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Friday, March 30, 2007

David Harris takes on the 'Israel lobby' myth

A pernicious argument is making the rounds. What's striking is its resilience, despite its lack of any basis in fact.
The argument claims that "open and honest" debate on the Middle East is squelched by the pro-Israel community, led by organizations like AIPAC. This false claim persists, in large measure, because those who assert it keep it alive to serve their own purposes.

This allows them to portray themselves as a beleaguered group in possession of the "truth," but unable to be heard because "sinister" forces stifle discussion.
What's their evidence? Well, apart from citing ad nauseum the so-called attempt to deny Tony Judt a chance to speak at an event at the Polish Consulate in New York in the fall, and Alvin Rosenfeld's much-discussed AJC essay on Jews who delegitimize and demonize Israel, their principal assertion is that the US Administration and Congress are overwhelmingly supportive of Israel, as if this fact in and of itself proves the point.
Judt shouldn't flatter himself. No one I know spends any time trying to pull the plug on his speaking engagements. The Polish Consulate story wasn't the dark conspiracy that Judt and his supporters tried to portray, allowing them to complain loudly that his free-speech rights were being abridged by a pro-Israel "thought police." It was a simple foreign policy matter. Poland is a close friend of Israel. Consequently, the Polish consul general decided, after learning that his space was going to be used by a group whose speaker questioned Israel's right to exist, that it was inappropriate. As he said, the consulate is not a catering hall, available for hire by anyone; rather, what goes on there reflects that country's worldview. Instead, Judt spoke in another venue, no one uttered a peep, and that was the end of that, or so you would have thought.
And Rosenfeld's trenchant essay has been twisted beyond all recognition by those who either fell for its mischaracterization by the New York Times as part of a liberal-conservative face-off, which it was not, or who themselves were cited and couldn't accept the role reversal. Instead of doling out harsh criticism, they were on the receiving end. Rather than deal with the facts of Rosenfeld's argument, though, they cried foul and created bogeymen, principally the pro-Israel community's alleged McCarthyite tactics. Why they should have the right to say the most outrageous things about Israel—and its supporters—but remain immune from critical scrutiny escapes me.
Their ace-in-the-hole proof that policy debate on the Arab-Israeli conflict is suppressed in the US is America's pro-Israel orientation. After all, any sensible nation would have figured out by now that standing proudly with Israel isn't necessarily in America's interests, right?
Those who industriously peddle this theory prove that, at times, the most difficult thing to see is what's right in front of your nose.
If they really want to understand why America is pro-Israel, they should save their breath and stop looking for dark conspiracies. The answer is much simpler. The vast majority of the American people identify with Israel and its aspirations, as well as its challenges.
Sure, it must be painful for those who write in the New York Review of Books to accept something so shockingly elementary. But Americans, to their everlasting credit, have figured out the basic story line of the Arab-Israeli conflict.
That doesn't mean they necessarily regard Israel as blemish-free or incapable of errors in judgment—what country is?—but they can clearly distinguish among the key protagonists. They know the difference between the peace seeker and the peace spoiler, the fireman and the arsonist, the friend and the foe.
They can identify with a country whose roots go back to the Hebrew Bible and whose historical and spiritual journey informed the thinking of our nation's Founding Fathers.
They recognize democracy when they see it and cherish the shared values on which friendship among freedom-loving nations is built.
They grasp clearly that Israel's foes, including Hamas, Hizbullah, Islamic Jihad, and Iran, are the enemies of everything Americans stand for.
As immigrants and refugees themselves, or their descendants, they understand that countless people in history have been displaced (including hundreds of thousands of Jews from Arab countries), not just Palestinians. The answer, Americans have proven by their own example, is to build new lives and not wallow in self-pity.
They appreciate Israel's determination, against all the odds, to establish and defend itself, while building a vibrant, pluralistic society and seeking peace with its neighbors from day one.
And Americans intuitively know that wanting peace is one thing, making it happen is quite another. When Israel has had a credible partner, peace, based on compromise by both sides, became not just possible but inevitable. Yet absent that partner, there's no choice but to stand your ground until someone comes along who is seriously interested in peace.
Yes, AIPAC has become one of America's most effective advocacy groups. And other groups, like AJC, which believe the democratically elected government of Israel should determine the country's fate, not outsiders, are active as well. Is there something wrong with playing by the rules and doing a job well, especially when the stakes are so high?
But let's not forget that there are countless other groups all over Washington—Arab, Arab American, Muslim, Jewish, and others, some well funded,—that are utilizing the US Constitution's invitation to "petition the government" to get their own differing or contrasting views across on the Arab-Israeli conflict.
And, despite tiresome claims that debate is suppressed, they're also out in full force in the media, universities, think tanks and speaking halls of America. Look, for example, at the extraordinary coverage Jimmy Carter received since his controversial new book on the Middle East appeared. His countless appearances, including, ironically his demand to avoid debating formats, belie the very notion that "dissident" voices can't be heard in the US. If critics of US policy toward Israel haven't been nearly as successful as they'd like, it's not because their right to express themselves has been mysteriously suppressed. Instead, it's because, till now, they haven't persuaded the vast majority of Americans.
It's time these critics face reality squarely rather than cooking up outlandish and self-gratifying theories for their predicament.

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  • From The International Jew to The Israel Lobby
    On the Sidelines of the Beggars' Opera in Paris

    Inciting to Pogroms, Ghettoization and Final Solution

    “Your father is the devil and you desire to do what gives him pleasure. He always was a murderer and standeth not in truth because truth is not in him. When he says what is false, he does what is natural to him, for he is a liar and the father of it. And because I tell you the truth, ye believe not.” John 8:44

    This verse inspired Martin Luther's extremely anti-Semitic book titled The Jews and Their Lies in 1543. In this book he accused Jews of being liars and thieves and blamed just about every bad thing in the world on “the Jews”. He also requested in this book that the Catholic Church cast the Jews out of Europe, and it was the Church's failure to comply with this request, among others, that convinced Martin Luther to break with the Catholic Church. Five centuries later a German Member of Parliament added in his anti-Semitic rant the feature that M. Luther omitted from St. John's charges. He called Jews a Taetervolk, a nation of murderers. Like their God in Jesus' rant.

    Within the Parameters of Jesus' Blasphemy

    On the anniversary of the unification of East and West Germans October 3, 2003 a German MP Martin Hohmann has caused a storm of protest by linking Jews to execution squads in the Russian Revolution. He compared the killings which he said were orchestrated by Jews in Russia's violent 1917 revolution, with the murder of Europe's Jews during the Holocaust of WWII. Mr. Hohmann said: “Jews were active in great numbers in the leadership as well as in the Cheka firing squads.

    The news about the event was broadcast by BBC News service on Oct. 31, 2003. On November 15, 2003 Richard Bernstein in his article German Legislator Is Ousted for Slur on Jews for The New York Times commented on the event as follows: “Mr. Hohmann's words were seen by many people here as particularly reprehensible, because in likening Jews as a whole to Bolsheviks he was reiterating one of the most common calumnies used by the Nazis to stir up hatred against Jews. This point was quickly made by German newspapers, many of which have been calling on the Christian Democratic leadership to expel Mr. Hohmann from the party.

    Mr. R. Bernstein ignored a very important chapter of the American history which, to a certain degree, anticipated, and ideologically, prepared the rise of the German Nazism and eventually even helped it to take control of that country. This chapter involves the political activity of the industrial magnate Henry Ford whose book The Internationl Jew inspired many passages of A. Hitler's Mein Kampf. Similarly, the chapter of Ford's book entitled The Scope of Jewish Dictatorship in the United States inspired the ill-famous The Israel Lobby by two Ivy League scholars. Even worse, Ford's propaganda of hate was reinforced and and legalized by two official publications of the British and US governments.

    Seymour Hersh in his interview (The President Has Accepted Ethnic Cleansing) for SpiegelOnline of Sept. 28, 2007 said: “We have this wonderful capacity to Hitlerize people. We had Hitler, and since then we had about 20 of them. Khrushchev and Mao and, of course, Stalin, and for a little while Gadhafi was our Hitler. And now we have this guy Ahmadinejad. The reality is, he is not nearly as powerful inside the country as we like to think he is.”

    One of the mentioned British and US publications was printed as a British White Paper in April, 1919 and was entitled: Russia, No. 1 (1919), A Collection of Reports on Bolshevism in Russia. The kernel of the Paper is contained in the following extract from Mr. Oudendyke’s Report forwarded to London by Mr. Oudendyke, the representative of the Netherlands Government at St. Petersburg.“ organized and worked by Jews who have no nationality and whose one object is to destroy for their own ends the existing order of things. The only manner in which this danger can be averted would be collective action on the part of all the Powers.” The foreword to the White Paper stated that it was issued in accordance with a decision of the English War Cabinet in January (1919). It was a British Declaration of War on Jewish people.

    The second publication, treating of the financing of the Russian Revolution by the Jewish Bank of Kuhn, Loeb and Company, was the one drawn by the American Intelligence Service and transmitted by the French High Commissioner to his government. This document was published by the Documentation Catholique of Paris on 6th March, 1920, and was preceded by the following remarks: “The authenticity of this document is guaranteed to us. With regard to the exactness of the information it contain, the American State Department must assume responsibility.” This document was quoted in 1920 in a supplement to the paper La Vieille France (The Old France) which added: “All the governments of the Entente were aware of this memorandum, drawn from the data of the American Intelligence Service and sent at the time to the French High Commissioner and his colleagues.”

    Early in 1920 H.Ford made his anti-Semitic views known for the first time in an interview with J.J.O'Neil of the New York World. Ford proclaimed that The international financiers are behind all wars. They are what is called The International Jew- German Jews, French Jews, English Jews, American Jews. I believe that in all these countries except our own the Jewish financier is supreme...Here the Jew is a threat.

    On May 22, 1920 the front page of Ford's newspaper carried the headline: The International Jew: The World's Problem. It was the first in a series of articles which were to last for 91 consecutive issues. The author of these articles a certain William J. Cameron found a source for his anti-Jewish articles in the form of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. The original forgery entitled The Great in the Small was designed to deflect the misery of czar Nicholas II's policies onto a scapegoat – the Jews of Russia. This was was, in turn, further elaborated on in 1917 by a group of czarist officers living in Berlin and re-titled The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.

    No doubt this propaganda was inspired by a certain Boris Brasol, a young tsarist who had been a leading Black Hundred figure and for a time was on the payroll of Henry Ford. His first filing for the Dearborn Independent was The Bolshevik Menace to Russia,published in April 1919. It was he who translated the Protocols into English and brought them to Ford's attention. In 1918 he worked as an operative for US Army Military Intelligence, and in the 1930 became a Nazi agent.

    What Former Government officials Can Do

    Ford's personal secretary and general manager of The Dearborn Indeependent, Ernest G. Liebold set up a special detective agency for Ford at 20 Broad St., New York City, which was designed to investigate the private lives of prominent and suspected Jews. Some of the detectives employed were former Secret Service agents. Others were quite prominent in government affairs, such as C.C. Daniels, brother of the former Secretary of the Navy, and Dr. Harris Houghton, former head of New York City's Army Intelligence – Gathering Bureau. Cp. The so-called AIPAC affair.

    (Gingrich: NIE Report Deliberately Worded to Hurt Bush
    5 Tevet 5768, 14 December 07 09:02 by Gil Ronen

    ( The National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) that downplayed the danger from Iran's nuclear program was "fundamentally dishonest," former Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives Newt Gingrich said in an exclusive interview with Israel National Radio's Tovia Singer.
    "If you simply change about three words you change the whole report," Gingrich said, adding that the report seems to have been "deliberately written to maximize the pain to the Bush administration." It was written by three former State Department officials who were "deeply opposed to what President Bush is doing," he said, and who wrote the report "to maximize confusion.")

    Echoing this racist, anti-Semitic propaganda, Father Kruszynski, a professor of the Lublin University in 1920 explained that “racial purity created what is called an anthropological type.” Three years later, Kruszynski would write: “If the world is to be rid of the Jewish scourge, it would be necessary to exterminate them, down to the last one.” Lest such views be thought to be regarded as less than respectable among the Catholic hierarchy in Poland of the time, it is worth recalling that two years later, in 1925, Kuszynski was named head of the Catholic University of Lublin. Now, the Church promotes a new Kruszynski, Redemptorist father Rydzyk, who doesn't turn the other cheek...

    Ford's impact on Hitler was evidenced by a framed photograph of the industrialist that hung on Hitler's office wall. Tens of thousands of copies of Ford's anti-Semitic tracts were circulated in Germany in 1921-22, just as Hitler was gaining control of the Nazi Party. Mein Kampf contains sections that appear to be lifted from the Dearborn Independent.

    Interestingly. in Pest in Russland (Munich, 1922) Rosenberg also claimed that the New York Jewish banking house of Loeb, Kuhn & Company had financed the communist revolution in Russia in 1917, but Rosenberg drew heavily on the writings of a white Russian anti-communist, General Fyodor Viktorovich Vinberg, whose Berlin Letters (1919) had first advanced the thesis. The communists had been successful because communism was a form of Judaism and had been financed by the Jews. The ignorance of the Russian anti-Semites is proverbial, but Gen. Vinberg knew well the people whom he was trying to bait, and did indeed succeed.

    On 12 Oct. 1922, discussing the “worldwide revolution and the Jews,” an anonymous writer drew up for La Civilta Cattolica the following clinical balance sheet of this period: “The world is sick (…) Everywhere peoples are in the grip of inexplicable convulsions (…) and the filthy element, as uninterested in work as it is avid for money and unattainable pleasures, seems to be amusing itself in a frenetic and tragic dance of tumults and strikes, waiting to proclaim the communist republic tomorrow, while the politicians, the wise men of the nations, frightened, frantically search for a peace that is no more than a perpetual disillusion. Where are we going? (…) Who is leading? (…) Who is urging on this rabble of parties, leagues, and lodges, and guides this movement of universal revolution which is turning human society’s head from one end of the world to the other?” (…) Who? The Synagogue, the author answers, after having “demonstrated” that in Russia, the source of world subversion, and in the communist International, all the levers of power were in the hands of “Jewish intruders.”

    A. Homer’s article which appeared in the issues of The Catholic Herald (Oct.-Nov. 1933) was a Catholic salvo expressing joy over taking power by Hitler. The article was reprinted in pamphlet to demonstrate the relation between Judaism and Bolshevism and Zionism. From the pamphlet itself we learn: “The Soviet movement was a Jewish, and not a Russian conception. It was forced on Russia from without, when in 1917, German and German-American -Jewish interests sent Lenin and his associates into Russia, furnished with the wherewithal to bring about the defection of the Russian armies.”

    Does the present wave of anti-Semitism throughout the world have any different sources of inspirations and financial support?

    The International Jew vs. Bolshevism

    An unending stream of vile propaganda was disseminated around the world, courtesy of the Ford fortune. Between 1920 and 1922 Ford reprinted his articles in four brochures and a more comprehensive book, The International Jew, which was translated into most European languages and widely circulated.

    Ford's life had a logic. He lived through a convulsive and critical period of great social, political and technological change, and these events passed through him. Taken apart from these titanic movements, Ford appears as an eccentric maverick, a somewhat solitary figure. Despite the fact that, on the whole, American politicians and corporate leaders rejected Ford's violently and overtly anti-Semitic program, his views were a component element in the bitter reaction of the American and world bourgeoisie to the rising threat of socialism.

    David North in his pamphlet Antisemitism, Fascism and the Holocaust places the development of modern anti-Semitism in its true political context: “Political Antisemitism was not confined to Germany...Antisemitism was seen by its proponents as the most effective means of mobilizing mass support against not only the emerging socialist proletariat, but all elements of liberal democracy as well. On the basis of Antisemitism, a new national (and later international) consensus was to be forged, transcending the class division that had been created by the process of capitalist industrialization and upon which the appeal of socialism was based.”

    Antisemitism has had a very specific content since the spread of industrial capitalism in the late 19th century. It was used to divide the working class, like all forms of racism. But additionally, it was honed as a specific weapon against the socialist aspirations of the working class. Antisemitism and racism, alongside the age-old ploy of Roman Catholicism, have provided an indispensable ideological bulwark against scientific socialism.

    Henry Ford and German Nazism were but a continuation of the ideology of Russian Black Hundreds who were reactionary, anti-Semitic groups formed in Russia during and the 1905 Revolution. Sponsored by the tsarist regime, they were composed largely of landowners, police, clergy and rich peasants (called in Stalinist jargon kulaks), and conducted raids against revolutionaries and pogroms against Jews.

    At the most decisive level, Ford's Antisemitism became an integral part of the reaction of a section of the American bourgeoisie to the Russian Revolution and the rise of the labor movement both at home and abroad. Even prior to Hitler, Ford made the stereotypical amalgam between the Jews, the Russian Revolution and the labor movement. In the Independent Dearborn, the Soviet Union was referred to as “the present Jewish government of Russia.”

    Throughout his life, Ford encouraged the circulation and reprinting of his attacks on Jews. Ernest Liebold, Ford's second-in-command, was a life-long and bitter anti-Semite. He was the spark plug in the Jewish series and was anti-Semitic in terms of wanting to eradicate the Jews.

    William J. Cameron was brought on board the Dearborn Independent to write the International Jew series. He went on to found the Anglo-Saxon Federation of America, an anti-Semitic Christian Identity movement.

    This Anglo-Israelite or British-Israelite movement believed that the Anglo-Saxon race were lineally descended from the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel, and they were God's chosen people, not the tribe of “treacherous” Judah. It was Anglo-Saxon who were descended by the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel; and Great Britain and the US were the true Holy Land. They believed the inferior, usurper Jews claim no rightful place in God's inheritance. This anti-Semitic pseudo-theology matches exactly the so-called REPLACEMENT THEOLOGY i.e. the “belief or opinion” that Israel, having failed YHWH, has been replaced by the Gentile Church. The Church is now seen as an “spiritual Israel” (a term not in the Bible). This theology claims that all the promises and blessings, in fact, Israel’s entire inheritance, now belongs to the Church.* Israel, however, gets to keep the curses and the Law. Replacement Theology was first established at the Council of Nicaea in 325 CE, but the Idea was preached as early as the late first century CE by some of the “Church fathers.”
    * In 1942 the then Archbishop Roncalli who later was elected Pope John XXIII wrote from his nunciature in Turkey a letter imploring Pope Pius XII to prevent creation of an independent state of Israel, because that would mean the loss of “profitable pilgrimage sites.” And as Goethe said, the Church has a strong stomach.

    At you can find a picture of President Eisenhower with Christian Identity movement's minister William N. Hollis (1959) and another one of President Nixon with the same minister (1960). The new British anti-Semitism tied to this pseudo-theology denies the legitimacy of the State of Israel.

    The above mentioned Cameron, the author of The International Jew became the first president of the Anglo-Saxon Federation of America and published the anti-Semitic Destiny magazine, which recycled many of the accusations of the Dearborn Independent. The Anglo-Saxons believed that they were the “true” sons of Israel. Hieroglyphics on the Great Pyramid in Egypt supposedly proclaimed that the lost 10 tribes of Israel had wandered all over Europe and eventually settled in what became the Anglo-Saxon countries – namely The British Isles.* It was their belief that Jesus was not a Jew, but an Anglo-Saxon-Celtic-Israeli. In addition to Destiny and The Protocols, the Anglo-Saxons published pamphlets addressing “The Jewish Question.” In the meantime, Cameron still maintained full employment at the Ford Company as its chief spokesman and commentator for the Ford Sunday Evening Hour radio show.
    In a segment of a popular sitcom an interior of the US casino in Atlantic City is furnished “to the brim” with ancient Egyptian statues. The father of the present President celebrated New Year's Eve in 2000 inside the Great Pyramid under the Eye of Horus from the dollar bill.

    In 1927 Ford issued a phony “apology” to Jews, mainly due to a sales slump and the need to launch the Model A without a cloud of scandal over his business. The Dearborn Independent, with no other reason to exist, closed at the end of the year. His publications, however, continued to be published throughout the world, and continue to be circulated to this day ( I am convinced that Mr. Hohmann's library is stuffed with them.

    On his seventy-fifth birthday, Ford received a special honor from Hitler, the Grand Service Cross of the Supreme Order of the German Eagle. The honor was bestowed on Ford on July 30, 1938 – four months after the Anschluss and the mass terror against Viennese Jews – at a birthday dinner attended by more than 1,500 prominent Detroiters. This was the highest honor of the Reich that could be bestowed on a foreign national, and the German consul traveled to Detroit to personally drape the golden cross with swastika over Ford's chest.

    Leading pro-Nazi Americans of the 1930s, Father Coughlin and Gerald K. Smith, were also associates and there are widely held suspicions that they received financial contributions from Ford, Charles Lindbergh and family were close friends.

    The Nazi slogan was Juda Verrecke, “perish Judah.” The full meaning of Juda Verrecke is lost in English translation. It is akin to perishing like a “lice-ridden cur.” Nazi leaders, among them Joseph Goebbels, Julius Streicher, and Hans Frank, frequently described Jews as vermin in need of extermination. In 1929 Goebbels wrote: “Certainly the Jew is a human being. But then the flea is a living thing too – only not a pleasant one. Since the flea is not a pleasant thing, we are not obliged to keep it and let it prosper…but our duty is rather to exterminate it. Likewise with the Jews. In an article in the Vőlkischer Beobachter in 1921 Hitler described the Jews as “lice and bugs sucking the German people’s blood out of its veins.”
    Hitler’s Anschluss was foreshadowed by 3 articles on the Jewish Question published in May 1937 in La Civilta Cattolica. In the first article the anonymous writer asserts that, Judaism is a foreign body. “There are only two possible solutions; elimination or segregation. Elimination can be achieved in three ways: in a clearly hostile manner, through destruction; in a hostile but less cruel manner, through expulsion…” There was no US President to write a book The Vatican – Peace not Apartheid.

    The Christian Foundations of Bolshevism

    René Fülőp-Miller in his book Geist und Gesicht des Bolschewismus (Amalthea-Verlag, Zűrich-Leipzig-Vienna. 1926) saw differently the sources of inspiration for Bolshevik revolution. “Dostoevski,” he wrote, “grasped and developed the identity between the peculiar variety of socialism long cherished and the idea of the Jesuits. Berdaiev has shown in an excellent analysis of Dostoevski’s Weltanschauung, that this writer found in the nihilistic and terrorist socialism of his time an idea which was identical with that at the root of the Catholic inquisition. He regarded the communist state established by force as nothing but the logical consequence and ultimate emanation of medieval Catholicism. Lenin liked to use proverbs and easy images, especially from the Gospels and Krylov’s fables.

    In the Legend of the Grand Inquisitor Dostoevski, in Berdayev’s view, had socialism rather than Catholicism in mind: “The rule of the papist theocracy with its dangerous errors belongs wholly to the past. He coming kingdom of the Grand Inquisitor is allied not so much with Catholicism as with atheistic and materialistic socialism.”

    The notebooks found among Dostoevski’s papers after his death confirm in every respect the view that the novelist saw a spiritual identity between Jesuitism and the Russian socialism of the time, the archetype of the Bolshevism of today. In both schools he saw the same “Spirit of liberation by despotism, and of making mankind happy by force.”

    “To whom the end is permitted,” says the Jesuit Hermann Busembaum (1653) “to him is the means also permitted.” “In all cases,” writes the Jesuit Etienne Bauny (1653), “man can be ill disposed to his neighbor without sin, if he is moved thereto entirely for a good end.”

    Johannes de Dicastilo, in his work De justitie et iure (1641) draws the final conclusion by declaring that, in his judgment “if a father is injurious to the State and the commonweal, and there is no other way of averting this evil, he would permit the son to slay his outlawed father.” The Bolsheviks built up a monument to a boy who betrayed his father who had stolen some food for him when they were starving during the revolutionary period.

    The denial of freedom of conscience is also entirely Jesuitical; for Jesuitism worked out a doctrine of “probabilism”, according to which a man may peacefully follow the view of recognized authority without any regard to his own moral judgment. The Jesuitical doctrine is behind the official forgiveness of Hitler’s crimes in Solidarity’s Poland. The agreement between the morality of the Bolsheviks and that of the Jesuits is also very clearly shown by the fact that the forerunner of the Bolsheviks in Russia were not really a product of Marxism o much as of the confused nihilistic ideas of Bakunin, Nechaev, and others. They, however, repeatedly and quite openly avowed their leanings to Jesuitism. Bakunin, in particular, the real father of Bolshevism, the spiritual pioneer of this Jesuitical socialism, declared: “Poison, the dagger, the rope, and other murderous tools,” may, under certain conditions, “be justified by revolutionary thought.”

    And at last but not the least, Lenin (assumed name of Ulyanov) has a strong Catholic connotation. Most likely, it is a Russian rendering of the name of German town Lehnin located not far from Potsdam. In the German religious tradition there was widely known the so-called Lehnin Prophecy (Die Lehninsche Weissagung) which predicted the decline of the Hohenzollern dynasty, and reunification of Germany and restoration of the catholic church. The young Lenin could have heard the name Lehnin from his mother, who was brought up in German tradition and spoke fluently German. Dimitri, Lenin’s younger brother, remembered Volodia’s singing the lyrical songs of Heine. Anyway, once in power, Lenin made peace with Germany in Brest-Litovsk, the same Brest-Litovsk where in 1596 the Ukrainian bishops signed act of reunion with Rome. The leaders of the Russian Orthodox Church solemnly condemned the Treaty of Brest Litovsk.Under Lenin’s successor, a graduate of the Tiflis Theological Seminary the Kremlin became a sort of a Red Vatican. The party, like the ancient religious order occupied most public offices. Its Inquisition, the secret police NKVD or KGB mercilessly ferreted out all heretic. It saw its mission as the liberation (salvation) of all mankind; its missionaries carried the liberation theology to benighted lands. “The Thirteen Apostles” of the Politburo reminded of the Apostles of the Bolshevik Revolution described by Blok in his famous poem. The most sacred relic of all or Lenin’s body (cp. The Roman limina) was displayed in its black marble tomb like the incorruptible bodies of the saints in the Kievan Lavra catacombs.

    On the front page of the German magazine Der Spiegel (No. 50/2007) one can see the picture of Lenin together with Emperor Wilhem II which gives the idea of the leading article of this edition entitled Die gekaufte Revolution. Wie Kaiser Wilhelm II Lenin's Oktoberrevolution finanzierte. And that means that the US intelligence agencies give their government not the objective facts but ideologically biased interpretations. One could say, eternally.

    The following is an excerpt from the book by Eric Jon Phelps Called Vatican Assassins:

    The Jesuits are the true authors of socialist-communism. The economic system of the Dark Ages was feudalism consisting of the few rich landowners and the many poor peasants. It was a sin to make a profit by anyone other than the feudal lords. Thus, if the world is to be returned to the Dark Ages, the Protestant middle class must be destroyed. Socialist-communism accomplishes this, having yielded its bitter fruit in both Great Britain and the United States. The great deception is that the Jews are the authors of communism. (After all, is not Zionism Jewish communism?) The facts are that the Jesuits used their Masonic Jews to introduce it in 1848 and again in 1917 with the Bolshevik Revolution.
    The Jesuits then moved their Shriner Freemason FDR to recognize Russia's bloody government in 1933. The Jesuits then financed Russian communism with their Knights of Malta on Wall Street. This enabled Joseph Stalin to carry out the purges of the Thirties.
    Having deceived the world into believing communism was of Jewish origin, the Jesuits then used Hitler to implement 'the Final Solution to the Jewish Question'-pursuant to the evil Council of Trent. The result was the mass murder of European and Russian Jewry at the hands of the Jesuit-controlled SS.
    At the close of the Second Thirty Years War (1945) the Jesuits, with their Vatican Ratline, helped top Nazis to escape to South America. And where in South America? To the old dominion where socialist-communism had been perfected by the Jesuit fathers-to the nation of Paraguay.
    The Jesuits entered Paraguay in the early 1600s, sent by the kings of Spain and Portugal. They established their supremacy over the natives called 'Guarani Indians' and did not allow them to mix with the Spanish or Portuguese. It was among this people that the Jesuits established their communes called 'reductions'.
    Napoleon in his Memoirs written on the island of St. Helena described the Jesuits as follows:
    “The Jesuits are a military organization, not a religious order. There chief is a general of an army, not the mere father abbot of a monastery. And the aim of this organization is: POWER. Power in its most despotic exercise. Absolute power, universal power, power to control the world by the volition of a single man. Jesuitism is the most absolute of despotisms: and at the same time the greatest and most enormous of abuses....”
    Pogrom Study
    A Russian scientist recently published an extensive study of anti-Semitic violence in the aftermath of the Russian Revolution and Civil War, titled The Book of Pogroms. The author Lidia Milyakova, spent six years conducting research in the official archives of the Russian Federation despite undertaking the project with minimal funding.
    According to the 1,000 page study,. Nearly 200,000 Jews were victimized between 1918 and 1923, with most groups fighting in the Civil War holding anti-Semitic sentiments. Several Jewish institutions, including Yad Vashem, publicly thanked Milyakova for her work, yet only 500 copies of the book were initially printed.

    Hitler's Table Talk, 1940s

    Christianity is an invention of sick brains...So it's not opportune to hurl ourselves now into a struggle with the churches. The best thing is to let Christianity dies a natural death...Originally, Christianity was merely an incarnation of Bolshevism the destroyer. Nevertheless, the Galilean, who later was called Christ, intended something quite different. He must be considered as a popular leader who took up His position against Jewry...For the Galilean's object was to liberate His country from Jewish oppression. He set Himself against Jewish capitalism, and that's why the Jews liquidated him...Christ was an Aryan, and St. Paul used his doctrine to mobilize the criminal underworld and thus organize a proto-Bolshevism

    Hitler's order of the day to German troops on the eastern front -

    God's mercy on our people and the entire world if this Barbaric enemy had been able to move his tens of thousands of tanks before we moved ours! ... this enemy does not consist of soldiers, but a majority of beasts... USSR poverty is a result of nearly a 25-year Jewish rule that, as bolshevism, is basically similar to the general form of capitalism...With the Lord's aid you not only will bring victory but also the most essential condition for peace.

    New Testament vs. Old Testament

    And all that believed were together, and had all things common; and sold their possessions and goods, and parted them to all men, as every man had need. (Acts 2:44-45)

    Neither shalt thou desire thy neighbor's wife, neither shalt thou covet thy neighbor's house, his field, or his manservant, or his maidservant, his ox, or his ass, or any thing that is thy neighbor's. (Dt 5:21)

    John Paul II the Bolshevik

    The book Crossing the Threshold of Hope by John Paul II can be regarded as a sequel to the book I Believe in Hope by Father Jose Maria Diez-Alegria, professor of Sociology at the Gregorian University. The communist creed of Diez-Alegria reminds us of the Saturnia Regna – the Golden Age of “peace and communism” praised by Virgil in his famous Fourth Eclogue, or the communist nomadism of Scythes recommended by Horace in his Odes (esp. III, 24). Interestingly, Virgil’s Roman “sparing the humbled and throwing down the proud” was identified by St. Luke in his Magnificat with God “scattering the proud and sending the rich empty away.”

    The Crossing the Threshold of Hope reminds strongly of the book entitled Saat und Ernte. Proletarisches Hausbuch (Verlag: Die Wölfe. Leipzig 1927) which became kind of breviary of German Nazis. The book was rich in quotations of various Popes “crossing the threshold of Saturnia Regna.” For instance, Pope Gregory the Great taught the future followers of A. Hitler: “Die Menschen, die die Gabe Gottes zu Sondereigentum machen, beteuren uns vergeblich ihre Unschuld. Denn indem sie auf diese Weise den Armen ihre Lebensmittel vorenthalten, warden sie Mörderer derer, die täglich aus Mangel an Lebensmittel sterben.”

    We also find in the book a hymn praising Apollo, the King of the Golden Age “verbindend, was bisher geknechtet,/ Erstarkend alle, die entrechtet.” (Apollo presiding over the Paris Conference will strengthen financially the “Palestinians”). It was in the style of Emperor Constantine reconciling the sun cult with Christianity and reminded of the “friars singing vespers in the temple of Jupiter” described by E. Gibbons in his Memoirs. We know that identification of Christ with Helios became the groundwork of father Copernicus’ work. In the words of Copernicus’ English translator, Th. Digges, “the Sun, like a king in the middest of al raigneth and geeveth lawes of motion to ye rest.”

    It is obvious that Pope John Paul II, like the friar Th. Campanella,, one of the earliest admirers of Copernicus, believes that the communist utopia called Civitas Solis can be governed either by a Jesus refashioned into a beautiful Apollo or by Apollo himself. According to early Christians “monogamy was just as much a violation of the community of women required by divine justice as the private ownership of property is a violation of the community of goods.” In contradistinction, in the geocentric lore of the Hebrew Bible we find: “Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s house, thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s wife…nor any thing that is thy neighbor’s.” (Ex 20:17).

    Let me quote in the above context an excerpt from Winston Churchill's article Zionism versus Bolshevism published on February 8, 1920 by Illustrated Sunday Herald: “There is no need to exaggerate the part played in the creation of Bolshevism and in the actual bringing about of the Russian Revolution, by these international and for the most part atheistical Jews, it is certainly a very great one; it probably outweighs all others. With the notable exception of Lenin, the majority of the leading figures are Jews. Moreover, the principal inspiration and driving power comes from the Jewish leaders. Thus Tchitcherin, a pure Russian, is eclipsed by his nominal subordinate Litvinoff, and the influence of Russians like Bukharin or Lunacharski cannot be compared with the power of Trotsky, or of Zinovieff, the Dictator of the Red Citadel (Petrograd) or of Krassin or Radek -- all Jews. In the Soviet institutions the predominance of Jews is even more astonishing.”

    Well, Churchill saw one side of the problem; he closed his eyes to the rampant antisemitism and innumerable victims of pogroms perpetrated on the daily basis. He also ignored the true cause of the Bolshevik Revolution which was the political situation developing in Muslim Central Asia.

    In 1916, with the region facing a massive famine, a revolt broke out after Moscow tried to draft Central Asians to fight for the tsarist army in WWI. The government also increased taxes and forcefully appropriated wheat from the region. The Kazakh and Kyrgyz nomads, who saw no reason why they should fight in Europe for the tsar, were first to rebel, and the revolt soon spread across Central Asia.

    Fearing a war on two fronts Bolsheviks staged a coup d'etat and took power to conclude a speedy peace treaty with Germany in Brest Litovsk. Having secured peace on the western front, the Bolsheviks defeated the Muslim Basmachis (“bandits”), as they termed them. By 1929, the map of Central Asia had been forcibly redrawn into five Soviet republics, and the centuries of wars for control of the region seemed to have come to an end.

    The Bolsheviks depicted Islam as a reactionary, mullah-led force supported by British imperialists that was trying to undermine the revolution and prevent progress and education. Countering this propaganda, the British portrayed the bolsheviks as a judeo-commune and this propaganda found a swift reception in the Mandate Palestine. The Arab riots of 1921 were fomented by the British through Arab leaders. And they still are.

    On April 28, Bolsheviks seized power in Baku. All private property was seized; most oil barons fled Baku for other countries; most of the lavish residences built by the Oil Barons in the center of the city were confiscated and converted into multiple apartments for multiple families. Now, the Russians were closer to the Persian oil fields discovered in 1908 by the engineer George Reynolds - "solid English oak"- opening up oil development in the Middle East and conversion of the Royal navy from coal to oil fuel.

    The UK was not the only power helping the Mufti in 1936. The USSR-sponsored Communist Party of Palestine also did its part. After the 1929 massacres (including the slaughter of 68 Jews in Hebron), the Communist Party issued a statement that “revolutionary movement without pogroms is impossible.” The Communists even considered the Mufti “too moderate” in his fight against Jews. In the run-up to the 1936-39 riots, the Palestinian leader began coordinating the organization of anti-Jewish violence. In November 1935, helping the Mufti’s propaganda campaign to spark Arab rage against the Jews. On the eve of the first riots, Communists met al-Husseini to work out the final terms of their roles in the upcoming violence. Communist Party member Nimr Uda became the intelligence chief for the Mufti’s military units. Another Communist representative, Fuad Nasir, was named deputy to Abdul Qadir Husseini, commander of Arab fighters in the southern West Bank.

    Well, From Churchill's viewpoint, later political development in Soviet Union is inexplicable. Because Stalin easily sent a lot of his Jewish comrades to gulags and executed many others. When it suited him he exiled Trotsky himself and later got rid of foreign minister Litvinoff when he decided to strike a deal with Hitler against Anglo-Polish alliance. Churchill knew well that in politics it is raison d'etat which dictates moves and not a particular ethnicity. But he had chosen to follow the party line of the British upper class.

    “There is an unsolved riddle in the history of the creation of the Third Reich, I think it is much more interesting than the question of who set fire to the Reichstag.” It is the question: “What became of the Germans.” - Sebastian Haffner

    Indeed, what happened to Germans that they came to believe the Anglo-American propaganda broadcast by Hitler and his thugs and not the serious researches of their own German historians?

    Theosophy which became the surrogate religion of Anglo-American intellectual elites is dreaming about “the day when the mind of the western race has broken away from Mosaic chronology and Mosaic ideas of man and nature.” (See William W. Judge The Ocean of Theosophy. 1893, p.62) And that explains their admiration for men like A. Hitler or Ahmadinejad who speaks so eagerly about wiping Israel off the map.

    When L. Riefenstahl was captured and interrogated about her relationship to the party she admitted to “a certain admiration for the personality of the Fuehrer.” This sounded candid and forthright, emboldening her to add, “If that was a crime, then many people in the democratic countries are guilty too, because they have committed the same crime during the years from 1933-1939.”

    Jews Can be “Perfected” by finding Christianity – Convert or Die

    Right-winger Ann Coulter has turned her slur machine on Jews.. “We just want Jews to be perfected, that's what Christianity is.” Claiming to speak for all Christians, she told on the CNBC show The Big Idea that Jews should discard Judaism and embrace Christianity, which is a “fast track” to God. “We have the fast-track program,” she said.
    We believe the Old Testament, but ours is more like Federal Express. You have to obey the laws.”

    The notion that Jews are religiously inferior or imperfect because they do not accept Christian beliefs was the basis for 2,000 years of church-based anti-Semitism. A. Coulter is a Leni Riefenstahl of America.

    Similar ideas were proclaimed by Henry Ford in his 1922 autobiography written with Samuel Crowther, My Life and Work.If the Jews are wise enough as they claim to be, argued H. Ford, they will labour to make Jews American instead of labouring to make America Jewish. The genius of the United States is Christian in the broadest sense and its destiny is to remain Christian.

    Ford's autobiography, like A. Coulter's missionary postulate reveal an anti-Semitism that had been commonplace in the rural Michigan of his youth. In the mid-late 1800s, Jews were seen as non-Americans by nativist Populists, as racially inferior human beings by Social Darwinists, and as the murderers of Christ by Bible Belt Protestants.

    For Ford, in the same measure, as for Ann Coulter Christianity is an ideological vaccine against “Jewish Bolshevism”, socialism and trade unionism. The fascistic and all-powerful Sociological Department constituted a major effort on Ford's behalf to control the hearts, minds and bodies of his workers.

    H. Ford's ideas live on. Yes, Jewish life in America remains a flowering paradise compared with the realities of being a Jew in contemporary Britain or France. But it is impossible to ignore the fact that America has changed, too. At bookstores in major airports, I am no longer surprised to be greeted by a pictures of a smiling former US President comparing Israel to the loathsome apartheid government of South Africa, or a Harvard professor explaining how a small but powerful coterie of Jews is responsible for the misfortunes that have befallen America in the Middle East. Obviously, the visitors from various countries get infected with this propaganda of hate.

    Let me point out here that the Ivy League's professors found inspiration for their libelous book in the view of the most famous Palestinian of the USA or prof. Edward W. Said who in his book Covering Islam (Vintage Books. 1997. p. XXIX) branded “the attitude that elevates Israeli views of Islam's “dangers” to the level of the United States policy.”

    PM Olmert, Pres. Putin Meet for Three Hours

    ( Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and Russian President Vladimir Putin met privately for three hours in Moscow on Thursday evening. At the conclusion of the meeting, which had not been publicly announced prior to Olmert's abrupt departure for the Russian capital earlier that day, the Prime Minister's Office (PMO) released a statement saying that the talks were "held in an open, serious and good atmosphere...." (ArutzSheva 10.17.07)

    A reader of The New York Post commenting on its editorial Some Good News on Iran of Dec. 5, 2007 asked in his letter to the Editor: “Why should we be quick to believe that National Intelligence Estimate? Isn't it part of the same intelligence system that said that Iraq's weapons of mass destruction were a “slam dunk”? A “Slum Dunk” of the 1920s was expressed in the slogan “Judeo-commune”. But this slogan was supposed to justify the British colonial policy in their Mandate Palestine, which tried to incite the Arabs against Jews in every possible way, by every possible calumny, exactly like the Papal hate propaganda used to incite its “sheep” to innumerable pogroms.
    Consider the revealing fact. In the US folklore the Eternal Jew became a Wandering Jew. Wandering Jew plants grow in the southern United States, Central America, and South America. The plant’s name, according to The World Book Encyclopedia refers to the legend of the Jew who was doomed to wander the earth forever because he mocked Jesus as He carried the cross. Long before Ahmadinejad the US Christian propaganda sentenced the Jewish nation to eternal nomadism. Would you agree with me that M. Gibson's movie The Passion of Christ prepared the electoral triumph of the Iranian fuehrer, Ahmadinejad? Possibly, M. Gibson was ordered to produce his move by you-now-know-whom.
    A New Psychological Trick
    In his relentless endeavor to weaken Israel as much as possible Mideast envoy Tony Blair praised a Palestinian development plan that seeks $5.6 billion in aid over three years, and urged donor countries to come up with the money. Some 90 countries and international organizations are to meet in Paris next week to consider the aid request.
    The tax payers of 90 countries won't be happy, especially that the difficulties of the everyday life are growing day after day, hike after hike. And that's exactly how T. Blair wants to stir their imagination to a new paroxysm of anti Jewish feelings. Using Pres. Carter's new vilification of Israel the people will be inclined to link their problems with Jews, their “colonial policy” vs. the wretched Palestinians. Nothing changes in this world regarding the people chosen by God for his special purpose. Frankly, I would rather stay with Jews than with all these powers and superpowers who arrogantly assume God's role in the world in which their science is killing God in a ceaseless process of lies and machiavelist policies. There was no “ratlines”for the Jews fleeing the Nazi death camps and there was no donors' conferences collecting funds for helping the survivors of the Nazi death camps.
    Keep in mind, when Balfour proclaimed his declaration in 1917, it was not followed by convening innumerable conferences of donor countries. On the contrary, it was followed by the above mentioned hate propaganda which today can be blamed for preparing the way for Hitler and the holocaust. Keep in mind that the name Palestine, without any historical justification, was used by the translators of the King James Version. Therefore for the English speaking peoples the name Palestine seems as holy as the name Israel or Judea. This is another trick for the thoughtless multitude. In reality Palestine stands for contradiction of the Truth of the Hebrew Torah. If you only knew what it really means...
    Unveiling a Monument to Jan Karski in Manhattan
    Sunday, Nov. 11, a crowd of distinguished guests, personalities gathered in front of the Polish Consulate in Manhattan for the unveiling ceremony of a monument to this legendary Polish underground courier during WWII who begged the United Nations to help save the Jews during the Holocaust.
    “His memory will be blessed forever. The hero who came to save your life, he belongs to the eternity of humanistic people,” expressed Meir Lau, rabbi of Tel Aviv, during his emotional speech.
    A picture of the participants shows: Rabbi Meir Lau, the Chief Rabbi of Tel Aviv and former Chief Rabbi of Israel, Krzysztof Kasprzyk, the Coinsul General of Poland in New York, Ewa Junczyk-Ziomecka, representative of Polish President, the Undersecretary of State of Poland and former New York Mayor Ed Koch. There was no official representative of the US government. Secretary of State is busy writing a memoir entitled The Vatican – Peace not Apartheid. It is supposed to commemorate Pope Benedict XVI's visit to the US in coming year.

    Subject: Iraq rejects permanent US bases

    Iraq rejects permanent US bases
    Reuters - 12 December, 2007

    Iraq will never allow the United States to have permanent military bases on
    its soil, the government's national security adviser said, calling the issue
    a "red line" that cannot be crossed.

    TEHRAN, December 8 (RIA Novosti) - Iran has stopped selling its oil for U.S. dollars, the Iranian ISNA news agency said on Saturday, citing the country's oil minister.
    MOSCOW, December 14 (RIA Novosti) - The Russian foreign minister accused Britain on Friday of violating international law in the latest row over the British Council in Russia.
    Russia announced on Wednesday it would temporarily ban the British Council in all its regions except Moscow from January 1, saying three regional cultural offices had not been legally registered.
    Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's calls to wipe Israel off the map and his systematic denial of the Holocaust are hurting Iran, news agencies reported an Iranian reformist spokesman saying Friday in Teheran.
    Abdullah Nasseri, spokesman for the Reformist Coalition Headquarters, called Ahmadinejad's declarations "totally unnecessary political adventurism." Nasseri said that Ahmadinejad's antagonistic and oft-repeated statements had "harmed the country." (Jerusalem Post Dec 14, 2007)

    Dr. Roman Pytel, Poles for Israel 12/14/07

    By Blogger Roman Pytel, At December 15, 2007 4:56:00 PM GMT+00:00  

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