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Hebrew Mystery Words

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Two Hebrew mystery words. These are REAL words, no kidding -- taken from foreign languages.

There are 43,000 entries for this word in Google. By all the laws of Hebrew pronunciation, it should be read (right to left) "Pee-behr'- Gahls". The word is (ready for this?) "Fiberglass" - In Hebrew - "Feebehrglahs." 

If you know a bit of Hebrew you might think this is the plural form of "Pahsbadohn" - One Pahsbahdon, many Pashbahdonim, right? OK, but what's a Pahsbadohn? Nothing. The word is pronounced "Psehv'donim" and the spelling is a tribute to the contrary nature and ingenuity of whoever decides spelling for foreign words. In English, it means "Pseudonym." It was apparently borrowed from some Slavic language where Pseudo is rendered as "Psevdo." There is also this:


 It is pronounced "Psevdonimi." It means "pseudonymous" - you knew that, didn't you? These is a good Hebrew expression (two words) for pseudonym - - "Shem Badui" - a made-up name.

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