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Knesset Yisrael


Knesset Yisrael (Hebrew, literally "gathering of Israel")  means:

1- The Israeli parliament, generally referred to as "Haknesset" - the Knesset. See Knesset.

2- The name given to the Jews who participated in election of the body that governed and represented the Yishuv (Jewish community in Palestine) between 1920 and 1948, when it was formally replaced by the Knesset of the state of Israel.

3- In rabbinical writings, the entire nation or community of Israel, based on Talmudic usage.

This article is about the Jews of mandatory Palestine who participated in electing their semi-autonomous government in Palestine under the British  Mandate.

Knesset Yisrael was established in 1920  as the internal governing entity of the Jewish Yishuv. It included all Jewish members of the Yishuv except the ultraorthodox, and comprised two bodies: the Aseifat Nivharim (Elected Assembly or Assembly of Representatives) and the Vaad Leumi chosen from it. Lord Herbert Samuel, the first Palestine High Commissioner,  granted informal recognition to these bodies in a letter, but it was not until 1928 that  the Aseyfat Nivharim and Va'ad Hayishuv  received limited recognition from the British Mandate government under Lord Plummer. The British were unwilling to concede rights of autonomous government to the Jewish community. Knesset Yisrael. The formal establishment of Knesset Yisrael and the other bodies.   was based on the 1926 mandatory law regarding religious communities. It had formal oversight of the rabbinate and of local governing councils, and over social legislation and education.

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Hebrew/Arabic pronunciation and transliteration conventions:

'H - ('het) a guttural sound made deep in the throat. To Western ears it may sound like the "ch" in loch. In Arabic there are several letters that have similar sounds. Examples: 'hanukah, 'hamas, 'haredi. Formerly, this sound was often represented by ch, especially in German transliterations of Hebrew. Thus, 'hanukah is often rendered as Chanuka for example.

ch - ((chaf) a sound like "ch" in loch or the Russian Kh as in Khruschev or German Ach, made by putting the tongue against the roof of the mouth. In Hebrew, a chaf can never occur at the beginning of a word. At the beginning of a word, it has a dot in it and is pronounced "Kaf."

u - usually between oo as in spoon and u as in put.

a- sounded like a in arm

ah- used to represent an a sound made by the letter hey at the end of a word. It is the same sound as a. Haganah and Hagana are alternative acceptable transliterations.

'a-notation used for Hebrew and Arabic ayin, a guttural ah sound.

o - close to the French o as in homme.

th - (taf without a dot) - Th was formerly used to transliterate the Hebrew taf sound for taf without a dot. However in modern Hebrew there is no detectable difference in standard pronunciation of taf with or without a dot, and therefore Histadruth and Histadrut, Rehovoth and Rehovot are all acceptable.

q- (quf) - In transliteration of Hebrew and Arabic, it is best to consistently use the letter q for the quf, to avoid confusion with similar sounding words that might be spelled with a kaf, which should be transliterated as K. Thus, Hatiqva is preferable to Hatikva for example.

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