: Iran Is Threatening Gulf States with SSMs Armed with Chemical Warheads Text MEMRI

12-Apr-2010 - A Nuclear Iran Could Become the First ‘Suicide State’ President Obamaös naive belief in rationality could turn Israeli cities into cemeteries Text US News

11-Apr-2010 - Why Does the Palestinian Authority Celebrate Those Who Turned Christianity's Holiest Shrine into a Military Bunker? Text GLORIA

11-Apr-2010 - Netanyahu: World is gradually accepting Iran's extermination calls Text Haaretz

11-Apr-2010 - Listen to the Two Best Arab Journalists Warning What A Nuclear-Armed Iran Means Text GLORIA

11-Apr-2010 - Antisemitism Worldwide 2009 PDF Roth Institute TAU

11-Apr-2010 - Anti-Semitic incidents doubled Text Jerusalem Post

10-Apr-2010 - Iran's bomb-making plutonium facilities close to completion Text Debka

9-Apr-2010 - Why Didn't Obama Call Off the Ambush? Why do Egypt and Turkey, both American allies, feel at liberty to show up in Washington D.C. at a conference organized by the U.S. president and dump on one of Americaös closest allies?

9-Apr-2010 - The Islamization of Jerusalem Text Hudson NY

9-Apr-2010 - Israel the strong horse To survive and thrive, Israel needs to rebuild the faith of the likes of Jordanös Abdullah that it is the strong horse in the region. Text Jerusalem Post

9-Apr-2010 - Great Escape On Yom HaShoah, one womanös story of tunneling from a Polish work camp Text Tablet

8-Apr-2010 - Will the Palestinians Just Declare a State? Text Front Page Magazine

8-Apr-2010 - The Palestinians: What Is Needed For Peace Not surprisingly one public opinion poll once revealed that Palestinians trust the Israeli media more than their own newspapers and TV and radio stations.

8-Apr-2010 - The Armageddon Scenario: Israel and the Threat of Nuclear Terrorism Text Begin-Sadat Center

8-Apr-2010 - Nuclear Iran not inevitable Text Ynet

8-Apr-2010 - Golan, not Jerusalem, is key to Mideast peace Text Haaretz

8-Apr-2010 - French Institute in Cairo film festival canceled over Israeli film Text Bikya Masr

7-Apr-2010 - The Middle East's Biggest Con-Game: Claiming Israel is the Cause of the Region's Problems Text GLORIA

7-Apr-2010 - The duplicity of Fayyad and Abbas: Preaching non-violence while supporting terror Text PA media (PMW)

7-Apr-2010 - PA names Ramallah street after Hamas terror mastermind Text Jerusalem Post

7-Apr-2010 - Israel Aid Pays U.S. Dividends That Exceed Cost Text Bloomberg

7-Apr-2010 - A Tale of Two Cities: Sderot, music, rockets and you Text Ron Mossad

6-Apr-2010 - Exclusive: Britain: A 'safe haven' for war criminals Not about Israel but point of comparison eg if Livni is arrested visiting Britain Text The Independent

5-Apr-2010 - Unserious About Iran Obama is acting as if he believes a nuclear Tehran is inevitable. Text WSJ

5-Apr-2010 - Nazi Propaganda for the Arab World by Jeffrey Herf Review by Daniel Pipes Text ME Forum

4-Apr-2010 - The Weatherman and the Wind Druse & Syria Lebanon Text GLORIA

2-Apr-2010 - Who will a Palestinian boycott of settler economy really hurt? Text Haaretz

2-Apr-2010 - Snubs, bold steps and a failure to learn from history Netanyahu is grappling with a US administration that seems to be suffering from an acute shortage of institutional memory. Text Jerusalem Post

2-Apr-2010 - Just Say "No": I Get Personally Invited to Help the Obama Administration Engage--and Thus Strengthen--Terrorists Text GLORIA

2-Apr-2010 - Israel as a Security Asset for the United States: Statement by 50 retired U.S. Flag & General Officers Text JINSA

2-Apr-2010 - Column One: Exploiting the crisis Israel should get off its knees and adopt policies that will enhance its interests Text Jerusalem Post

2-Apr-2010 - Back to an old game with Syria Text NOW Lebanon

1-Apr-2010 - Woe will be a divided Jerusalem Text Jerusalem Post

1-Apr-2010 - Obama's Foolish Settlements Ultimatum Text Middle East Forum

1-Apr-2010 - Hamas footage hints at extent of group's role in Gaza clashes Tape suggests actions against Israel by other groups have Hamas's ok Text Haaretz

1-Apr-2010 - Encouraging Palestinian Rejectionism Text Commentary Magazine

1-Apr-2010 - Editorial: The goals of terror Would Obama dare tell Russian to make goodwill gestures toward the attackers? Text Jerusalem Post

31-Mar-2010 - Palestinian reporters urged to 'repent' They now face expulsion from the Fatah-controlled Palestinian Journalists Syndicate on charges of promoting normalization with Israel. Jerusalem Post

31-Mar-2010 - Blood Libel on Hamas TV - President of the American Center for Islamic Research Dr. Sallah Sultan: Jews Murder Non-Jews and Use Their Blood to Knead Passover Matzos Video Al Aqsa (Hamas) TV

31-Mar-2010 - An Unusual Alignment of Interests Syria Text Commentary Magazine

31-Mar-2010 - Abbas Urged Israel to Topple Hamas in Cast Lead, Says Lieberman Text INN

30-Mar-2010 - Middle East: Are Europeans Thwarting Normalization? Khaled Abu Toameh Text Jerusalem Post

29-Mar-2010 - Propagating hate: Despicable UN rights council breathes life into blood libel See UN Watch + BBC Persian Text NY Daily News

26-Mar-2010 - Israel's unwavering guardsmen Little mention is made of the radicalization of Israelös Arabs. Text Jerusalem Post

25-Mar-2010 - White House Ignores Iran's Help to al-Qaida in Its Passion over Jerusalem Apartments Text GLORIA

25-Mar-2010 - UN site posts organ harvesting claim See UN Watch + BBC Persian Text Jerusalem Post

25-Mar-2010 - Rachel Corrie Wasnöt the Only ISM Member Playing Chicken with a Bulldozer That Day (PJM Exclusive) Text Pajamas Media

24-Mar-2010 - PA closes only Christian TV station Text Jerusalem Post

24-Mar-2010 - Obama and Netanyahu: pointless poison Text Washington Post

24-Mar-2010 - NGO Urges UN to Stop Circulating ôsraeli Organ Blood Libel See Propagating hate + BBC Persian Text UN Watch

24-Mar-2010 - Hamas-Ruled Gaza Receives More Aid, Markets Flowers in Europe Text INN

24-Mar-2010 - Britain shoots itself in the foot Text The View from Israel

23-Mar-2010 - Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's speech to AIPAC conference Text Haaretz

23-Mar-2010 - Hillary Clinton's unfortunate mistake Text PMW

22-Mar-2010 - UNICEF supports Palestinian hate ad Text PMW

22-Mar-2010 - The Gaza Siege Myth In 2009 738,576 tons of humanitarian aid was transferred into the Gaza Strip. Text Sderot Media Center

21-Mar-2010 - 'Equal opportunity for all Israelis' Multi-year Development Plan for Israel's Bedouin and Arabs Text Jerusalem Post

20-Mar-2010 - The Long Battle of Jerusalem The U.S. and Israel have agreed before that a divided city cannot stand; preventing a return to barbed wire Text WSJ

19-Mar-2010 - Deputy Hamas Minister of Religious Endowments Abdallah Jarbu': Only a Madman Would Think Jews Are Human Video Al Aqsa (Hamas) TV

19-Mar-2010 - Another Tack: The Chicken Licken syndrome Hurva +57 other synagogues Text Jerusalem Post

18-Mar-2010 - State to invest NIS 700m in developing Arab towns Text Haaretz

18-Mar-2010 - Gaza rocket kills 1 in Israel Text AFP

18-Mar-2010 - Europe should rethink its aid to Palestine Text Financial Times

17-Mar-2010 - Yousuf Al-Sharrafi, Palestinian Legislative Council Member from Hamas, Calls for Suicide Operations in Israeli Buses and Restaurants Video Al Aqsa (Hamas) TV

17-Mar-2010 - Why What General Petraeus Said Is Wrong About the Middle East (Or Is It Just Being Misinterpreted?) Text GLORIA

17-Mar-2010 - What's all the fuss about? Text Jerusalem Post

17-Mar-2010 - Turkey threatens to expel 100,000 Armenians Not about Israel but point of comparison of media coverage Text BBC

17-Mar-2010 - Fatah proud of women fighters, Martyrs, and Virgin Mary Text PA media (PMW)

16-Mar-2010 - What About The Arab Apartheid? Text Hudson NY

16-Mar-2010 - Statement of General Petraeus before the Senate Armed Services Committee PDF US Senate

16-Mar-2010 - Palestinian "Day of Rage" passes with low-key local outbreaks In rabid anti-Semitic diatribes, they again accused "the Jews" of "plotting to seize al Aqsa" in order to build their Third Temple Text Debka

16-Mar-2010 - PA TV kids' show wipes Israel off the map Text PA media (PMW)

16-Mar-2010 - Explaining the U.S.-Israel Crisis Text GLORIA

15-Mar-2010 - The Palestinian Authority Walks Out of Talks with a Big Smile on Its Face Text GLORIA

15-Mar-2010 - 'Police lied against settlers' Court: Police to compensate Yitzhar residents for presenting them as outlaws. Text Jerusalem Post

15-Mar-2010 - PA Libel: Israel tried to burn down Al-Aqsa Mosque in 1969 Text PA media (PMW)

15-Mar-2010 - Obama's Turn Against Israel The U.S. makes a diplomatic crisis out of a blunder. Text WSJ

15-Mar-2010 - 'Hamas used kids as human shields' Text Jerusalem Post

15-Mar-2010 - Dahlan: the status quo in Jerusalem and detonated an explosive Incitement to violence on PA website Text PA

14-Mar-2010 - ITIC The Main Findings of the Goldstone Report Versus the Factual Findings PDF Intelligence & Terrorism Information Centre

14-Mar-2010 - ITIC The Main Findings of the Goldstone Report Versus the Factual Findings Summary Text Intelligence & Terrorism Information Centre

14-Mar-2010 - How Quick They Forget: A Short History of U.S. Policy and Israeli Construction in East Jerusalem Text GLORIA

14-Mar-2010 - Arab Firebomb Wounds Father and Baby Son on Highway 443 Text INN

13-Mar-2010 - PA TV honors anniversary of terror attack with interview of terrorist's sister Text PMW

11-Mar-2010 - My Name Was Rachel Corrie Text Israel

11-Mar-2010 - Is Israel a Colonial State? by Irwin J. Mansdorf The Political Psychology of Palestinian Nomenclature Text JCPA

11-Mar-2010 - How Not to Advance Arab-Israeli Peace Text Huffington Post

11-Mar-2010 - Hamas TV Puppets Encourage Children to Liberate Jerusalem Video Al Aqsa (Hamas) TV

11-Mar-2010 - Gilad Shalit cannot be a Hamas bargaining chip. Sari Essayah MEP Text EPP

11-Mar-2010 - French Jews sous pression Most recognize that anti-Semitic forces are gaining strength and influence. Text Jerusalem Post

11-Mar-2010 - Expose ‘apartheid’ charge's real agenda Text Jerusalem Post

11-Mar-2010 - Efrat Mayor: Illegal Arab Building Choking Us Text INN

11-Mar-2010 - Announcing Construction of East Jerusalem Apartments: Stupid, Yes; Proof of Disinterest in Peace, No Text GLORIA

10-Mar-2010 - Peace Plans and Palestinian Politics Text Commentary Magazine

10-Mar-2010 - PA: killer of 37 is “bridge to freedom" Text PA media (PMW)

10-Mar-2010 - Israel asks US VP Biden to condemn PA naming of square after terrorist Dalal Mughrabi Text PMW

10-Mar-2010 - Despite heavy lobbying, EU parliament endorses Goldstone report Text EU Observer

10-Mar-2010 - Christians Fleeing Bethlehem Text Haifa Diary

9-Mar-2010 - UNös Weak Response to Muslim Slaughter of Christians Text INN

9-Mar-2010 - The Night Yasser Arafat Kissed Me If we compare the attention and care that the international community has extended to the Palestinians with our attention and support for other victims in other places, a disturbing pattern emerges.

9-Mar-2010 - Le Crif en action Anti-Semitic attack in Paris Text CRIF

9-Mar-2010 - Goldstone Report debate shambles Text + Video Richard Millett

9-Mar-2010 - For Israel's Arabs It Is Not Apartheid by Khaled Abu Toameh Text Hudson NY

9-Mar-2010 - Engaging Israel: Beyond Advocacy Text Donniel Hartman

8-Mar-2010 - US anti-Semitism envoy slams UN ‘double standards’ on Israel Administration to re-engage with HRC in order to "pressure it to fulfill mandate." Text Jerusalem Post

8-Mar-2010 - Jerusalem mayor, are you causing a third Intifada? King's Garden Silwan Text Haaretz

7-Mar-2010 - PA to name square for terrorist killer on anniversary of attack Text PA media (PMW)

7-Mar-2010 - 'If freed, I'll still fight Israel' Text Jerusalem Post

7-Mar-2010 - Friend and Faux on Human Rights Iran bids to join the U.N.'s rights body. Text WSJ

6-Mar-2010 - Iran's Ahmadinejad calls Sept 11 'big fabrication' Y Ynet

6-Mar-2010 - 'Iran developing massive launch site' "No point for any country to develop missiles capable of reaching targets so far and then loading them with conventional warheads." Jerusalem Post

5-Mar-2010 - Why the Palestinians Don't Want a State Text American Spectator

5-Mar-2010 - When It's Necessary and Desirable to Assassinate Terrorists Text GLORIA

5-Mar-2010 - Opposing the digital pogrom Foreign media could only expect negative portrayal in new public diplomacy ads. Text Jerusalem Post

5-Mar-2010 - Another Tack: An Arab land Were Israelis to unconditionally submit to ever-mutating Arab historiography, all attachments to the Western Wall and Mount of Olives would have to be abjectly relinquished.

5-Mar-2010 - 15 cops, dozens of Palestinians hurt in Temple Mount clashes Rocks were thrown from the direction of the mosques above toward Jews praying below at the Western Wall plaza. Text Haaretz

4-Mar-2010 - PA TV teaches children that all of Israel is "occupied Palestine Text + Video PMW + PATV

4-Mar-2010 - How Israel Can Win The PR War With Professionals and Money The government would have to budget at least $250 million now Text Israel Defender

3-Mar-2010 - WELCOME TO HAIFA, MR. AND MRS. CORRIE Text Jewish Press

3-Mar-2010 - The Israeli Field Hospital in Haiti ù Ethical Dilemmas in Early Disaster Response Text NEJM

3-Mar-2010 - Past the seventh step Text Hebron.com

3-Mar-2010 - Israel's historic roots are real Palestinian protests against the restoration of Jewish heritage sites are part of a campaign of delegitimisation against Israel Text The Guardian

3-Mar-2010 - IDF's newest heroes: Women spotters on Gaza border Text Haaretz

3-Mar-2010 - How About A Real Campaign Against Abuses? By Alan M. Dershowitz Text Minding the Campus

3-Mar-2010 - Crisis in Turkey Daniel Pipes Text National Review

3-Mar-2010 - Candidly Speaking: Those bleeding-heart journalists Text Jerusalem Post

2-Mar-2010 - Video: At PM's Request, J'lem Mayor Postpones King's Garden Plan See images Text INN

2-Mar-2010 - Palestinian Authority: Direct the Heat Toward Israel "Abbas is no fool. He knows that even if he were to sign a peace agreement with Israel, he would never be able to sell it to the Palestinians, let alone implement it when Hamas won't even allow him to return to his home in the Gaza Strip."

2-Mar-2010 - Palestine: the Real Apartheid State In the Making Text Israel Resource Review

2-Mar-2010 - Israel is no more rogue than America Text Financial Times

2-Mar-2010 - 'Arabs may have targeted Mabhouh' Text Jerusalem Post

2-Mar-2010 - An Intelligence Agency Misused Passports: OMG! Every good intelligence agency uses stolen and forged passports. The British have been especially adept at this means of spycraft. Hudson NY

1-Mar-2010 - Let the soldiers speak Those who have recently served see that the picture the media presents is skewed from the reality they know. Text Jerusalem Post

1-Mar-2010 - I guess our New Israel Fund check got lost in the mail NIF Sderot Media Center Text Sderot Media Center

1-Mar-2010 - Human Rights - A Record Incompatible with the Civilized World by Eli E. Hertz Text Myths & facts

1-Mar-2010 - Gaza continues to get humanitarian aid Text IDF

1-Mar-2010 - Demography, Geopolitics, and the Future of Israel's Capital Jerusalemös Proposed Master Plan PDF JCPA

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