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Hebrew Alphabet for Dummies 3

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You should know these letters now

    א ב ג ד ה ? ז ? ט י ? ל ?? ס ?...

If you do not recognize any one of those letters, go back for review: Hebrew alphabet for dummies 1 and Hebrew Alphabet for Dummies 2

Here are some new letters:

   ע ק ר ת

In cursive script:

ע "Ayin'" - ע  is SUPPOSED to be pronounced from way back in your throat. Most people, especially non-native Hebrew speakers from the West, sound it the same way as Aleph - depending on what vowel is supposed to be beneath it or what vowel or consonant follows it. It is most often "Ah." 
ק "Kuf" - This is SUPPOSED to be a Q with a click sound, but everyone sounds it like "K."
ר "Resh" - Like a French "R" as in "Republic Francais" - Lift the back of your tongue and vibrate it. Do not make this sound with the front of your tongue. It is not an English "R."
ת "Taf" - a "T." It is also used for "Th." If there is no dot in the ת a native Jew of Yemen might pronounce it about like "th."

Some new words and review with the new letters and letters you know:

Meaning   Pronunciation Hebrew
On, above "Ahl"


Daughter "Baht" בת
House "Bahyit" בית
Fence "Gahdehr" גדר
Quarreled (masculine singular) "Rahv" רב
Bouquet of flowers "Zehr" זר
Olive "Zahyit" זית
Mountain "hahr" הר
Much, Many "Hahr beh' " הרבה
Religion "Daht" דת
Opinion of..., "Dahaht" דעת
Hebrew "Eev reet' " עברית
Aliyah - immigration to Israel "Ahliyah" עליה


Ready to move on?
If you know all the letters and can read a bit, you are ready to go on to Hebrew Alphabet for Dummies 4

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