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Thursday, July 5, 2007

Poll: Israelis are "liberal"

This poll confounded democratic values (the newer definition of liberalism) with 19th century free market economics liberalism. Surprisingly, Arab Israelis opted for minimal government intervention in the economy, though the economic status of the Arab community would benefit most from such intervention.
Poll Measuring Liberal Values and Attitudes of Israelis

Benchmark Survey commission by Friedrich Naumann Stiftung The Friedrich Naumann Foundation is an independent, nonprofit,  nongovernmental organisation that is committed to promoting liberal policy and politics.
May 2007

609 respondents: 437 Hebrew (72% ), 91 Russian (15% ), 81 Arabic (13% )
+/- 4.1% margin of error for total
Calls by Mutagim 28-30 May 2007 .Data processing by DataWise - Utah, US
Overall project: KEEVOON Research, Strategy & Communications

[Results converted by IMRA from power point presentation]

+ Which is of most concern to you and your family?
18% Economy/Jobs
25% Foreign Policy/Security
19% Healthcare
19% Education
4% Environment
5% Welfare
3% Culture
3% Municipal Issues
5% DK/Refuse

+ Personal Freedom vs. Responsibility to the Community

Community has to have a dominant role in society and the individual.
Total: 33% Hebrew: 31% Russian: 18% Arabic: 60%

Community should have a minimal role in society and the individual.
Total: 14% Hebrew: 15% Russian: 4% Arabic: 16%

Personal freedom and responsibility to the community do not contradict one
Total: 37% Hebrew: 37% Russian: 62% Arabic: 11%

This issue has no relevance to me.
Total: 12% Hebrew: 13% Russian: 8% Arabic: 12%

+ Israel as a "Jewish and Democratic State"

The Jewish character of Israel is most important and takes precedence over
Total: 24% Hebrew: 28% Russian: 9% Arabic: 22%

The Democratic character of Israel takes precedence over the Jewishness ofthe State.
Total: 26% Hebrew: 23% Russian: 25% Arabic: 47%

The Jewish and democratic character of Israel are equally important.
Total: 46% Hebrew: 47% Russian: 60% Arabic: 27%

+ Guarantee that ALL Citizens are Treated Equally Regardless of Religion or

Very Good
Total: 52% Hebrew: 51% Russian: 42% Arabic: 72%

Somewhat Good
Total: 25% Hebrew: 23% Russian: 43% Arabic: 15%

Total: 77% Hebrew: 74% Russian: 85% Arabic: 86%

Not Good But Necessary
Total: 12% Hebrew: 14% Russian: 4% Arab 6%

Total Good or Necessary
Total: 77% Hebrew: 74% Russian: 85% Arabic: 86%

Not Good
Total: 8% Hebrew: 9% Russian: 8% Arabic: 5%

DK / Refuse
Total: 3% Hebrew: 3% Russian: 3% Arabic: 2%

+ Initiate legislation that would guarantee that only a Jew could be elected PM of Israel

Not Good at All
Total: 22% Hebrew: 12% Russian: 37% Arabic: 57%

Not Good But Necesary
Total: 12% Hebrew: 14% Russian: 5% Arabic: 6%

Somewhat Good
Total: 13% Hebrew: 12% Russian: 20% Arabic: 11%

Very Good
Total: 51% Hebrew: 60% Russian: 32% Arabic: 20%

Good or necessary
Total: 76% Hebrew: 86% Russian: 57% Arabic: 37%

+ Constitution for Israel
TOTAL Good: 75% Not Good: 16%
Hebrew Good: 71% Not Good: 19%
Russian Good: 88% Not Good: 3%
Arabic Good: 84% Not Good: 14%

+ Separate Religion and State - Selected Tabs
TOTAL: Good: 59% Not Good: 36%
Russian: Good: 71% Not Good: 20%
Arabic: Good: 63% Not Good: 34%
Ashknz: Good: 69% Not Good: 25%
Sephrd: Good: 47% Not Good: 48%

+ Protect the Civil Rights of Arab Israelis
Total: Good: 55% Not Good: 39%
Hebrew: Good: 56% Not Good: 39%
Russian: Good: 21% Not Good: 63%
Arabic: Good: 84% Not Good: 14%

+Require Israeli Arabs to perform 2 years of National Community Service
Very Good
Total: 26% Hebrew: 27% Russian: 26% Arabic: 16%

Somewhat Good
Total: 25% Hebrew: 23% Russian: 26% Arabic: 32%

Not Good But Necessary
Total: 12% Hebrew: 13% Russian: 9% Arabic: 14%

Good or Necessary
Total: 51% Hebrew: 50% Russian: 52% Arabic: 48%

Not Good
Total: 33% Hebrew: 33% Russian: 29% Arabic: 36%

DK / Refuse
Total: 5% Hebrew: 4% Russian: 10% Arabic: 2%

+ Regardless of what you think regarding the refugee issue or the "right ofreturn". Do you think Israel is obligated to compensate Arab refugees who left in 1948?
TOTAL: Yes: 24% No: 68% DK: 8%
Hebrew: Yes: 16% No: 77% DK: 7%
Russian: Yes: 8% No: 80% DK: 12%
Arabic: Yes: 90% No: 4% DK: 6%

+ Violate Civil Rights of Terror Suspect
TOTAL: Violate: 75% Not violate: 20%

+ Do you think that Jews and Arabs should be treated equally with regard to
budget allocation?
Total: Yes: 61% No: 33%

+ Grant equal rights to gay and lesbians regarding same-sex unions, pension
and survivorship rights

Very Good
Total: 23% Hebrew: 29% Russian: 9% Arabic: 10%

Somewhat Good
Total: 22% Hebrew: 22% Russian: 21% Arabic: 21%

Not Good But Necessary
Total: 11% Hebrew: 11% Russian: 16% Arabic: 4%

Total Good or Necessary
Total: 56% Hebrew: 62% Russian: 46% Arabic: 35%

Not Good
Total: 36% Hebrew: 31% Russian: 36% Arabic: 58%

DK / Refuse
Total: 9% Hebrew: 7% Russian: 18% Arabic: 7%

+ Reduce the State's involvement in citizen's affairs
Total Good or Necessary: 65%

+ Government corruption is a danger to democracy and the rule of law,and that "political corruption is like a cancer very deep in the body of theState."
Strongly Agree 60% Agree 29% Disagree 7% Strongly Disagree 2%

+ Which constitutes the greatest threat to Israel's existence?

Hebrew: 19% Russian: 12% Arabic: 40%

Arab Countries
Hebrew: 22% Russian: 34% Arabic: 10%

Hebrew: 16% Russian: 20% Arabic: 21%

Soc Gap/Pov
Hebrew: 15% Russian: 11% Arabic: 6%

Hebrew: 12% Russian: 8% Arabic: 0%

Jew/Israeli Arab relations
Hebrew: 5% Russian: 5% Arabic: 11%

Religious/Secular relations
Hebrew: 5% Russian: 2% Arabic: 6%

+ Deregulate all industries and allow for a free market economy
Good 61% Not Good 25% DK/Refuse 14%

+ Minimum Wage - Selected tabs
TOTAL: Gov't set: 61% Market forces: 33%
Arabic: Gov't set: 47% Market forces: 52%
Orthodox: Gov't set: 78% Market forces: 18%
Soldier: Gov't set: 80% Market forces: 20%
Student: Gov't set: 51% Market forces: 46%

+ Israel and Globalization
59% Great opportunity for Israel to advance economically, socially and culturally
21% Will have negative impact on Israel economically, socially and culturally
7% It makes no difference
13% DK/Refuse

+ Free Competition vs. Social Welfare
35% More competition
50% More social welfare.
10% Same
4% DK

+ Liberal political principles stand for civil rights, equal opportunities, free market competition, pluralism, openness and the limited role of Government, who today in Israel best represents that ideology?
Netanyahu 7% Peres 5%  Liberman 4% Gedaymak 2%
No One: 43% Don't Know: 27%

+ Based on that same definition of liberal political principles, which political party best represents that ideology?
Likud 9% Labour 8% Meretz 6% Kadima 4% Yisrael Beiteinu 3%
Balad 2%  None 42% DK/Refuse 22%

+ Do you think there is a need for a new political party based on liberal political principles of civil rights, equal opportunities, free market competition, pluralism, openness and the limited role of Government?
Hebrew Yes 43% No 50% DK 6%
Russian Yes 36% No 42% DK 22%
Arabic Yes 73% No 23% DK 4%

+ How likely would you vote for a new political party based on those ideals?
Hebrew Likely: 22% Somewhat: 10% Very Likely: 20%
Russian Likely: 24% Somewhat: 15% Very Likely: 7%
Arabic Likely: 27% Somewhat: 10% Very Likely: 47%

IMRA - Independent Media Review and Analysis


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