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Hebrew Alphabet for Dummies Review 1 - MORE

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Warning - be sure to read and learn THIS page first:
Hebrew alphabet for dummies 1 and also this page:  Review the words you learned in Hebrew for Dummies I

You should know these letters now

א ב ג ד ה 

Some more things you ought to know about the letter ה:

1. At the end of a word, ה can signal that the word is masculine

סוסה- (Soo Sah') - a female סוס (horse).

2. At the end of a word that signifies a place, ה can be used to me "to:"

בית - House, home; הביתה - HaBayitah - Homeword

Eretz - land (of Israel); ארצה - to Israel (Ahr' tsah).

ירושלים - Jerusalem; ירושלימה- (Yeh roo shah lah yim ah') - to Jerusalem.

3. ה הידיעה - The "Heh" that signifies the definite article, is sounded as "Heh" before some letters and sounds. For example "He 'Hah dahsh' - the new.

4. ה can also be an interrogative sign, asking a question at the start of a sentence, especially in biblical Hebrew:

השומר אחי אנוכי? Am I my brother's keeper

(Hah shoh mehr' Ah 'hee' Ah no khi')

הרצחת וגם ירשת? Have you murdered and inherited too

(Hah Rah tsah'h' tah veh gahm ya rash' tah)

Some new words and review with the letters you know:

Meaning   Pronunciation Hebrew

Lost - (past tense singular masculine of "Lose")  "I/you/he/lost"

"Ah Vahd' "


Loss - A lost object - like a lost suitcase or wallet for example

"Ah vey dah' "


Love - (also she liked or she loved ) "Ah ha vah' " אהבה


"Beh' ged"


In the (West)  Bank.

"Bah gah dah'


She betrayed

"Bahg dah'"


The lost object

"Ha ah vey dah' "


The bear

"Hah Dov"


The fish

"Hah Dag"


The garment

"Hah Beged"


In the fish

"Bah Dag"


In the bear

"Bah Dov"



 הדב הגאה בא The proud bear is coming

. Say the words out loud and write them out - in cursive script too if you can.
If you know these letters and words, you can go on to: Hebrew Alphabet for Dummies 2

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