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Web links

Following is a list of Web sites that provide useful information, reference and advocacy resources about Israel, Judaism and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The list is based primarily on information provided by the United Synagogues of Conservative Judaism. The authors of this handbook have no connection with most of these Web sites and make no recommendations regarding the accuracy or completeness of information in them.



Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Israel MFA YouTube

The Peace Process; Terrorism & Islamic Fundamentalism; Victims of Terror; FAQ - Palestinian Violence; Israel & the UN; FAQs about Israel; Maps of Israel (stills /Flash); Multimedia Ė Real time broadcasts; MFA films online & on YouTube
Israel Knesset Knesset Web site with biographies of major candidates, basic laws and other information.
Israel National Photographic Archive National Photographic Archive site
Prime Minister's Office Updates; Prime Ministers of Israel;


President of the State of Israel The President's Web site.
Israel Defense Forces Current News reports; History of the IDF; Information; Multimedia; life in the IDF;
IDF at YouTube Video documentation on YouTube - IDF in action.
Ministry of Defense Database of Fallen - Hebrew; Separation Fence (English)
Central Bureau of Statistics Bilingual socio-economic and environmental survey data for Israel, English Index
Israeli Embassy, USA News, info ; teacher & kids sections; Culture, speakers bureau, visa information etc. 


Israel Consulate NY News, Aliya, information.
Israel Consulate San Francisco Blogs, Israel in the Bay Cultural events
Israel's 60th Compedia of Israel information articles
Permanent Israel  Mission to the UN Israelís positions on UN-related issues





Jerusalem Post Up to the minute news coverage from Israel; Special supplements & visuals
Haaretz Ė English edition Up to the minute news coverage from Israel
Ynet (Yediot) English edition Current News, Issues, Politics
Israel Broadcasting Authority Hourly radio news broadcast in Hebrew
Kol-Israel radio Twice daily news in English (plus archives)
Channel 1 TV, Israel Broadcasting Authority RealPlayer viewing of daily English TV news broadcasts
Jerusalem Online, Keshet TV VOD news reports from Israel Channel 2 TV evening news in English
Jewish Telegraphic Agency Daily coverage & analysis of News Ė US, Israel, World
Jerusalem Post Radio Service Ongoing magazine
Israel Insider


Daily News magazine: articles, editorials. Security incidents, flash maps & timeline


Israel 21c Innovation news service, videos, blog; Science, Health, Culture, Economy, People, Social Action
Virtual Jerusalem News ,op-eds, media watch, forum




Jaffee Center for Strategic Studies (TAU) Research on issues of Israelís security. Most studies offline.
Stephen Roth Institute of Contemporary Anti-Semitism & Racism (TAU) Yearly surveys of anti-Semitism.
Tami Steinmetz Center for Peace Research (TAU) Polls about peace and government policy with analysis.
MEMRI: Middle East Media & Research Institute Monitors Arab newspapers, speeches, media. Transcripts & video clips. In-depth studies of related issues.
Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs (JCPA) Briefs & viewpoints on current issues
Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies

The Begin-Sadat (BESA) Center for Strategic Studies at Bar Ilan University - seeks to contribute to the advancement of Middle East peace and security by conducting policy-relevant research on strategic subjects.

MERIA Middle East Review of International Affairs at IDC.
Gloria The Global Research in International Affairs (GLORIA) Center, directed by Barry Rubin, is a research center located at the Interdisciplinary Center, Herzliya (IDC). IDC is Israel's first private institution of higher learning.
International Policy Institute for Counter-Terrorism Regular updates, articles & documents on Arab-Israel conflict, international terrorism, counter terrorism
Ariel Center for Policy Research Policy papers, document archive
Vidal Sasson International Center for the Study of Antisemitism (Hebrew University of Jerusalem) Positonn Papers on Anti-Semitism, articles by Director, Prof. Robert Wistrich, conference recordings and archives; article archives from 1993-2007 on Antisemitism, Antisemitism & Israel.
Coordination Forum for Countering Antisemitism Israel state coordinating forum with partners from Israeli government, JAFI, academic/research institutes , Jewish NGOs; collates monitoring info and publishes reports, addresses policies for response; cooperation to counter Anti-Semitism.



Media and Human Rights Monitors

Honest Reporting Grassroots media watchdog to ensure fair media coverage for Israel. Documents and responds on biased reporting; archives; Tips for "letters to the Editor".
Media Central Web site of the Media Central center for hospitality to foreign journalists operated by Honest Reporting - professional services, tours, background information. 
CAMERA (Committee for Accuracy in M.E. Reporting) (Western) Media watchdog. Monitors media bias.
Independent Media Review & Analysis Chronological collection of media reports, polls, interviews & events
Just Journalism UK media monitoring organization.
UN Watch A unique organization that monitors UN performance on Israel issues by the standards of the UN charter and chronicles UN bias against Israel.
NGO Monitor Monitors accountability of UN accredited international and national Human Rights NGOs in the Arab-Israel conflict, their benchmarks, expertise or ideological motivation, money trail, campaigns and their impact on policy.
Palestinian Media Watch Research institute: Monitors official Palestinian Authority media channels, educational materials, cultural events. Reports on fundamental impediments to peace: continuing denial of Israel's right to exist, glorification of terror, historical revision, Islamization of the conflict.

Major Organizations & Lobbies with Israel Resources

American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) Reports, Security Incidents map & timeline (updated weekly), great collection of articles/editorials ( print out?), texts of official documents (US & Israeli)
American Jewish Committee Works to safeguard and strengthen Jews and Jewish life worldwide; combating anti-Semitism, prejudice; promoting Israel's quest for peace and security; energy independence; strengthening Jewish life & young leadership development. Multi-lingual website: online Media Center; briefings on: domestic policy, Middle East, Anti-Semitism, Interfaith, Human Rights.
ADL - Anti-Defamation League - Israel Section

ADL - Israel Advocacy

Advocating for Israel: An Activistís Guide; ME crisis, background articles & reports on Anti-semitism in the Arab world.
Christian Action for Israel Christian activism for Israel including buycott campaigns and similar initiatives. Valuable news and views summary culled from major press sources.
Christians for Fair Witness on the Middle East Mainline Protestant and Catholic Christian group that advocates for fair treatment of Israel in the church and in media.
Christian Embassy Jerusalem, Christian Action for Israel A powerful Christian voice for Israel and Zionism.
Christians United for Israel John Hagee's Christian Israel activism group.
Keren Kayemeth LeIsrael Ė Jewish National Fund Settlement and reforestation in Israel
The Israel Project Major Non-Profit organization dedicated to educating the public and the press about Israel.
Stand With Us; US grass roots pro-Israel activist group. Israel  Provides news, Israel 101, articles; booklets, flyers and posters for rallies; background resources, hot topics; films, briefings for students; Speakers' Bureau; networking; leadership training; Israel promotion; Learn Israel: free  teacher resources.
Department for Zionist Activities, World Zionist Organization Zionist Federation and Dor Hemshech News, Articles, Media Analysis
Department for Jewish Zionist Education, Jewish Agency for Israel Major resource for Compelling Content: Focus Areas; information and programming on Zionism & Israel; Jewish life; Current Issues; resource FAQs.
Hagshama Department, World Zionist Organization Major collections on Zionism (with original texts); Media; Terrorism; Israel and Peace Process for student activism and Magshimim movements; tours of Israel (Birthright Israel) for student leadership and groups; Masa programs for students.
World Jewish Congress Anti-Semitism updates; Policy & Analysis reports on Jewish and Israel issues
Zionist Organization of America Major right of center Zionist advocacy organization.

Other Advocacy/Educational Resources

Aish Hatorah Large site with Israel advocacy, Judaism and other resources
Beyond Images Offers facts and user-friendly resources to empower people to argue Israelís case in an informed and coherent way and explain the context for Israelís actions.
BlueStarPR Israel advocacy group that creates posters and postcards to promote Israel and Zionism; materials can be downloaded and reprinted
Connections Israel

Provides educational hands on projects to Jewish communities, schools, synagogues and camps around the world that enable participants to show support for various populations and places in Israel.

One section of the Web site includes lessons & personal stories on: IDF, Yizkor, Sderot

David Project Jewish leadership foundation offers development and in-service training for teachers, eg Israel in Jewish identity curricula for Jewish day schools, online teacher guides, activism resources, Speakers' Bureau. Also involved in activism.
Engage Socialists, liberals, trade unionists and academics who support the right of Israel to exist as well as peace. Supports those who fight for peace and against racism within both nations; aims to offer arguments and facts to counter the propaganda of the boycott campaign.
Israel-Palestina.info Dutch and English Web site with valuable historical articles as well as Israel advocacy.
Israeli-Palestinian Procon An intentionally balanced presentation of issues and points of view about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, that is very valuable for understanding the perspective of the other side.
IRIS: Information Regarding Israelís Security Independent, self-proclaimed "right of center slant" on Israel's security; Section on "Is Israel giving too much?", with maps. PLO Charter.
Jewish Virtual Library (American-Israeli Cooperative Enterprise) "Myths and Facts Online - A Guide to the Arab-Israeli Conflict", incl. current controversies. History of peace process; Israel & the UN, Israel and the USA.
MidEastWeb for Coexistence Balanced history, documents, reference, maps and moderate advocacy for peace and coexistence.
Middle East Facts Pro-Israel presentation of Middle East history and issues.
My Jewish Learning History, references and resources about Judaism geared to young people.
Peace with Realism A gem of a Web site with advocacy articles providing a unique, clear moderate perspective.
Palestine Facts Israeli and Palestinian history and issues from a Zionist perspective.
The MediaLine Non-profit news organization established to enhance and balance media coverage in the Middle East, promote independent reporting in the region, and break down barriers to understanding in the Arab and Israeli journalism communities. Audio, video, text.
Zionism on the Web Essays and Analysis on Zionism, Advocacy and Web 2.0 tools in anti-Israel media
Zionism-Israel News, Views, timelines, advocacy materials (including this handbook!) reference encyclopedia, extensive source documents and maps about Zionism and Israel.




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