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Middle East: Torture

Torture in the Middle East


Syria - The security agencies, which operate independently of the judiciary, routinely extract confessions by torturing suspects and detaining their family members. There were scores of credible reports of torture in 2007. After release from prison, political activists are routinely monitored and harassed by security services. The Syrian Human Rights Committee has reported that hundreds of government  informants are rewarded for or coerced into writing reports on relatives, friends, and associates who are suspected of involvement in “antiregime” activities. ref

Iran Torture Victim ref

Iran - Student activists told Human Rights Watch about physical torture experienced at the hands of plainclothes security and intelligence agents. The report documents cases of beatings, long confinement in contorted positions, kicking detainees with military boots, hanging detainees by the arms and legs, and threats of execution if individuals refused to confess. ref

"It is useless to say something is "law: in the Islamic Republic of Iran. If the violations of the human rights and denial of the fundamental rights are envisaged in the "laws" passed by the Majles, then what is the use of "the rule of law"? " ref

"...Other forms of Tazir in Iran are: fastening the person to an iron bed and lashing in the sole of a foot, lashing the back of a person, beating with a piece of thick wire called "Cable", hanging upside down. One of the favorite Tazirs of the disciplinary forces is called "Chicken Kebab". They fasten the person to a pole and turn and beat the person on the soles and the back at the same time. ref

Egypt - Torture in Egypt is widespread and systematic. Security forces and the police routinely torture or ill-treat detainees, particularly during interrogation. In his January 2001 report to the Commission on Human Rights, the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Torture cited thirty-two cases of death in custody, apparently as a result of torture, occurring between 1997 and 1999. Confessions extracted under torture are commonly used as evidence in political trials and form the basis for convictions. ref

Saudi Arabia - On May 23 2007, religious police allegedly beat to death 28‑year‑old Suleiman al-Huraisi who was detained for the possession and sale of alcohol. On June 1, 2007 a member of the religious police reportedly arrested Ahmad al-Bulawi in Tabuk on suspicion of being in "illegal seclusion" with an unrelated woman. An autopsy revealed he had been beaten on his face before dying at the religious police center. During the week of August 5, 2007 a Bangladeshi man died in Medina while in the custody of the religious police. They arrested him for allegedly washing a car while he should have been attending prayers. The head of the religious police, Ibrahim al-Gaith, claimed that the man had fainted and that there were no signs of assault. ref

Torture is a known practice in Saudi prisons.  Once apprehended, a person may be held incommunicado and subjected to torture, commonly used to extract confessions that are presented in court as conclusive evidence of the detained person's guilt.  In addition to prison torture, Saudi authorities regularly implement their version of Shari'a punishments: flogging, amputation, and beheading are inflicted on both men and women.  In almost all such cases, the accused do not get due process of law, and foreigners in particular are at the mercy of Saudi police. ref 





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Middle East Torture