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November-December 2009

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These pages are a searchable archive of news reports, editorials and other web resources related to Israel. They are intended to be used for study and to aid in research for journalists, bloggers and students. They are based on materials prepared by Stephen Franklin and edited and reproduced here by permission. Remarks at the end of each entry show the source and the type of material, and might show classification information.

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Articles and materials

31-Dec-2009 - PA Minister of Religious endowments to Iran "Hands off Palestine" Text MEMRI (PA TV)

31-Dec-2009 - New species of militants - Civilians Gaza War "Civilians" killed in Cast Lead Text Hosem Shmuel

31-Dec-2009 - Justice in Sheikh Jarrah Right has learned to use legal system wisely to restore Jewish property Text Ynet

31-Dec-2009 - Campus radicals (Dennis McShane letter to The Times) AntiSemitism Do we have to wait until some student radicalised by campus Islamism succeeds in killing hundreds before our university elites realise what is incubating on British campuses?

31-Dec-2009 - Abbas sponsors birthday celebrations honoring terrorist Dalal Mughrabi, killer of 37 Text PA media (PMW)

30-Dec-2009 - Top surgeon tells Limmud of campaign to have him struck off Text JC

30-Dec-2009 - Terms of reference Abbas wants negotiations to pick-up from Ehud Olmert's last offer - the one Abbas never bothered responding to. Text Jerusalem Post

30-Dec-2009 - Palestinians to gain access to Israel's main road Israel's main route between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem must be opened to Palestinians, the Israeli Supreme Court has ruled. Text JC

30-Dec-2009 - My Classmate, the Plane Bomber The fourth president of a student Islamic society to face terrorist charges in three years. Text The Daily Beast

30-Dec-2009 - Israel's Right in the 'Disputed' Territories Text WSJ

29-Dec-2009 - Terra Incognita: A right of return to what? Text Jerusalem Post

29-Dec-2009 - Abbas turns 3 latest terrorists into Palestinian heroes Text PA media (PMW)

28-Dec-2009 - Boycott Israel and British Lives Will Be Lost Carol Gould See "Countering improvised explosive devices" below Why does the UK want to distance itself from the country best positioned to help protect British troops from IEDs? Text Pajamas Media

28-Dec-2009 - Back to the Future British anti-Semitism returns-with a vengeance Text Weekly Standard

27-Dec-2009 - Harvesting human organs SELECTIVE OUTRAGE Text Maurice Ostroff

27-Dec-2009 - Glorification of Martyrdom on Al-Quds TV Children's Show: All Palestinians Suckle the Use of the Gun with Their Mother's Milk Video Al-Aqsa (Hamas) TV (MEMRI)

26-Dec-2009 - The World's District Attorney Legendary prosecutor Robert Morgenthau on his famous cases, his brawl with Mike Bloomberg, and why he's sounding alarm about Iran. WSJ

25-Dec-2009 - Israeli killed in West Bank attack laid to rest in Jerusalem Al Aksa Martyr's Brigade (Fatah) Roadblock removed in previous week on killer's escape route Text Haaretz

24-Dec-2009 - The Forgotten Palestinian Refugees Even in Bethlehem, Palestinian Christians are suffering under Muslim intolerance. Text WSJ

24-Dec-2009 - Palestinian Affairs: Why is Abbas stonewalling? Khaled Abu Toameh Text Jerusalem Post


24-Dec-2009 - A Year After the Gaza War: The Forgotten Children of Sderot Text Pajamas Media

23-Dec-2009 - Lebanon repudiates UN 1559 outlawing Hizballah terror militia Text Debka

23-Dec-2009 - British Muslims slam U.K. pledge to end arrest threats against Israelis Text Haaretz

22-Dec-2009 - Tom Gross: Britain revives the old Israel organ fable Text National Post

22-Dec-2009 - Shhh…Mubarak is building a wall Egypt Gaza siege Text Hudson NY

22-Dec-2009 - Media falsely reporting Bethlehem Christmas Aaron Klein exposes international coverage of ancient Christian city Text WND

22-Dec-2009 - Many Church Leaders Remain Silent While Palestinian (Christian) Arabs Suffer At The Hands of Muslims Text GMs Place

22-Dec-2009 - Jimmy Carter to U.S. Jews: Forgive me for stigmatizing Israel Text Haaretz

21-Dec-2009 - 'Use of the body Israel killed Palestinians' BBC Persian (Google translation) Text BBC Persian

21-Dec-2009 - Police Withdraw Charges Against Maon Farm Residents Text INN

21-Dec-2009 - Next Stage on Iran Could Hold Real Peril Text NY Times

21-Dec-2009 - Hamas using English law to demand arrest of Israeli leaders for war crimes Text The Times

20-Dec-2009 - Israeli military to enforce settlement ban Text Otago Daily Times (Yediot Aharanot)

19-Dec-2009 - My Prayer for the Jewish People Sheikh Abdul Hadi Palazzi As a Zionist Muslim clergyman I can't keep silent. Text INN

18-Dec-2009 - Row breaks out over university meeting British anti-Semitism Originally "Jewish man jeered at Soas university debate" Text BBC

18-Dec-2009 - Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Stuff Admiral Michael Mullen on Iran: "There Have Been Military Options and There Will Be in the Future" Video Aljazeera (MEMRI TV)

17-Dec-2009 - Israel's settlements are legal see Gerald Adler 14/9/09 Text JC

17-Dec-2009 - Israel plunges into water technology Text AP

17-Dec-2009 - Haaretz exclusive: Olmert's plan for peace peace offer Text Haaretz

16-Dec-2009 - Verbatim: 'Anti-Semites have warped tiny Israel into Goliath' World anti-Semitism Text Jerusalem Post

16-Dec-2009 - RE: Abbas Still Says No Text Commentary Magazine

16-Dec-2009 - NGOs and the BDS Movement: Background and Funding Text NGO Watch

16-Dec-2009 - Jews with six arms Why when it is the only country in the World which is threatened with destruction, it is the only one that nobody considers a victim? Pilar Rahola

16-Dec-2009 - Jason Kenney, Canadian Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism û At the Global Forum for Combating Anti-Semitism in Jerusalem Text Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee

15-Dec-2009 - Beyond mere hatred Palestinian anti-Semitism Text Jerusalem Post

15-Dec-2009 - Abbas Still Says No to Talks but Everyone Still Blames Bibi Text Commentary Magazine

15-Dec-2009 - "It Is Easier to Annihilate Israel Than to Reach Peace with It" Syrian University Professor Ahmad Al-Barqawi Video Syrian TV (MEMRITV)

14-Dec-2009 - Secret document exposes Iran's nuclear trigger uranium deuteride no possible civilian or military use other than in a nuclear weapon Text The Times

14-Dec-2009 - Iran woos Arab states as sanctions loom Poll found most Arabs believe Iran to be greater threat than Israel Text FT

14-Dec-2009 - Historian blasts British policy on Israel Never been a (royal) state visit to Israel Text Jerusalem Post

13-Dec-2009 - What else can we concede? Fatah peace offer Olmert offered Abbas in 2008 more than Barak offered Arafat in 2000, but it still wasnt enough. Haaretz

12-Dec-2009 - Iraqi MP Mithal Al-Alousi: Iraq Should Conduct Preemptive Strikes in Iran, Syria, and Saudi Arabia Video MEMRI (Iraqi TV)

11-Dec-2009 - IDF: 30 'war crimes' cases 'baseless' 30 of 36 The other six were found to relate to genuine instances, where operational errors and mistakes were involved. Text Jerusalem Post

10-Dec-2009 - Hamas preparing 'offensive' tunnels Text Jerusalem Post

10-Dec-2009 - Executive Summary of Israeli National Survey Results 59% of Israelis would support "any agreement Netanyahu reaches with our enemies".

9-Dec-2009 - An inconvenient truth Andrew Roberts' speech to the Anglo Israel Association Text Spectator

8-Dec-2009 - Jewish legal rights to Judea and Samaria Text Israpundit

7-Dec-2009 - Israel-bashers hold a double standard on rights abuses Text Irish Times

6-Dec-2009 - Irançand Political Hallucination! Mahdi Text Asharq Al-Awsat

4-Dec-2009 - Smearing Jews on British TV Re: Osbourne Dispatches Channel 4 Text Carol Gould

4-Dec-2009 - Iraqi Jews Were Driven Out of the Country by Pan-Arab Extremists, Led By Nazi Ally, Mufti Amin Al-Husseini Jewish Refugees Iraqi Author Dr. Rashid Al-Khayoun VideoMEMRITV (Saudi TV)

4-Dec-2009 - Editor's Notes: The battle of wills Israel as an obstacle to peace? Outrageous. The settlements as the root of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict? Ridiculous. Text Jerusalem Post

3-Dec-2009 - The Big Map of the Empty Land Text Zeev Galili

3-Dec-2009 - Israel & Palestine: Can They Start Over? Hussein Agha is Senior Associate Member of St. Antony's College, Oxford. Robert Malley, Director of the Middle East Program at the International Crisis Group, served as special assistant for Arab-Israeli affairs for President Bill Clinton. Text NY Review of Books

2-Dec-2009 - Building Peace Without Obama's Interference Gaza West Bank thriving A promising, independent Palestine is quietly being developed, with Israeli assistance. Text WSJ

1-Dec-2009 - The Illegal-Settlements Myth Text Commentary Magazine

30-Nov-2009 - Netanyahu Re-Embraces the Road Map Text me-ontarget

28-Nov-2009 - UN Resolution 181 - The Partition Plan Text Eli E. Hertz

26-Nov-2009 - Israeli bomb experts help UK soldiers IEDs Text JC

26-Nov-2009 - Gaza markets in preparation for Eid Plenty available Arabic Text Palestine News

25-Nov-2009 - Statement by PM Netanyahu on the Cabinet Decision to Suspend New Construction in Judea and Samaria Text Israel (Office of PM)

25-Nov-2009 - Iran and Hizballah Get Hillarycare: Two Mistakes That America's Enemies Notice and Act On Text Rubin Report

25-Nov-2009 - Candidly Speaking: Why does so much of the world hate us? Text Jerusalem Post

24-Nov-2009 - Palestinians and Obama: The End of a Honeymoon Abbas's threat was anyway not a serious one: He knew that he would never be able to hold elections without the consent of Hamas Hudson NY

24-Nov-2009 - A Palestinian peace plan Israelis can live with Text Haaretz

23-Nov-2009 - Where Tech Keeps Booming High tech Venture Capital Text WSJ

23-Nov-2009 - Amnesty's travesty The occupation transformed Palestinian agriculture Text Jerusalem Post

22-Nov-2009 - Regavim: Stop the destruction of Mount Hermon Illegal Druze building on nature reserves in Hermon Text INN

21-Nov-2009 - Kouchner 'optimistic' after Israel visit "We have forgotten that Benjamin Netanyahu was opposed to the establishment of a Palestinian state until he was reelected. Ynet

21-Nov-2009 - “Oh I forgot, the Jews have all the oil” Multiple issues including Gilo Text Tom Gross

20-Nov-2009 - Goldstone and the Rule of Law "Nothing in international law precludes a vigorous, intense and effective military campaign to destroy terrorist operations." Text Mudson NY

20-Nov-2009 - Banished at Turtle Bay Anne Bayefsky evicted from UN for criticising Goldstone Report. Text WSJ

19-Nov-2009 - Pity the prime minister Gilo Text Haaretz

19-Nov-2009 - Kouchner: Jerusalem Neighborhood is Not an Obstacle to Peace Gilo Text INN

19-Nov-2009 - INTERVIEW-Palestinian leader wants popular, diplomatic action Marwan Barghouti "I do not see that there are fundamental political differences between Fatah and Hamas" Reuters

18-Nov-2009 - Nidal Hasan and Fort Hood A Study in Muslim Doctrine Text M E Forum


18-Nov-2009 - Internet: The Hatred Super-Highway Anti-Semitism Holocaust denial Text Forward

18-Nov-2009 - Hamas-loyal Gaza group offers $1.4 million bounty for capture of an Israeli soldier Text AP

18-Nov-2009 - Another Vast Jewish Conspiracy British media and society are gripped by lies about a "secret" Israel lobby controlling foreign policy. WSJ

17-Nov-2009 - What Does "Pro-Palestinian" Really Mean? Khaled Abu Toameh Hudson NY

17-Nov-2009 - Kids' hate speech against Jews included in PA Arafat memorial Text PATV

17-Nov-2009 - Denis MacShane: What Dispatches didn't say about the Israel lobby Text Eagle Eye (Independent)

16-Nov-2009 - How Fayyad's Unilateral Statehood Plan Undermines the Legal Foundations of Israeli-Palestinian Diplomacy "Neither side shall initiate or take any step that will change the status of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip pending the outcome of the Permanent Status negotiations. Text JCPA

16-Nov-2009 - Austrians forget how Hatikva goes Gold medals won by Israel in Austria and Sweden had no recording of Hatikva Text Israel21c

16-Nov-2009 - A Former Terrorist Speak Out - Islam and the Israeli - Palestinian conflict Video INN TV

15-Nov-2009 - Viva Palestina - Return to Gaza See Galloway video Text Viva Palestina

15-Nov-2009 - 'The Palestinian Water Authority wouldn't last a day on its own' Text Jerusalem Post

15-Nov-2009 - Plans for new Palestinian city in West Bank raise hopes Text JTA

15-Nov-2009 - Fomenting Anti-Semitism in Europe UK Anti-Semitism Text American Thinker

14-Nov-2009 - Scouts disgrace Remembrance Day parade by hurling death threats at Jewish veterans. UK Anti-Semitism Text Mirror

13-Nov-2009 - IDF chief on Goldstone Report: Terror should not be rewarded 'We're looking into Palestinian complaints as well, and are not always proud of results' Text Ynet

13-Nov-2009 - Don't Confuse Him with the Facts Kouchner Text Israel Against Terror

13-Nov-2009 - Distorted claims HRW Bernstein letter Text Guardian (letter)

12-Nov-2009 - Palestinians recommend calling off presidential vote, opening way for Abbas to stay in office Text AP

12-Nov-2009 - Palestinian unions say Israel boycott would harm them Text JC

12-Nov-2009 - Israel and Iran compete to expand influence in Latin America Text The Times

12-Nov-2009 - Exposed: Dispatches' prejudice over Bicom Text JC

12-Nov-2009 - Closing in on cancer Text Israel 21c

12-Nov-2009 - Analysis: Coalition agreement not withstanding, Hizbullah will continue to hold sway in Lebanon. Text IDC

11-Nov-2009 - Israel Ready to Hold Unconditional Talks With Syria Text Bloomberg

11-Nov-2009 - Is there really no partner? Moshe Arens Abbas is no partner because he does not have the authority to implement a peace agreement with Israel. Text Haaretz

10-Nov-2009 - Who owns Jerusalem? Dr. Jaques Gautier discusses his twenty-five years of study on the subject, "Who Owns Jerusalem? Video CTS TV

10-Nov-2009 - Keeping Fayyad Out Khaled Abu Toameh Abbas's departure from the scene would, in fact, benefit the peace process Text Hudson NY

10-Nov-2009 - Dr. Phil and the Fort Hood Killer His terrorist motive is obvious to everyone but the press and the Army brass. Text WSJ

9-Nov-2009 - Tel Aviv students afraid to challenge leftist professors Text Haaretz

9-Nov-2009 - PA Workers' Union Official Bassam Zakarneh: Hamas Leaders Hid in Tunnels and Launched Rockets from Among Children and the Elderly Video PA TV (MEMRITV)

9-Nov-2009 - IDF hurries on counter-Goldstone report Text Jerusalem Post

8-Nov-2009 - U.S. top brass: Nuclear Iran is existential threat to Israel Text Haaretz

8-Nov-2009 - Hezbollah gears up for new war Text Guardian

8-Nov-2009 - Hezbollah and the Tent Hezbollah talking about freedom reminded me of a funny story that I received once in an e-mail. Text Asharq Awarsat (leading Arabic international daily)

8-Nov-2009 - Hamas rejects Mofaz call to talk as 'Zionist vulgarity' The Hamas rulers of the Gaza Strip said Sunday that they would never negotiate with the "Zionist enemy", hours after Kadima MK Shaul Mofaz presented a plan to hold talks with the group and establish a Palestinian state in 60 percent of the West Bank with

8-Nov-2009 - Group's Charity Facade Cloaks Support for Hamas Viva Palestina Palestine Solidarity Campaign Galloway cash Text NewsMax

7-Nov-2009 - Hamas: Only resistance can free Palestine Text Press TV (Iran)

6-Nov-2009 - US major of Palestinian origin shouted "Allahu Akbar" in Fort Hood shooting rampage Text Debka

6-Nov-2009 - TUFI Blog û Delegation To Israel & Palestine Mike Dixon USDAW NEC There was a discussion about the boycott and it is clear that Palestinians don't want it û all they want is equal pay and a living. Text TUFI

6-Nov-2009 - South African locals think Goldstone inquiry could help fight Israel's PR battle Text Haaretz

6-Nov-2009 - Israel's Military Warning To 'Nuclear' Iran Text Sky

6-Nov-2009 - Did Goldstone admit UN colleague Chinkin was biased? Goldstone Report Gaza War Text UN Watch

5-Nov-2009 - Iran tested advanced nuclear warhead design û secret report IAEA Text Guardian

5-Nov-2009 - High Court: Government Decided Too Fast to Free Terrorists Text INN

4-Nov-2009 - Disfigured Terror Victim Confronts Goldstone in U.N. Debate Video youtube (UN Watch)

3-Nov-2009 - The Issue of Water Between Israel and the Palestinians Text Hudson

3-Nov-2009 - Palestine's Missing Critics Text Wall Street Journal

3-Nov-2009 - Intel chief: Gaza rockets can reach metro Tel Aviv Hamas Text AP NBC

3-Nov-2009 - From Balfour to a Palestinian state Moshe Arens Text Jerusalem Post

3-Nov-2009 - Delivering" the West Bank Settlements Khaled Abu Toameh Text Hudson NY

2-Nov-2009 - How Israel Destroyed Syria's Al Kibar Nuclear Reactor Syria Nuclear Text Spiegel

1-Nov-2009 - Writing Jews out of Jerusalem's history Text Guardian

1-Nov-2009 - Implications of U.S. Military Training of Palestinian Security Forces PDF Center for Near East Policy Research

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