Fairness and Accuracy Policy
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Fairness and accuracy policy


Zionism-Israel Center is an advocacy Web site for the cause of Jewish self-determination. It is run by volunteers who are not affiliated with any Israel government agency.  (See also: About Zionism & Israel Center )

We believe that the truth is the most convincing way of presenting our case and the best way of overcoming disinformation. We make every effort to verify the accuracy of our materials. We do not disseminate rumors and hoaxes as if they are facts. If an assertion looks questionable, we double check with independent sources.

Unlike the case for commercial newspapers, at ZIIC this policy extends to assertions made in "opinion" articles as well. We will not publish an article if it makes factual assertions that we know are incorrect, without a disclaimer, unless we are citing "bad examples" and publishing materials to refute them. In that case, the context is made clear.

If you find errors or omissions in our materials, please do not hesitate to contact us:

or use the following address in your e-mail program:

zio-web-owner(at)yahoogroups.com [replace (at) with "@"]


We never publish articles without attribution and a link when there is a working Web site with the same material. The exception is hate Web sites, which are cited with a non-live URL. We never take materials that have not been published elsewhere in several places on the Web without asking permission.

We expect the same from others. All materials at this Web site may be emailed to others provided you give the author and the URL of the article. Likewise, you are free to print them out, citing the source, for educational purposes. You can also use materials marked "public domain" as you see fit. Of course, we encourage you to cite our materials in your blogs and Web sites, quote from them and link to them. Materials marked "copyright" at this Web site must not be reproduced in any other form without permission. Do not copy whole pages to your Web site without permission.



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