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Palestine and Middle East Quiz

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Palestine and Middle East Quiz

Your success in answering these questions will tell you if your opinions about the Middle East and Palestine are based on factual knowledge or misconceptions.

1. The area of Israel is:

a. Larger than that of France (640,294 Sq km; 247,219 Sq. miles);
b. About the size of France;
c. Much larger than Jordan;
d. Much smaller than Egypt, Iran, Jordan or France; smaller than New Jersey in fact;
e. Larger than Iran.


2. The world's Jewish population:

a. Exceeds 20% of the world population;

b. Is much less than 1% of the world population - about 15 million or less;

c. Is larger than the population of Iran;

d. Is greater than the population of California;

e.  Is about the size of the world Muslim population.


3. The League of Nations Mandate for Palestine was an act of international law. It pledged to:


a. Turn Palestine into a national home for the Jewish people;

b. Turn Palestine into a national home for Palestinian Arabs that lived there;

c. Turn Palestine into an Islamic Republic;

d. Turn Palestine into a secular democratic state;

e. Hold a plebiscite on the future of Palestine.


4. 19th century travelers to Palestine such as Mark Twain, reported:

a. A thriving and advanced community, where Arabs and Jews lived in peace and harmony, enjoying the benefits of Ottoman rule.

b. An impoverished and depopulated arid wasteland.

c. A large and thriving Jewish community;

d. A thriving Muslim province;

e. A place like any other.


5. The Palestinian Arabs claim to be:

a. Descendants of the biblical Philistines;

b. Descendants of the Semitic Canaanite tribes;

c, Descendants of early Christians

d. An integral part of the Arab nation, and descendants of Arab invaders.

e, all of the above.


6. The historic capital of independent Palestine was:

a. Jerusalem al Quds;

b. Ramallah;

c. Nablus;

d. Al Khalil;

e. There was never an independent Palestinian state.


7. Which is true of land ownership laws?

a. A Christian can buy land and live in Mecca, Saudi Arabia;

b. Arabs cannot own land in Israel;

c. Sale of land to Israelis is punishable by the death penalty in lands under Palestinian Authority  jurisdiction;

d. Muslims cannot register land in Israel;

e. Only the Jewish National Fund can own land in Israel.


8. Who said: “There is no such country [as Palestine]! ‘Palestine’ is a term the Zionists invented! There is no Palestine in the Bible. ‘Palestine’ is alien to us.” ?
a. Golda Meir, Prime Minister of Israel, in a speech to the American Zionist Organization, 1972;
b. Moshe Dayan, Minister of Defense of Israel and former Chief of Staff of the Israel Defense Forces, addressing the General Staff, 1968;
c. Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel, in his election victory speech, 1996;
d. Auni Bey Abdul-Hadi, a local Arab leader, addressing the British Peel Commission, 1937;
e. Abba Eban, Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations, in a speech in 1981.

9. The infant mortality rate among  Israeli Arabs ("Israeli Palestinians") is:
a. Slightly less than that in oil-rich Qatar, less than half that in Saudi Arabia;
b. The highest in the Middle East;
c. Higher than it was when the British controlled Palestine Before 1948;
d. Higher than in the Palestinian territories;
e. The highest in the world;

10. The FATAH was founded:

a. At the end of the 19th century, to work for a national home for the Palestinian Arabs, secured in international law;
b. Before 1967, to liberate Palestine from the Zionists by armed struggle;
c. To establish a secular democratic state by non-violent resistance;
d. As a Palestinian social club;
e. In April, 1968, to resist the Zionist occupation.


The answer key and explanations for the Palestine Middle-East Quiz I



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The answer key and explanations for the Palestine Middle-East Quiz



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