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Reading Hebrew Signs

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Here is some wording you may see on signs in Israel, and the meaning. You may find this useful for learning to read Hebrew  and occasionally entertaining and surprising. Practice reading the text out loud. Each sign has a page associated with it that explains the words and the grammar behind them and may give you practice with reading and understanding similar words. You can learn a lot from 1 sign!

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שלטים ישראליים

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Caution - Dog in the Yard Zeh hi rut' - Ke' lev Ba 'ha tsehr'  
Mines. Be Cautious! Mohq sheem' -

Hih Zah Hehr.

New driver Nah hag 'Hah dahsh'   new driver - Hebrew
New driver (female) Nah heh get' 'Ha dah shah'  
It is forbidden to smoke

(No Smoking)

Ah soor' leh ah shen'   Hebrew no Smoking sign
Welcome (plural) Broo khim'

Hah ba eem'

  welcome sign - hebrew
Exit Yeh tsee ah'   Hebrew exit Sign

It is forbidden

To smoke


Ah soor'

Leh ah shehn'

  Gas No Smoking Sign
Fire Door

Keep closed

Deh' let


To the shelter Lah Mee klaht'  


Yeh tsee aht'

'Hey room


Border Before You

Ah tsohr'

Gvul Leh fah neh' Kha

Hospital Beit
School Beit Seh' fehr  
Danger Electricity Sah kah Nah'


Danger! Landslide Sah kah mah' Ma poh' leht  
Caution - Camels near the road Zeh hi rut' - Gmah lim'
Beh keer vat'
Hah deh rekh'
Animal clinic Meer pah ah'

Leh 'Hah yoht'

Ba yeet'

Main electric panel Loo' a'h


Rah shee'


Vocabulary   אוצר מילים



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