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Caution - Dog in the Yard

Caution - Dog in the Yard Zeh hi root' - Keh' lehv Bah 'hah tsehr'  

Remember - Hebrew is read Right to Left


Vocabulary   אוצר מילים

Meaning Pronunciation Hebrew
Dog (male) Keh' lehv כלב
Caution Zeh hee root' זהירות
Yard 'Hah tsehr' חצר
In Beh ב
In the Bah ב

Extended Vocabulary

Dog (female) (bitch Kahl bah' כלבה
Dogs (any sex) Klah veem' כלבים
Dogs (female) Kahl boht' כלבות
Rabies Kah leh' vet


Cautious (masc. singular) Zah heer'


Be Cautious Hee zah hehr'




In - ב - is a useful letter. At the start of a word, it means "In," It is usually  pronounced "Beh." בישראל means "In Israel": Beh Yees rah ehl'.  בשלום means "in Peace: Beh Shalom. בחצר, pronounced "Beh 'Hah tsehr' means "in a yard." More about this here: Hebrew ABC for Dummies-1

The - ה - is another very useful letter. At the start of a word it means "the." It is usually pronounced "Hah." המדינה means "The State": Ha Meh dee nah'. הארץ means The country:  Hah ah rets' - הארץ is the name of an Israeli newspaper. More about this here: Hebrew ABC for Dummies 2

In the - When we want to say "in the" in Hebrew, we write "ב". We say "Bah" - ב  + ה.  So - בחצר means "In the yard" - Bah  'Hah Tsehr.' More about this here: Hebrew ABC for Dummies 2

Plurals are usually formed by adding ים (eem) to form masculine plurals or ות (oht) to form feminine plurals. For many words like כלב the plural form is irregular - the sounding of the word itself changes. For others, it does not.

Feminine nouns can often (not always) be identified because they end in ה and have an "ah" sound.

Word Roots - Semitic words are usually formed from three letter words. The same root can be an adjective, a noun or a verb.

להזהר- to be cautious (Le Hee zah hehr') (verb infinitive)

הזהר - Be Cautious! (verb command)

זהירות -  (Caution - usually a noun. Can be used as a command).

זהיר - Zah heer' - Cautious (masculine adjective)

נזהר- Neez hahr' - is cautious, takes precautions.

Some Masculine Plurals

Hammer Pah teesh'


Hammers Pah tee shim'



Donkey 'Hah mohr'


Donkeys 'Hah mohr rem'



Cat 'Hah tool'


Cats 'Hah too lim'



Yard 'Hah tsehr'


Yards 'Hah tseh reem'



Boy Yeh' lehd


Boys Yeh lah dim'



Some Feminine Plurals

Cat (female) 'Hah too lah'


Cats 'Hah too loht'



Meal Ah roo 'hah


Meals Ah roo 'hoht'



Flame Leh hah vah'


Flames Leh hah voht'



Row Shoo rah'


Rows Shoo roht'


Some Irregular Plurals:


One Time, an instance, Pah ahm


Many Times Pah ah meem'


פעם is a feminine noun with a masculine plural ending.

Banana Bah nah' nah


Bananas Bah nah noht'


בננה is a masculine noun with a feminine plural ending!

Woman Eeh shah'


Women Nah sheem'


Plural Verbs and Adjectives

Plural Verbs and adjectives have the same properties as plural nouns - "eem" for masculine, "oht" for feminine:

הוא אוכל - He is eating. (Hooh Oh khehl')

היא אוכלת - She is eating (Hee  Oh khel' eht)

אנחנו אוכלים- We are eating (Anachnu Ohkh leem')

 הכלבות אוכלות - The dogs are eating (Ha Kahl boht' Okh loht')

כלב גדול - Big dog (Keh lev' Gah dohl')

כלבים גדולים - Big dogs (Klah veem' Gdoh leem')

כלבה גדולה Big Dog (f.) also - "quite a bitch." (Kahl bah' Gdoh lah')

כלבות גדולות - Big dogs (feminine) (Kahl boht Gdoh loht')


פעם אחת - One time (Pah' ahm Ah khat')

פעמים רבות - Many Times (Peh ah meem' Rah bot')

בננה טוב - Good banana (Bah nah' nah Tov)

בננות טובים - Good Bananas (Bah nah not' Tohv oht')


Hebrew number gender is confusing. Most numbers that modify masculine objects end in an "ah" sound. The feminine numbers do not end in "heh." Feminine numbers are used for numbering and counting of money. That means that either feminine or masculine number construction can be used for שקלים (shkah leem') - the israeli currency.

שלוש ילדות (Shah lohsh' Yeh lah dot') - three girls

שלושה ילדים (Shloh shah' Yeh lah deem') - three boys.

ארבעה בנים (Ahr bah ah' Bah neem') - Four sons.

ארבע בנות - (Ahr bah' ah' Bah noht') - Four daughters.

ארבע שקלים- (Ahr bah' Shkah leem') - Four Shekels.

ארבעה שקלים - (Ahr bah' ah'  Shkah leem') - Four Shekels.


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