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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

MEMRI: Islamist Sites in French - An Overview


Inquiry & Analysis-Jihad & Terrorism Studies Project
December 21, 2006
No. 308

Islamist Sites in French - An Overview

By Nathalie Szerman* .

For Islamist terrorist organizations, the Internet is a major platform for indoctrination and incitement. Most of these sites are in Arabic, but some are in European languages. The following is an overview of Islamist sites in French that promote Islamist ideology and disseminate anti-Western and anti-French incitement.

This dispatch is the third in a series of MEMRI reports presenting comprehensive overviews of terrorist activity on the Internet. The first two reports were published in 2004,(1) and led to the closing of several sites hosted on servers in the U.S. MEMRI has also recently launched the Islamist Websites Monitor project, which monitors Islamist websites in Arabic on a daily basis. 

The Voice of the Oppressed (La Voix des Opprimes)


This is a sizeable site featuring articles on Islam and jihad. The "Subjects" section (accessible from the main menu) includes the following: "Islam," "Jihad in Afghanistan," "Jihad in Iraq," "Jihad in Palestine," "Jihad in Chechnya," "The Martyred Heroes of Jihad" and "The World." The "Top Articles" section features the most frequently accessed items on the site, including several announcements by bin Laden. The first item in this section (with nearly 80,000 hits) is a video titled "Lion Praying to Allah," showing a lion in the Bakou zoo which, it is claimed, prays to Allah five times a day. The second item (with about 74,000 hits) is an article titled "We Thank Osama bin Laden" by Sheikh Mouhammad Saleh Ibnoul Outhaymine,(3) which is presented as an account of the author's meeting with bin Laden.(4)

The forum includes discussions on jihad all over the world, as well as images and videos, including an animated image of bin Laden on horseback with the White House on fire in the background ( The forum includes "all the communiqués from the mujahideen in Afghanistan," which appear to be updated regularly, and "all the videos from the mujahideen in Afghanistan" (

The homepage features a prominent link to the Islamist English portal World of Islam (, which features war videos from Iraq, Afghanistan, and Chechnya, including a "documentary" showing "martyrdom operations against the coalition forces in Iraq" and "interviews with suicide bombers before they carry out operations."

The Voice of the Oppressed incites against the U.S. and the West, and in particular against France and its government. An April 30, 2006 article, which is accompanied by a photo of French Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy in which he appears to be giving a Nazi salute, says: "Sarkozy and the Zionist Bureau of Terrorism (DST(5) have invented the Chechen [terrorist] network to cover up their state terrorism in the war which is aimed at controlling the oil of the Caspian Sea." Another article (6) states that "the world must know that the French government - which controls almost all of the 'Islamist' networks in Morocco - was heavily involved in the May 16, 2003 attacks in Casablanca."(7) On September 8, 2005, the site published an article titled "French Terrorism in Algeria - Will France Be Able to Exploit the Saharan Algerian Oil As It Pleases?"(8) A September 11, 2005 article is titled "Dominique [de Villepin], Jacques [Chirac], Nicolas [Sarkozy] and Others: French Involvement in the
 March 2004 Attacks in Madrid."(9)

Al-Maurabitoune (10)

This is another large site dealing with Islam and jihad. The name Al-Maurabitoune refers to the Muslim jihad warriors who held the front line against Christianity. Its "Most Recently Updated" section(11) includes an article by Muhammad Asood Azhaar titled "The Virtues of Jihad - Part 1" ( which states: "During the Night of Al-Miraj [i.e., the Night Journey(13)], the Prophet was shown the magnificent palace that awaits the martyrs [in Paradise]. The martyr sacrifices his life in the battle for Allah's way, and this sacrifice is his dearest and most precious possession."

Another article, by Sheikh Muhammad Maso'ud Azhar Hafizahullah, titled "The Virtues of Jihad - Part 3"(14) (, includes a section headed "Children Needed in the Cause of Jihad," which states: "Suleyman the son of Daoud said: 'By Allah, tonight I will have sexual intercourse with 100 women - or 90 women - and each of them will give birth to a knight who will fight in the path of Allah.'" It also states: "All Muslims should be willing to turn their children into soldiers defending the faith..."

The site also has pages devoted to da'wa (dissemination of Islam), to fatwas and to jihad. The fatwa section includes an article on the "status of martyrdom operations in Islam," which characterizes martyrdom as "one of the contemporary methods of resistance" and lists the circumstances under which it should be used ( Another article in this section explains that, contrary to the claims of some European preachers "who have very little knowledge," Jews and Christians are indeed apostates (

The page titled "Top 10" includes a document titled "When Death Becomes Beautiful, Mr. Sarkozy" ( and another titled "The End of the People of Israel: A Koranic Truth" (

The "Animation" page features a clip titled "Heroes of Islam," which shows bin Laden killing President Bush and the mujahideen guide in Chechnya Mohamed Al-Khattab (who died in early 2003) killing Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The site also features videos documenting jihad around the world - in the Caucasus, the Balkans, Palestine, Khorasan, and Iraq. A film titled "The Apostates' Hell"(15) ( shows mujahideen from the Salafist group for Preaching and Combat - the Jama'at As Salafiyah lil Da'wah Wal Qital Brigade - setting out on an attack against the "Algerian apostate government," as well as announcements by bin Laden.

Inshaallah.over-blog (16)

This is an Islamic site dealing with Islamic history and religion. The page headed "Veils" ( features photos of women - including young girls and even infants (for the images please visit: ) - wearing the hijab, a veil that covers the hair and ears and in some cases also the face (except for the eyes).

The articles section includes a piece that lists "the 70 Worst Sins in Islam." Among the sins listed are "fleeing the battle during jihad," "an unrighteous government that does not follow the edicts of Islam," "disobedience on the part of a wife whose husband is a righteous man" and "a slave's escape from a righteous master" (

An essay for women, titled "How to Make Your Husband Happy" includes several sections.(17) Following are excerpts:

Section 7, titled "Gratitude," includes the following: "According to the Prophet's sayings, most of the people in Hell are women, because [women] are ungrateful and deny good [deeds] that are done for them..."(18)

Section 9, "Obeying Him [i.e. one's husband]" includes the following: "[Obey your husband] in everything he asks of you, except for things that are haram [forbidden]."(19)

Section 11, "Being in Charge of the Home While the Husband is Away" includes the following: "Don't leave home without [your husband's] permission, and [when you do leave], cover yourself properly with your hijab."(20)

Section 14, "Patience and Emotional Support" includes the following: "When [your husband] abuses you, react to his unkindness with kindness...(21) Take part in organizing da'wa activities for women and children...(22) With your husband, devote part of your time to da'wa...(23) Encourage [your husband] to wage jihad if necessary."(24)


Quibla is presented as the "Online Daily of Free and Active Muslims and Their Allies." As such, it regularly posts news on Islam and the Middle East. It is pro-jihad and anti-West.

The "Agenda" section on the homepage urges visitors to contribute to the Iranian conference on "A Critical Examination of the Holocaust: Its Impact on the World," which was held December 11-12, 2006 at the Iranian Institute for Political and International Studies (IPIS) in Teheran. The site also presents the winning cartoons in the international Holocaust cartoon contest held recently in Iran, and reports that the first-place winner received $12,000.(26)

Quibla also has a subsidiary site called "Echoes of France"  (, This site is a response to the fiercely anti-Islam site "France Echoes" ( which claims to have joined the "resistance" against the "Islamization" of Europe. France-Echoes repeatedly uses such expressions as "Eurabia" and "Francarabia."

For its part, "Echoes of France" is fiercely anti-French. Its May 20, 2005 editorial concludes: "...Our new site will present... the dark urges of the French who have not yet converted to Islam, in order to show the bastards which [of us] is the more civilized."(27)

The site has taken a pro-Syrian stance regarding the November 21, 2006 assassination of Lebanese Industry Minister Pierre Gemayel.


This French-language Islamist portal began operating in 1998, and claims to have received over 5 million hits to date.

A page titled "Combat" reads: "Today, is the ultimate defender of the resistance on the Internet. It fights like the Resistance during WWII. It is, and will remain, inshallah, the voice of the voiceless who refuse to submit..." The "Mission" page includes the following: "We believe that Islam is an all-encompassing [religion] which regulates all aspects of life... Some people erroneously believe that Islam is limited to cultural or spiritual practices, thus restricting their understanding to these narrow [aspects]."

A pro-Syrian editorial on the assassination of Pierre Gemayel calls Gemayel "The Lebanese Le Pen." The editorial mocks his death: "Poor kid! How cruel it is to die so young!"(29) Another editorial refers to Sarkozy as "The Führer."(30)

The forum ( features videos showing converts to Islam, including a woman convert who appears fully veiled, with only her eyes showing.

*Nathalie Szerman is Director of MEMRI's North African Reformists Project.

(1) See MEMRI Special Report No. 31, "Islamist Websites and Their Hosts - Part I: Islamist Terror Organizations," July 16, 2004,;
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(3) A Saudi Wahhabi sheikh who died in January 2001.
(4) The article was originally posted on a different Islamist site:
(5) "Direction de la Surveillance du Terrorisme" (DST) is a government authority for the monitoring of terrorist activity. Here, its name is distorted to "Direction Sioniste du Terrorisme" (meaning "Zionist Bureau of Terrorism").
6 French title "Révélations sur les attentats de Madrid, de Casablanca et les massacres en Algérie mis au compte du 'terrorisme islamiste'."
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The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) is an independent, non-profit organization that translates and analyzes the media of the Middle East.  Copies of articles and documents cited, as well as background information, are available on request.

MEMRI holds copyrights on all translations. Materials may only be used with proper attribution.

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