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Hebrew Alphabet for Dummies 7

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Can't see Hebrew below ? Click here.

You should know these letters now: 

    א ב ג ד ה  ו ז ? ט י ? ל מ ם נ ן ס ע פ ף צ ץ ק ר ש ת

If you do not recognize any one of those letters, go back for review: Hebrew alphabet for Dummies 1Hebrew Alphabet for Dummies 2 and  Hebrew Alphabet for Dummies 3, Hebrew Alphabet for Dummies 4  and Hebrew Alphabet for Dummies 5  Hebrew Alphabet for Dummies 6  

The last two letters:  ח כ 

The כ has a different form as a final letter: ך

As cursive script letters: 

These letters have sounds that you may find it difficult to make. Listen to the audio and think of examples you may have heard on the news or elsewhere.

ח The 'het is supposed to be sounded way back in the throat by raising the deepest part of the tongue. We use 'h to signify this sound. ח is the first letter of some words with which you may be familiar in Hebrew and Arabic.: 'Hamas (not "Huh mass") 'Hezbollah, 'Hanukah (the holiday of Hanukka (חנוכה ) and 'havehr (חבר) which means "friend." Click here to hear an example audio. The word is 'havehr (חבר) - friend.
כ Kaf - At the beginning of a word or syllable, the כ is sounded as K.

Khaf - At then end of a word or syllable, the כ is sounded about as "ch" in "Loch." To make the sound, lift the back of your tongue so it practically touches the roof of your mouth and force air through it. The sound is harsher than 'het.  Click for an example audio. The words are Kah Kha Ka Kha - "so - so."

 Some new words and review with the new letters and letters you know:

Meaning   Pronunciation Hebrew
All kohl כל
Sand 'hol חול
Yes ken כן
Goes hoh lekh' הולך
Friend 'hah ver' חבר
Hot 'hahm חם
Alive 'hai חי
Life 'hah yim' חיים
Because Kee כי

כי sounds just about like Key.

When you say חי it should almost rhyme with "Hi" - but it should not sound like it!

Before you go on, be sure to write out all the above words and say them out loud.
If you have completed these lessons, you know every letter in the Hebrew alphabet:
א ב ג ד ה  ו ז ח ט י כ ך ל מ ם נ ן ס ע פ ף צ ץ ק ר ש ת

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