Palestine Post Bombing - 1948

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The Palestine Post bombing of February 1, 1948 was apparently the first car bombing in history. It took place during the first phase of the  Israel War of Independence. (Palestine War of 1948)  Nazi trained Arab terrorist Fawzi el Kutub prepared the ingenious device. Just after 11 PM, Abou Khalil Genno and  two British deserters, Eddie Brown and Peter Cameron, brought a stolen British police van loaded with half a ton of TNT in front of the Palestine Post building and blew it up.  One person was killed and many were injured in the bombing. The offices of the paper were in shambles, and the presses destroyed. Adjacent buildings, including a clinic, suffered damage as well. Foreign correspondents on the scene helped evacuate wounded.


The linotypist was in the hospital and would lose an eye. Nonetheless, using borrowed equipment, a two-sided one page edition was put out the next day.


The clippings below show a part of this historic edition of the Palestine Post, published February 2, 1948..


The "Column One" editorial began, "The truth is louder than TNT and burns brighter than the flames of arson."


The same bombing expert, and the same British deserters, who were not caught by the British, carried out the subsequent Ben Yehuda Street Bombing.

Palestine Post Bombing 1948 - Arab terror - special edition



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Palestine Post Bombing