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Hebrew Alphabet for Dummies 4

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You should know these letters now

    א ב ג ד ה ? ז ? ט י ? ל ? ? ס ע ? ? ק ר? ת

If you do not recognize any one of those letters, go back for review: Hebrew alphabet for Dummies 1Hebrew Alphabet for Dummies 2 and  Hebrew Alphabet for Dummies 3

We're done with the easiest letters. Now its time for some heavier lifting. Here are some new letters:

   מ נ פ צ

In cursive script:

 These letters change their form at the end of the word

ם ן ף ץ

In cursive script:

מ Mem' -  English letter M.  מ at the start of a word means from.
נ Nun - English letter N.
פ Phay - English letter P AND Greek letter Phi. At the beginning of a word or syllable, like ב  the פ is hard sounded like P. Otherwise it is usually like ph.
צ Tsadi - Ts sound. There is no equivalent English letter.

Some new words and review with the new letters and letters you know:

Meaning   Pronunciation Hebrew
Pretty, Beautiful (feminine) Yah Fah'  יפה
I Ah Nee'  אני
Bitter Mahr


River Nah har'  נהר
Narrow, Besieges, Attacks, Enemy Tsahr צר
Cricket Tsahr Tsahr צרצר
Bull Pahr פר
Garden (also Kindergarten) Gahn גן
Buzzer Zahm Zahm' זמזם
Tree, Wood Ehts עץ
Float Tsaf צף
Who? Mee מי
Nose Ahf אף
What? Mah מה
Why? Lah' mah למה
There is not (any) Ehyn אין
Right (side) Yeh meen' ימין
Before you go on, be sure to write out all the above words and say them out loud.
Ready to move on?
If you know all the letters and can read a bit, you are ready to go on to Hebrew Alphabet for Dummies 5

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