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Monday, January 8, 2007

Israel attack on Iran sensation: Who is being manipulated by the misrepresentations of the Sunday Times?

Who is being manipulated by the misrepresentations of the Sunday Times?
By David Bronner for Guysen Israel News

Sunday January 7, 2007 to 22:23
(Translated by Ami Isseroff) MidEastWeb Middle East News Service

On Saturday January 6, 2007, the "Sunday Times" published an explosive article: Israel is supposedly on the point of attacking Iran. Quoting military sources in Israel, the newspaper reveals that the Israeli army has supposedly developed a plan to destroy the Iranian uranium enrichment installations by air strikes.

According to the "Sunday Times," two squadrons of the Israeli Air Force are supposedly engaged in preparing to destroy these installations.

The British newspaper specified in addition that the Israeli plan envisages the use of laser gudied conventional missiles to open "tunnels" before the use of tactical atomic bombs, of a power equivalent to one fifteenth of the Hiroshima bomb. The Israeli plan of attack would target the enrichment facitility in Natanz, close to Isphahan, and an reactor at Arak.

The authors of the article also claim that Israeli pilots have already accomplished training flights to Gibraltar to train themselves for the long outward journey and return of more than 3 200 kilometers needed to each in order to reaching the Iranian targets. The "Sunday Times" adds that information on this threat could have been leaked to pressure Iran to give up its projects. It all seems to make sense. The "Sunday Times" also quotes sources which specify however that the recourse to a nuclear strike would be decided upn only if a conventional attack were discarded, and if the United States refused to intervene. Indeed, everyone knows quite well that Washington does not exclude the military option, but presently prefers the diplomatic way.

The revelation of the "Sunday Times" was covered by the entire press, by all our fellow members. "", "Le Fiagora", "Le Parisien," "Liberation, " "Washington Post" or "New York Times" do not hesitate to republish, on their own account, the news published by the British weekly magazine. Guysen also published on its site a "Top News" article that gives readers the content of the article published by the British tabloid. But we use the conditional on purpose. Indeed, it is not the first time that "revelations" without a future are made. The "Sunday Times" is known for its media scoops, and its "canards" too.

Nonetheless, all the journalists must take the "Sunday Times" article seriously. The political context supports it. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad declared that he wishes to strip Israel of legitimacy, he organizes conferences on the Holocaust to try to show the whole world that Israel is the fruit of a historical forgergy, causing a world outcry, and each day for many weeks, he utters new threats.

Moreover, in December, Israeli Prime Minister, Ehud Olmert seemed to acknowledge inoblique language that Israel has atomic weapon, before his entourage denied his remarks.

Whereas the spokesman of the Israeli government, Miri Eisen, indicated that she does not wish to comment on the "Sunday Times" article, and other Israelis officials described the aforementioned "revelations" as absurd, the Iranian Ministry for Foreign Affairs Mohammad Ali Hosseini has stated that Iran will not remain quiet: "Any military action against the Islamic Republic will not remain unanswered and the attacker will regret his act very quickly."

The tone escalates. At a press conference in Teheran, the spokesman of the Iranian ministry of the Foreign Affairs, declares that the article of the "Sunday Times" proved "to world public opinion that the Zionist regime (Israel) is the principal threat to world peace and to the area".

Faced with the reactions of the Israeli and Iranian official authorities, we took care to check the sources of the two authors of the article, Uzi Mahnaimi and Sarah Baxter.


Upon first reading of their article, the vocabulary employed indicates [seemingly] that the journalists carried out a survey, that they carried out an analysis, and that they diversified their sources of information to support their revelations. The authors speak indeed about "several Israeli military sources," evoke "military strategists" and make statements "crediting Israeli military commanders,", without not quoting any name or giving more details on the famous sources, according to which however: "As soon as the green light is given to us, there will be a mission, an attack, and the Iranian nuclear project will be destroyed".

Then the authors affirm that the plans were revealed to the "Sunday Times" last week. They were supposedly assembled owing to the evaluations of the Israeli Mossad, according to which Iran would be about to produce enough uranium enriched to produce nuclear weapons within two years.

And then the journalists must quote a reference, a good name to give some substance to their remarks: the General Eliezer Shkedi is mentioned, the preparation of the attack would be under his command... However all the air military sorties, whatever they are, cannot be done without the downstream approval of General Shkedi. That is normal, as he is commander-in-chief it of the Israeli air forces.

According to another "source" quoted in the "Sunday Times" article, Israel would seek [U.S.} consent "after the event", as was the case in 1981, when the nuclear thermal power station of Osirak was destroyed by the Hebrew State, omitting however to recall that ten years later, the allied forces destroyed the site again, during the first war of Iraq.

Another name is quoted by Uzi Mahnaimi and Sarah Baxter, who supposedly consolidates the revelations of the "Sunday Times", that of colonel Sam Gardiner, an "adviser of the Pentagon" who recalls that in consequence of the attack, Iran could close the straits of Hormuz, "the route which carries 20% of the world oil resources"...[ellipses in Guysen news - A.I.] Colonel Gardiner has not been advising the Pentagon for a long time, if indeed he ever did... Colonel Gardiner, a retired USAF colonel, is teaching in his retirement at the "National War College" in Washington; he is known to have criticized president Bush vehemently for his conductl of the second war in Iraq, showing in fact that he organized a large "misinformation" campaign to launch America in the war, a campaign which he claims $200 million dollars...

A last source is finally quoted, but there, it likewise difficult to see anything new: this one supposedly comes directly from Washington, and doubts if Israel would have the guts to attack Iran... Lastly, to give a little weight to it all, and in conclusion, the journalists mention a sentence of Ephraim Sneh, the Israeli deputy minister of Defense, who said in December 2006 that "the moment when Israel and the international community will have to decide on a military action against Iran approaches".

No source thus makes it possible to check the veracity of the remarks of Uzi Mahnaimi and Sarah Baxter. Are we talking about a scoop or a bluff? At least, is it a "thorough" analysis by specialists in the nuclear question, strategic or diplomatic...

Before continuing our investigation into the specializations of the journalists whose article was quoted and referred to around the world in a few hours, we turned to the site of the "Sunday Times" to check the spelling of the names. And there, it is a surprise.

The "Sunday Times" has just published online a second article on the same subject; click the hypertext link to read a second article on the threats uttered by Israel, an article written by the same authors: "Focus: Iran Mission ". The introductory lede confirms manipulation. The authors advance a strong assumption according to which Israel supposedly actually confirmed its quarrelsome inclinations: "Israel will not tolerate the nuclearization of Iran and military sources indicate that use will be made tactical attacks, unless Iran does not give up its program. Is Israel bluffing or is it on the point of pressing on the button?"


The first rapid research shows that Uzi Mahnaimi and Sarah Baxter seem to be specialists in the questions of military strategy. They have written at least a dozen articles on similar subjects. Undoubtedly, they know their subject. That is certainly what the leading persons in charge of the "Sunday Times" believe, who did not publish their "revelations" yesterday for the first time. Thus, in its edition of December 11, 2005, the British tabloid claimed: "Israel prepares its forces to tackle Iranian nuclear power". Uzi Mahnaimi and Sarah Baxter employed the same method: [attributing] 'according to official sources', which are not quoted, Tsahal supposedly got an order from Sharon, then Prime Minister, to prepare an attack against Iran. Iranian officials reacts to the journalistic speculations. It is not information which causes the scoop, but the forged scoop which causes information. A few hours after the publication, everyone was still speaking about the Iranian danger and the manner of avoiding it...

On December 17, 2000, Uzi Mahnaimi also announced in the "Sunday Times" that Israel was going to war against Syria. Supposedly, when Barak was Prime Minister, he was under pressure from his "generals" to prepare actively for war against Syria in the event of failure of the negotiations with the Palestinians. The negotiations did not succeed. The war did not take place.

Journalistic speculations are rife. The possibility that an open conflict with Iran will burst out exists indeed and many are those who gamble; the [mode of] operation is known and has been long practised: "if war breaks out, I would have been the first to announce it".

But there is worse yet. On November 15, 1998, the "Sunday Times" published an article signed by Uzi Mahnaimi and Marie Colvin according to which Israel supposedly launched a military research program of a new kind: "ethnic targeting". It would act according to authors of the article, using a derived technique of bacteriological warfare, suppoedly invented thanks to medical research, which makes it possible "to distinguish Arab genes, and to thus create a bacterium or a genetically modified virus. The goal is to use the viruses or the bacteria to modify the DNA of the living cells." The scientists supposedly were developing micro-organisms which would attack only people carrying the genes in question... According to the journalist, "the Israeli secret program is based at the Biological Research Institute of at Nes Tsiona, a small city in the south east of Tel Aviv"...

In 1998, the Anti-Defamation League severely reproached the "Sunday Times" for publishing the article on "the ethno-bomb", calling it irresponsible and dangerous." Its director, Abraham Foxman wrote then: "This sensational story is reminiscent of the golden age of anti-Semitism when the Jews were accused of ritual crimes, that targeted non-Jews, with poison." At the time, the Israeli government had not seen fit to comment on the article of Uzi Mahnaimi and Marie Colvin, published in the "Sunday Times": "It is the sort of story which does not deserve denial"...
The article on the "ethno-bomb" written by Mahnaimi and Colvin was included in a number of organs of the Arab press, including the Egyptian daily newspaper "Al Ahram", in its edition of November 18, 1998.

Who are Uzi Mahnaimi, Sarah Baxter and Marie Colvin? Which Web sites publish them? Will the "Sunday Times" continue to generate front page news with its sensational articles whose effects could be as serious and dangerous as the nuclearisation of Iran?

But let us examine [whether] the lie thus propagated, [was created] in the name of a media coup, or [perhaps] in service of the will to harm? Media coups are obviously desirable. The "Sunday Times" remains a popular sensational newspaper, it is famous, and it is read. The article is presented as top news, and it will be front page news in a number of newspapers, both in the West and in the East. The bigger the lie, the more it is believed... Sad proverb.

The will to harm? Uzi Mahnaimi did not [publish] just one article that demonizes Israel, he wrote tens of them. The subjects are numerous, and they always have in common Israel and nuclear weapons: Mordechai Vanunu, Syria, Iraq, Iran, the "ethnic bomb", fallout shelters in Israel...

Israeli journalist Uzi Mahnaimi reveals himself in a book with Bassam Abu-Sharif, "Enemies in the promised land". An Israeli and a Palestinian tell their respective participation in the Judeo-Arabic conflict and then their efforts for peace between Israel and the Arab countries , especially Palestine; their search for peace made them friends.

Bassam Abou-Sharif lives the life of a terrorist, he is a member of the PFLP. He meets Carlos and organizes Hi-jacking of planes, he escapes from death after having received a letter bomb which "the organization that addressed it to him was the one for which Mahnaimi worked in Beirut in 1972... "

Abou-Sharif lost some fingers and an eye, before joining Yasser Arafat as adviser and spokesman. "Time Magazine" had called him "the face of terror". As for Uzi Mahnaimi, "conditioned by a military education", he joined the Mossad which he finally left permanently. The two future friends, after "having given up violence" as the cover flap of "Enemies in the Promised Land" indicates, find themselves in a restaurant of London in 1988, to bind their friendship and to write a collaborative book that slanders Israel.

Uzi Mahnaimi signs articles in collaboration with Marie Colvin and Sarah Baxter. Marie Colvin is an American journalist who works for the "Sunday Times". She is a war reporter. She was sent to Chechnia and to East Timor, Sarajevo and Sri Lanka, where she lost an eye. She is savage adverse to the policy of George Bush, whom she wants to impeach because of the US war in Iraq. Sarah Baxter also writes for the "Sunday Times", her quill is also well sharpened against George Bush. She publishes documents for the Centre d Recherche sur la Mondialization, the majority of which are on Iran.

The Centre d Recherche sur la Mondialization, in English, "Global Research," is a Canadian site which offers astonishing articles in French and English . One calls in question the crimes attributed to Saddam Hussein while another supposedly exposes the assassination of Arafat by Sharon, and a third offers an analysis, by a specialist in comparative literature, of Israel and South Africa in the time of Apartheid: "many aspects of the Israeli occupation exceed those of the Apartheid regime. The destruction on a large scale by Israel of the Palestinian houses, the levelling of the arable lands, the military incursions and the targeted assassinations of the Palestinians exceed by far all the similar practices in the Apartheid of South Africa No wall was ever built to separate the Blacks and from the Whites"... The list is still quite long.

Do the persons in charge of publication of the "Sunday Times" know the journalists who fill their columns really well ? Do they take the trouble to check their sources of information?

In 1983, the "Sunday Times" published the "Diary" of Hitler. It was a forgery.

From 1986, when it quoted exclusively the remarks of Mordechai Vanunu about nuclear weapons in Israel, until 2006, these are directed articles, almost even defamatory which are published on Israel; often, by the same journalist.

In 2007, the "Sunday Times" has published a forgery. An unfounded article, invented remarks, by biased journalists, beneath all professionalism, which made it possible for the spokesman of the Iranian ministry of the Foreign Affairs to make use of it to denounce the "Zionist Danger. . Here is an article which did not have to be censored. One knows now, what was its object.

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