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Articles and materials

31-Oct-2009 - Clinton rejects PA condition for a West Bank settlement freeze "...no new starts, for example, is unprecedented in the context of prior to negotiations," Text Haaretz

29-Oct-2009 - The Heritage of Article VIII of the Armistice Agreement of 1949 , on Current Israelo-Palestinian Affairs. Access to Wailing Wall, Hadassah Hospital & Hebrew Uni. Text Middle East & Terrorism

29-Oct-2009 - 'Goldstone report - the terrorists' Magna Carta' Gaza War Text Jpost

29-Oct-2009 - Claims Israel deprives Palestinians of water are groundless Water Text Haaretz

29-Oct-2009 - Amnesty Water Report Waterboards the Truth Water Text CAMERA

25-Oct-2009 - British police and intelligence officers sent to tackle UK-funded torturers on West Bank Text Daily Mail

24-Oct-2009 - Peres: Netanyahu no longer a rightist Text Ynet

23-Oct-2009 - Israel Plans Major Excavation at Western Wall Excavations have improved structural stability in the Temple Mount area, as they led to discovery and strengthening of areas in which there was a danger of collapse.

22-Oct-2009 - Hizbullah MP: "Syria Opens Its Borders to Anyone Wishing to Wage Resistance, Including Al-Qaeda Fighters on Their Way to Iraq Text MEMRI (Al-Quds Al-Arabi)

20-Oct-2009 - Palestinian poll (Fatah more popular than Hamas) PDF Jerusalem Media & Communications Centre (JMCC)

20-Oct-2009 - Hamas and Fatah: What Are They Really Fighting About? Text Hudson

19-Oct-2009 - Stourton Iran Radio 4 Documentary Ahmadinejad Mahdi Ayatollogy.doc "Do you know why we wish to have chaos at any price?" Radio BBC

19-Oct-2009 - Rights Watchdog, Lost in the Mideast HRW See "Distorted Claims" Text NY Times

19-Oct-2009 - Detailed response to the Goldstone Report PDF Trevor Norwitz

16-Oct-2009 - The 3-minute video that may prove Iran's nuclear intentions Text Haaretz

15-Oct-2009 - The Unfinished War Hezbollah Lebanon Text IDC (Gloria Centre)

15-Oct-2009 - Mahmoud Abbas as Peace Partner? Dictators vs. "The Street" by Khaled Abu Toameh Text Hudson

13-Oct-2009 - PA President Mahmoud Abbas: Hamas Leaders Fled to the Sinai in Ambulances during the Israeli Campaign in Gaza Video PA TV (MEMRITV)

11-Oct-2009 - The Ugly Premise of 'Settlement' Opponents About 20% of Israel is Arab. Would it be a tragedy if 10% of future Palestine is Jewish? Fatah demanded that Israel give up all of Jerusalem before it would begin negotiations on a two-state solution. Text WSJ

9-Oct-2009 - ‘Tolerating intolerance is not a virtue’ Nonnie Darwish Arabs for Israel Text Catholic Herald

1-Oct-2009 - Viva Palestina - An IPT Investigative Report PDF Investigative Project on Terrorism (IPT)

30-Sep-2009 - Can this trash: U.S. must stop Israel-bashing UN report in its tracks Goldstone Report Text NY Daily News

29-Sep-2009 - Goldstone's worthless report Text (Canadian) National Post

28-Sep-2009 - The cowardice, the vanity, the sin of boycotting Israel Text Haaretz

27-Sep-2009 - Officials: PA Hypocrisy Over Gaza Could Cost $300M PA encouraged Israel to attack Hamas in Gaza even more fiercely than the IDF had planned Text INN

27-Sep-2009 - Israel has to stop apologizing and take the offensive Text Jerusalem Post

25-Sep-2009 - News Flash! Palestinian Leader Throws Pie in Obama's Face, Rejects Obama's Attempt to Help Him Get a State Text Rubin

25-Sep-2009 - Goldstone, an objectionable report Text Rubin

24-Sep-2009 - UN report a victory for terror by Michael Oren Text Boston Globe

24-Sep-2009 - The Mufti of Berlin. Arab-Nazi collaboration is a taboo topic in the West. Text WSJ

24-Sep-2009 - Leading Egyptian Daily 'Al-Ahram' Reports: Coins from Era of Biblical Joseph Found in Egypt Text MEMRI (Al-Ahram)

24-Sep-2009 - Editor's Notes: The IDF's new Yom Kippur challenges Text Jerusalem Post

24-Sep-2009 - Address by PM Netanyahu to the UN General Assembly Video Youtube

24-Sep-2009 - Address by PM Netanyahu to the UN General Assembly Text MFA

23-Sep-2009 - U.S. pledges to quash Goldstone report "report was flawed from its conception" Text JTA

22-Sep-2009 - Hamas teaches kids to kill Jews Text Hamas TV (PMW)

22-Sep-2009 - EXCLUSIVE: Israel makes secret offer on settlements Text Washington Times

21-Sep-2009 - Op-Ed: Goldstone report flawed, but Israel should investigate its military Text JTA

21-Sep-2009 - Israel's Gaza Vindication Text Washington Post

21-Sep-2009 - Barak: Palestinians could miss 'huge opportunity' Text JTA

20-Sep-2009 - Is the U.S. About to Dump Syria? Text Commentary Magazine

19-Sep-2009 - The Gaza Report's Wasted Opportunity David Landau Text NY Times

18-Sep-2009 - Iranians commanding Hizbullah units Text Jerusalem Post

17-Sep-2009 - U.S. doubts U.N. report on possible Israel war crimes Text Reuters

17-Sep-2009 - Meet the Palestinians' Next Leader, Muhammad (Abu al-Mahir) Ghaneim: The Man Who Will Make Comprehensive Peace Impossible Text Barry Rubin

17-Sep-2009 - Goldstone on Gaza Opportunity missed Text Economist

16-Sep-2009 - Report slams B'Tselem Cast Lead figures Gaza war casualties Text Jerusalem Post

16-Sep-2009 - Palestinian witnesses: Hamas used civilians as human shields in Gaza war Text PMW

16-Sep-2009 - Analysis: Goldstone's kangaroo court report Text Jerusalem Post

16-Sep-2009 - A New Arab Strategy: Israel Gives Up Everything, and Then Maybe Gets Something in Exchange. Text Israel Against Terror

15-Sep-2009 - Who is Obstructing Middle East Peace? by Khaled Abu Toameh Text Hudson NY

15-Sep-2009 - Sderot: The World Turns its Back Over 37,000 tons of humanitarian aid delivered to Gaza strip since Cast Lead Text INN

15-Sep-2009 - Israel's analysis and comments on the Gaza Fact-Finding Mission Report Text MFA

14-Sep-2009 - Preserving a legal inheritance: settlement rights in the "Occupied Palestinian Territories" Settlements and World Court ruling Distinguished Anglo-Canandian lawyer Gerald Adler See JC 17/12/09 Text Journal (of the Law Society of Scotland) Online

11-Sep-2009 - Four Left Wing Myths About Israel Text MEPeace

10-Sep-2009 - Settlers to step up fight against building freeze Text Haaretz

10-Sep-2009 - Netanyahu: We won't be 'suckers' "not allow a second "Hamastan" to be created ... that could be used to fire on Ben Gurion Airport Text Jerusalem Post

10-Sep-2009 - Father Patrick Desbois: A priest on a Holocaust mission Holocaust by bullets Text Haaretz

10-Sep-2009 - ôSettler' Medic Treats Arab Who Attacked Her Son with Rocks Text INN

9-Sep-2009 - Two-State Solution — or Potemkin peace Text Jewish Press

9-Sep-2009 - IDF: B'tselem report not based on facts Gaza war casualties Text Jerusalem Post

8-Sep-2009 - Egyptian (and Arab) Hypocrisy Egypt and Gaza blockade Text Hudson

7-Sep-2009 - Settlers: Barak move a mockery No new permits, just allowing completion of exising permits. Text Ynet

7-Sep-2009 - Poll: Israelis more secure TAU War and Peace Index 72% of Israelis say peace with Palestinians is urgent 24% say not Text Ynet

7-Sep-2009 - Poll: Hamas approval rating extremely low Text Jerusalem Post

6-Sep-2009 - Holy City twist: Arabs moving into Jewish areas Text AP

4-Sep-2009 - Palestinians living in Persian Gulf area given 1 month to leave Security reasons Text Jerusalem Post

2-Sep-2009 - the murder of six million Jews and five million other undesirables…is not a human rights issue.” UNRWA Simon Wiesenthal Center Text Simon Wiesenthal Center Back to Israel News Archives Main page: http://zionism-israel.com/IN

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