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Hebrew Alphabet for Dummies 2

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Warning - be sure to read and learn THIS page first:
Hebrew alphabet for dummies 1

You should know these letters now

א ב ג ד ה 

If you do not recognize any one of those letters, go back for review: Hebrew alphabet for dummies 1

Here are some new letters:

ז ט י ל ס  

In cursive script


ז "Zayin' - A "Z"
ט "Tet" - A "T"
י "Yud" A "Y." Also serves as the vowel "i" sometimes. When used in the middle or end of a word,י  usually signals the sound of "ee."

י can be added to the end of a noun to show that the object belongs to the speaker - meaning "mine" or "me"

ל "Lamed" - an "L." ל  also means "to" when used at the beginning of a word. It is then usually pronounced "leh." It can also combine with ה (the) in which case it is usually pronounced "lah."  ל is also used to make the infinitive for Hebrew words.
ס "Samech" - an "S"

Some new words and review with the new letters and letters you know:

Meaning   Pronunciation Hebrew




Towards "Ehl" אל

Gas - (Propane, Methane, Natural Gas - anything in a gaseous state - not gasoline.)



Gad - a name of a tribe and a man's name. "Gahd" גד
Hand "Yahd" יד
In me "Bee" בי




Heart "Leh" לב
My back "Gah bi' " גבי
Boy "Yeh' lehd" ילד
Dew Tahl טל
Before you go on, be sure to write out all the above words and say them out loud.
The lamed used in that font is too fancy by half, isn't it? Here's some practice with a simpler cursive lamed:
If you know all the letters, you are ready to go on to Hebrew Alphabet for Dummies 3
If you want more practice or more vocabulary with these letters, go to Advanced Alphabet Review 2

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