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Following are samples of the anti-Israel narratives and anti-Israel rhetoric. Though the content is a bit different in each case, the goals are the same:

  • Delegitimize Israel and the Jewish people
  • Establish Palestinian demands as "rights"
  • Establish the pro-Arab worldview - Israel came into being by "ethnic cleansing" of Palestinians and is an illegitimate state
  • The Jewish people do not have a claim on the land, either because there is no such thing as the Jewish people or because the Jews of today are not the legitimate heirs of ancient Judaism.
  • Zionism is variously depicted as a religious movement, or as based on a myth of strict descent of the Jews from Abraham.
  • Zionism is colonialist and inherently evil, rather than being a legitimate national liberation movement.
  • The 1948 war occurred through no fault whatever of the Arab states or the Palestinian Arabs, and was caused by the conspiracy of the Zionists to eliminate the Arabs of Palestine. The "Nakba," the 1948 defeat, explained as the fault of the Zionists, is a key event in the anti-Israel narrative. 

A respectable Journalist: Rami Khoury

Rami Khoury is a respectable journalist who writes for the Daily Star in Lebanon. He is considered a moderate. This article is typical of the most moderate and sophisticated version of the Palestinian narrative. He will not admit outright that his goal is the destruction of the Jewish state, but falsifies history in order to discredit Zionism and make others reach this conclusion.

For an alternative Arab view of the events of 1948, see this article on the Palestinian Nakba.

Note that Khoury uses the formulation "Arab East Jerusalem," a Palestinian propaganda slogan meant to imply that there is a part of Jerusalem that is exclusively Arab.

Take the colonialism out of Zionism
By Rami G. Khouri
Daily Star staff
Wednesday, August 05, 2009


A juxtaposition of several simultaneous events this week indicates just how difficult it is going to be to achieve any meaningful progress in Arab-Israeli peace talks, when the heart of the conflict is land that Israelis and Palestinians both claim as their ancestral patrimony. The four events are the American drive to secure confidence-building measures from the Arabs in return for Israelís freezing of its settlements in occupied Arab lands; Israelís demand that Arabs recognize it as a "Jewish state"; the Israeli governmentís forcible eviction of Arab families from their homes in the Sheikh Jarrah district of Arab East Jerusalem; and the speaker of the Israeli Knesset, Reuven Rivlin, unconvincingly showing that he understands how the creation of Israel in 1948 was such a "trauma" for Palestinians, who were made homeless and forced into exile.

These events simultaneously highlight that ever since 1947-1948, the conflict has been and continues to be defined by Zionist-Jewish ethnic cleansing of Palestinian Arabs that generates sustained Arab resistance. It remains totally in the realm of fantasy to expect the Palestinians and the rest of the Arab world to formally recognize and live with Israel as a "Jewish state" when it evicts dozens of Palestinians from homes they own in East Jerusalem and replaces them with Jewish settlers. Such actions capture the single most sinister aspect of Zionism that Arabs have fought, mostly unsuccessfully, for the past 60 years or more.

Israelis now defy the United States along with the rest of the world in continuing their settlement and colonization of Arab lands occupied in 1967. The Obama administration will soon have to make the choice that has confronted all other recent American leaderships: Does it try to force Israel to comply with international law and United Nations resolutions and live according to rules that all countries are asked to honor? Or, does it succumb to Israeli obstinacy and the threats of the pro-Israel lobby in the US, and instead seek the easier route of demanding more concessions from the Arabs in order to placate Israel?

The problem with demanding more Arab concessions and "confidence-building" measures in order to make Israel feel secure enough to comply with the dictates of law and morality is that this approach has failed consistently. Israel continues to kill, imprison and expel Palestinians, and colonize their land. The Arabs, not surprisingly, no longer will accept to play the fool by making gestures to accept Israel while Israel keeps cleansing Jerusalem of its Arab inhabitants.

The most depressing aspect of all this, going back to the 1940s, is that Israelis refuse to acknowledge that what they see as the miracle of the birth of their state came at the expense of the indigenous population. About half the native Arab population of Palestine was exiled in 1947-1948, and they and their descendants now comprise the 4.5 million refugees who mostly reside in lands adjacent to their ancestral Palestine. Israel refuses to admit any role in the creation of the refugee issue, despite extensive documentation by Israeli, Arab and international historians of Israelís extensive ethnic cleansing campaigns that deliberately drove out or caused over 700,000 Palestinians to flee during the fighting.

Reuven Rivlin this week once again accentuated the Israeli collective blind spot when it comes to acknowledging major responsibility for the dismemberment and exile of the Palestinians. In remarks delivered Monday, according to a Haaretz newspaper account, he called for a fundamental change in relations between Jews and Arabs in Israel, urging the founding of a "true partnership" between the two sectors, based on mutual respect, absolute equality and the addressing of "the special needs and unique character of each of the sides."

In his speech, Rivlin was to say that "the establishment of Israel was accompanied by much pain and suffering and a real trauma for the Palestinians (in large part due to the shortsightedness of the Palestinian leadership). Many of Israelís Arabs, which see themselves as part of the Palestinian population, feel the pain of their brothers across the green line Ė a pain they feel the state of Israel is responsible for."

Thatís it? Rivlin admitted that the wholesale dismemberment, occupation and exile of Arab Palestine was something that "accompanied" the creation of Israel, but he would not admit that the two were causally linked. Native Americans also experienced some trauma when the American colonies were created and expanded into an independent country, but were these two independent and unrelated experiences?

If Israelis really want to coexist with the Arabs, they will have to summon the courage and honesty to admit how Zionism dismembered Arab Palestine in 1947-1948, and Jews everywhere must finally break the ugly bond between Zionism and colonialism.

In other words, if Israel wants to exist in the Middle East, it must acquiesce in the lie that Zionists started the war in 1948 and that the Arab crusade to destroy Israel was legitimate. Of course, once that is admitted, the basis is provided for destroying Israel.

A radical Columbia Professor: Joseph Massad

Joseph Massad was given tenure at Columbia University, presumably because his views about the Jewish question coincide with those of the Columbia Middle East Studies establishment. In this article, he "explains" that peace can only be achieved by dismemberment of Israel and therefore all Israeli peace initiatives are counterfeit.

The basic themes of this article are that any manifestation of Jewish national rights is inherently racist, Israel is a racist state, and the only way to achieve "peace" is to dismember Israel as a Jewish state.

Israel's Right to Be Racist By: Joseph Massad*

Posted on May 5, 2007


Israel's struggle for peace is a sincere one. In fact, Israel desires to live at peace not only with its neighbors, but also and especially with its own Palestinian population, and with Palestinians whose lands it military occupies by force. Israel's desire for peace is not only rhetorical but also substantive and deeply psychological. With few exceptions, prominent Zionist leaders since the inception of colonial Zionism have desired to establish peace with the Palestinians and other Arabs whose lands they slated for colonization and settlement. The only thing Israel has asked for, and continues to ask for in order to end the state of war with the Palestinians and its Arab neighbors, is that all recognize its right to be a racist state that discriminates by law against Palestinians and other Arabs and grants differential legal rights and privileges to its own Jewish citizens and to all other Jews anywhere. The resistance that the Palestinian people and other Arabs have launched against Israel's right to be a racist state is what continues to stand between Israel and the peace for which it has struggled and to which it has been committed for decades. Indeed, this resistance is nothing less than the "New anti-Semitism".

Israel is willing to do anything to convince Palestinians and other Arabs of why it needs and deserves to have the right to be racist. Even at the level of theory, and before it began to realise itself on the ground, the Zionist colonial project sought different means by which it could convince the people whose lands it wanted to steal and against whom it wanted to discriminate to accept as understandable its need to be racist. All it required was that the Palestinians "recognize its right to exist" as a racist state. Military methods were by no means the only persuasive tools available; there were others, including economic and cultural incentives. Zionism from the start offered some Palestinians financial benefits if they would accede to its demand that it should have the right to be racist. Indeed, the State of Israel still does. Many Palestinian officials in the Palestinian Authority and the Palestine Liberation Organization have been offered and have accepted numerous financial incentives to recognize this crucial Israeli need. Those among the Palestinians who regrettably continue to resist are being penalized for their intransigence by economic choking and starvation, supplemented by regular bombardment and raids, as well as international isolation. These persuasive methods, Israel hopes, will finally convince a recalcitrant population to recognize the dire need of Israel to be a racist state. After all, Israeli racism only manifests in its flag, its national anthem, and a bunch of laws that are necessary to safeguard Jewish privilege, including the Law of Return (1950), the Law of Absentee Property (1950), the Law of the State's Property (1951), the Law of Citizenship (1952), the Status Law (1952), the Israel Lands Administration Law (1960), the Construction and Building Law (1965), and the 2002 temporary law banning marriage between Israelis and Palestinians of the occupied territories.

"After all, Israeli racism only manifests in its flag, its national anthem, and a bunch of laws that are necessary to safeguard Jewish privilege"

Let us start with why Israel and Zionism need to ensure that Israel remains a racist state by law and why it deserves to have that right. The rationale is primarily threefold and is based on the following claims.

  1. Jews are always in danger out in the wide world; only in a state that privileges them racially and religiously can they be safe from gentile oppression and can prosper. If Israel removed its racist laws and symbols and became a non-racist democratic state, Jews would cease to be a majority and would be like Diaspora Jews, a minority in a non-Jewish state. These concerns are stated clearly by Israeli leaders individually and collectively. Shimon Peres, for example, the dove of official Israel, has been worried for some time about the Palestinian demographic "danger", as the Green Line, which separates Israel from the West Bank, is beginning to "disappear ... which may lead to the linking of the futures of West Bank Palestinians with Israeli Arabs". He hoped that the arrival of 100,000 Jews in Israel would postpone this demographic "danger" for 10 more years, as ultimately, he stressed, "demography will defeat geography".
  2. In December 2000, the Institute of Policy and Strategy at the Herzliya Interdisciplinary Centre in Israel held its first of a projected series of annual conferences dealing with the strength and security of Israel, especially with regards to maintaining Jewish demographic majority. Israel's president and current and former prime ministers and cabinet ministers were all in attendance. One of the "Main Points" identified in the 52-page conference report is concern over the numbers needed to maintain Jewish demographic and political supremacy of Israel
  3. Jews are carriers of Western civilization and constitute an Asian station defending both Western civilization and economic and political interests against Oriental terrorism and barbarism. If Israel transformed itself into a non-racist state, then its Arab population would undermine the commitment to Western civilization and its defense of the West's economic and political interests, and might perhaps transform Jews themselves into a Levantine barbaric population. Here is how Ben Gurion once put it: "We do not want Israelis to become Arabs. We are in duty bound to fight against the spirit of the Levant, which corrupts individuals and societies, and preserve the authentic Jewish values as they crystallized in the [European] Diaspora." [Ben-Gurion never made any such statement.] Indeed Ben Gurion was clear on the Zionist role of defending these principles: "We are not Arabs, and others measure us by a different standard ... our instruments of war are different from those of the Arabs, and only our instruments can guarantee our victory." More recently, Israel's ambassador to Australia, Naftali Tamir, stressed that: "We are in Asia without the characteristics of Asians. We don't have yellow skin and slanted eyes. Asia is basically the yellow race. Australia and Israel are not -- we are basically the white race."

  4. God has given this land to the Jews and told them to safeguard themselves against gentiles who hate them. To make Israel a non-Jewish state then would run the risk of challenging God Himself. This position is not only upheld by Jewish and Christian fundamentalists, but even by erstwhile secular Zionists (Jews and Christians alike). Ben Gurion himself understood, as does Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, that: "God promised it to us." [Ben Gurion never made any such statement]

It is important to stress that this Zionist rationale is correct on all counts if one accepts the proposition of Jewish exceptionalism. Remember that Zionism and Israel are very careful not to generalize the principles that justify Israel's need to be racist but are rather vehement in upholding it as an exceptional principle. It is not that no other people has been oppressed historically, it is that Jews have been oppressed more. It is not that no other people's cultural and physical existence has been threatened; it is that the Jews' cultural and physical existence is threatened more. This quantitative equation is key to why the world, and especially Palestinians, should recognize that Israel needs and deserves to have the right to be a racist state. If the Palestinians, or anyone else, reject this, then they must be committed to the annihilation of the Jewish people physically and culturally, not to mention that they would be standing against the Judeo-Christian God...


Comment - The article is truncated to ensure we are not violating copyright, and because by now you should have read enough to have understood the underlying principles. The thesis of Massad, a supposedly respectable Columbia University professor, is racist. He misquotes Ben Gurion and attributes to Ben Gurion preposterous sentiments about "God" - considering that Ben Gurion was an agnostic socialist. He certainly never believed that "God" promised the land to the Jews or that that was the reason for Zionism. Ben Gurion warned against the "Levantine mentality" not against Jews becoming Arabs. Massad repeats anti-Semitic shibboleths about Jewish exceptionalism (also known as "exclusivism" "chosen people" etc.). The whole point of Zionism of course, was not that Jews are exceptional, but rather that Jews ought NOT to be exceptional. Jews should be a nation like any other nation, rather than dispersed in the Diaspora to atone for sins real or imagined. Whether or not Naftali Tamir or anyone else ever made a silly and racist statement like the one quoted above, the fact remains that nearly half of Israel's Jews are descendants of refugees from Arab countries, and Israeli Jews including black African Ehtiopians as well. Europe, for that matter, is becoming increasingly Arabized. The demographic problem exists in Israel only if and because Arabs define themselves as enemies of Jewish self determination. The fear is that an Arab majority would turn Israel into just another Diaspora state in which Jews have no national rights.

It is amusing and appalling to see how Massad stands both Zionism and truth on their heads, and serves up a farrago of misquotes, racism and fiction as if they were established facts.

The Vulgar and Frank Version: A Palestinian Facebook Cause

This "cause" spells out the basics of the anti-Israel narrative: Arabs are Semites and therefore cannot be anti-Semitic (a deliberately ignorant misunderstanding of the word <a href="http://www.zionism-israel.com/dic/Anti-Semitism.htm">Anti-Semitism</a>, which was coined by German anti-Semites to refer to Jew hate). The Jews of today are impostors who are not descendants of the ancient Jews and they have no claim on the land.



israel is not a country

This cause does not attack any causes or individuals. Our goal is to reach a peaceful solution. It simply states that "Israel" is presently an Apartheid regime

Donations Go To: THE PALESTINE RIGHT TO RETURN COALITION A 501(c)(3) nonprofit


  1. strongly condemns racism and does not tolerate it.
  2. Criticism of illegitimate Apartheid Israel which has no right to exist, cannot be regarded as anti-Semitc
  3. advocate the peaceful transformation of Palestine into one single, united, peaceful, democratic state from the river to the sea.


Public Advocacy


strongly condemns racism and does not tolerate it. Criticism of illegitimate Apartheid-"Israel", which has no right to exist, cannot be regarded as anti-Semitic, even according to the international working definition of anti-Semitism that was accepted and adopted in 2005.
Furthermore, we would like to educate about the differences between "Zionism" "Judaism" and "Semitic People", which are three very distinct things that are not interchangeable. This is important because "Israelis" accuse people of anti-Semitism every time someone criticizes "Israel," not much unlike the way many call people that criticize Bush's policies anti-American.

The first one is easy; anyone can be a Zionist without being the other two. You can be a Muslim Arab and be Zionist. Many American Evangelical or born again Christians are Zionists.

Jewish but not Zionist: Many Jews, including Rabbis, and religious Jews oppose Zionism and believe that Judaism prohibits it (and it does. Zionism is a secular concept, and there are things in the Old Testament that forbid Zionism See
http://jewsnotzionists.org . Many Jews protest against Zionism and "Israel" all the time, often in NY. Israel is very secular, with only about 5% of its population identifying themselves as religious. Orthodox Jews refuse to serve in the military of the Zionists because of their religious beliefs. Also see: http://www.jewsagainstzionism.com/ It also works the other way too; "Israel" barely tolerates Judaism and its actions go against the beliefs and teaching Judaism.

Jewish but not Semitic: Thirdly, a Semite is "a member of any of various ancient and modern peoples originating in southwestern Asia, including the Akkadians, Canaanites, Phoenicians, Hebrews, and Arabs" (dictionary.com). Arabs are Semites and are descendants of Abraham, unlike most Jews, who are mainly Europeans and Americans. So really, European Zionists who are racist towards Arabs are the ones who are "anti-Semitic". Lets not forget that Judaism began with Moses, not Abraham, and that Muslims and Christians also consider Abraham and Moses as their prophets. In fact, anyone can convert to Judaism and immediately become an "Israeli" citizen, under the law of "return". The utilization of the Star of David on the flag they use is also a tool so that Zionists could accuse opposition of being anti-Semitic. (Note: Zionists have a claimed a monopoly on "anti-semitism", alleging that the person who "coined" it intended it only for them. This is yet another Zionist myth. Anyone with an elementary education knows that adding the prefix "anti-" means "opposing" or "against", which is all this person did to the word "semitic")

80-90% of Jews today are "Ashkenazi " (which is the term for European Jews that are descendants of converts, unrelated to the original tribes of Israel, and speak Yiddish, not Hebrew). 80-90% of all Jews in the world today are not even Semites! In fact, in "Israel" Sefardic and Mizrachi Jews (Arab, Iranian, north African, or middle eastern Jews, for examples), the real Jews of the Torah, are discriminated against heavily in many aspects! Semitic Jews are aware of this fact, and thatís why they don't go to "Israel" (or flee from "Israel") and choose to live in the United States OR EVEN STAY IN OTHER PARTS OF THE MIDDLE EAST over living in the Secular, non-Semitic, European-occupied territory!! Many of the Semitic Jews have been in Palestine for thousands of years, never even left Palestine and resisted & opposed the occupation of the European Zionists. Criticism of "Israel" cannot be regarded as anti-Semitic.
Criticizing "Israel" does not make a person an anti-Semite. This is political propaganda, some of which we have seen the Bush Administration use against Americans that criticize it. If you criticize the war or the administration they call you unpatriotic, un-American, a traitor, a terrorist/terrorist-sympathizer, etc...





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