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Thursday, April 5, 2007

Long Standing Israeli human rights violations

The Passover story has many aspects, depending on who is telling it. From the point of view of the Egyptians, well they obviously have a different narrative. Israelites lived among them peacefully for many generations, according to the enlightened customs of Egypt. The Jews are not a people anyhow, right? It was only when Moses formed a Zionist movement to assert evil Jewish nationalism that the problems began. The Israelites escaped Egypt without proper permission by falsely requesting to worship their god in their desert, when their real intent was a violation of Egyptian law. The illegal exodus was against prevailing international law, which stated clearly that slaves are the property of their masters.
What if John Dugard of the UN Human Rights Commission were around in the time of the Pharoahs? Wouldn't Israel be condemned for inflicting civilian casualties on the Egyptians?
A few years ago, an Egyptian wanted to sue Israel for the jewelry stolen from Egyptians by the evil Jews before they departed.
Below is another take on this issue.
I got the item letter below without author's name and URL. I have tried to find the source and restore it as below.
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Ami Isseroff

 If the Passover Story Were Reported by CNN or the New York  Times
Daniel P. Waxman

 The cycle of violence between the Jews and the Egyptians  continues with no end in sight in Egy pt. After eight previous plagues  have destroyed the Egyptian infrastructure and disrupted the lives of
 ordinary Egyptian citizens, the Jews launched a new offensive this  week in the form of the plague of darkness.

 Western journalists were particularly enraged by this plague.  "It is simply impossible to report when you can't see an inch in front  of you," complained a frustrated Andrea Koppel of CNN. "I have heard from my reliable Egyptian contacts that in the midst of the  blanket of blackness, the Jews were annihilating thousands of  Egyptians. Their word is solid enough evidence for me."

 While the Jews contend that the plagues are justified given the  harsh slavery imposed upon them by the Egyptians, Pharaoh, the  Egyptian leader, rebuts this claim. "If only the plagues would let up,  there would be no slavery. We just want to live plague-free. It is  the right of every society ."

 Saeb Erekat, an Egyptian spokesperson, complains that slavery  is justifiabl e given the Jews' superior weaponry supplied to them  by the superpower G-d. The Europeans are particularly enraged by the  latest Jewish offensive. "The Jewish aggression must cease if there is  to be peace in the region. The Jews should go back to slavery for the  good of the rest of the world," stated an angry French President  Jacques Chirac.

 Even several Jews agree. Adam Shapiro, a Jew, has barricaded  himself within Pharaoh's chambers to protect Pharaoh from what is feared will be the next plague, the death of t he firstborn. Mr. Shapiro claims that while slavery is not necessarily a good thing, it is the  product of the plagues and when the plagues end, so will the slavery.  "The Jews have gone too far with plagues such as locusts and  epidemic which have virtually destroyed the Egyptian economy," Mr.  Shapiro laments. "The Egyptians are really a very nice people and  Pharaoh is kind of huggable once you get to know him," gushes Shapiro.

 The United States is demanding that Moses and Aaron, the Jewish  leaders, continue to negotiate with Pharaoh. While Moses points out 
 that Pharaoh had made promise after promise to free the Jewish  people only to immediately break them and thereafter impose harsher  and harsher slavery, Richard Boucher of the State Department  assails the latest offensive. "Pharaoh is not in complete control of the  taskmasters," Mr. Boucher states. "The Jews must return to the  negotiating table and w ill accomplish nothing through these plagues."

 The latest round of violence comes in the face of a bold new  Saudi peace overture. "If only the Jews will give up their language,  change their names to Egyptian names and cease having male children,  the Arab nations will incline toward peace with them," Saudi Crown  Prince Abdullah declared.

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