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Hebrew Alphabet for Dummies 4- Advanced

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This page provides additional practice and advanced discussion for the letters you should have learned in Hebrew for Dummies - Lesson 4. If you need practice saying or reading the letters - go back to lesson 4 first.

An Exception

Remember that we said that פ is always sounded as P at the beginning of a word or syllable? Not always. An exception occurs for foreign borrow words that begin in F or Ph or end in P. There the פ is sounded as it is pronounced in the foreign word (examples - Hebrew words for Co-op and Photo). These words are spelled with a vav - a letter you may not have learned yet (see Hebrew Alphabet for Dummies 6) פוטו  and קו-אופ 

Some new words and review with the new letters and letters you know:

Meaning   Pronunciation Hebrew
Glance Mah baht' מבט
Pretty, Beautiful (feminine) Yah Fah'  יפה
Yaffa (woman's name) Yah' Fah  יפה
Handsome, Beautiful (masculine) Yah Feh'  יפה
Me, I Ah Nee'  אני
Poor Ah Nee' עני
Bitter Mahr


Mr. (title) Mahr מר
Righteous Tsadik צדיק
Youth (boy) Nah' ahr נער
River Nah har'  נהר
Side, Hunt Tsahd צד
Narrow, Besieges, Attacks, Enemy Tsahr צר
Cricket Tsahr Tsahr צרצר
Trouble, Narrow (female object) Tsah rah' צרה
Bull Pahr פר
Butterfly Pahr Pahr' פרפר
Cow Pah Rah'  פרה
Strip, Stripe Pahs פס
Computer Display (monitor) Tsahg צג
garden Gahn גן
Dan (man's name) (also, present singular of verb to judge) Dan דן
Buzzer Zahm Zahm' זמזם
Tree, Wood Ehts עץ
Peek, Comes up (arises) Tahts צץ
Letter Nun Noon נון
Letter Mem Mehm מם
Drug Sahm סם
Tax Mahs מס
Float Tsaf צף
Who? Mee מי
Sex, Type, Species Meen מין
From Meen מן
Napped (masculine singular 3d person) Nim Nem' נמנם
Clutch (of automobile) Mahts Mehd'  מצמד
Runs (Male singular) Rah' ts רץ
Flies (verb - for birds or superman, singular masculine) Ahf עף
Nose Ahf אף
Not even one Ahf אף
Water Mah' yim מים
Energy Mehr ehts'


Juice Meets מיץ
With Eem עם
Nation, People Ahm עם
Also, too Gahm גם
Finished Gah' mahr' גמר
From the other side of Meh ehv' ehr מעבר
Passage Mah ahv ahr' מעבר
Play (instrument) (command) Nah gen'  נגן
Plays (instrument) (Masculine Singular) Meh nah gen' מנגן
Melody Mahn gee nah'  מנגינה
Plays (Feminine Singular Meh nah gehn' eht מנגנת
Against Neh' gehd נגד
Resistor Nah gahd'  נגד
Carpenter Nah gahr'  נגר
Touch Mah Gah'  מגע
(he) Touched Nah Gah'  נגע
Revolt Mehred מרד
Thunder Rah' ahm רעם
Anger Zah' ahm זעם
What? Mah מה
Why? Lam ah למה
There is not (any) Ehyn אין
Eye Ah' yeen עין
Well (water source), Spring Mah ah yan'  מעין
Where Ay' foh איפה
Tired Ah yehf'  עייף
Right (side) Yeh meen' ימין
Police Mish tah rah' משטרה
Please Nah נא
Raw, Moving Nah נע
If Eem אם
Mother (Mommy) ee mah' אמא
Mother Ehm אם
Photograph ("Photo") foh' toh פוטו
Cooperative ("Co-op") koh ohp' קו-אופ
Camera Mahts leh mah' מצלמה
Similar words with different meaning and sometimes different spelling
Meaning   Pronunciation Hebrew
Against Neh' gehd נגד
Resistor Nah gahd'  נגד
If Eem אם
With Eem עם
Nation, People Ahm עם
Mother Ehm אם
Flies (verb - for birds or superman, singular masculine) Ahf עף
Nose Ahf אף
Not even one Ahf אף
Bitter Mahr


Mr. (title) Mahr מר
I Ah Nee'  אני
Poor Ah Nee' עני


Sentences and phrases:

מאיפה אתה בא? Where are you coming from

מי מנגן ? Who is playing

מי עייף ? Who is tired

מה זה? What is this

מי עני ? Who is poor

מי זה ? Who is this

מי גמר? Who finished

למה אני עני? Why am I poor

אין מיץ. There is no juice

Before you go on, be sure to write out all the above words and say them out loud.
Here is some cursive script practice with these letters and words:
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