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Anti-Semitism in Muslim society, coupled with the rise of militant Islam, is a plague and a threat of which everyone should be cognizant. A certain group has put together a very effective presentation. It shows hate, invective, racism and violence advocated by Islamist extremists from Sayed Qutb and the Nazi Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Hajj Amin Al Husseini to Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and the infamous Osama Bin Laden, head of Al-Qaeda. They claim they are using it to educate university students about the dangers of anti-Semitism and extremism. Many of our readers have probably seen this presentation, and some of you may be eagerly showing it to others.

There can be no doubt about the existence of this vile phenomenon nor of the real danger. We have documented it, and will continue to document it, wherever and whenever we find it. For example:
Arab and Muslim Anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism - A Study
World Without Zionism - and without America

and in many other places.

However, this presentation, and the article that announces it, are entitled, "Islamic Mein Kampf." Do the authors really want to imply that all of Islam is Nazi-like? Apparently so. Do we really believe that all of Islam is inherently anti-Semitic? Is this thesis likely to be credible to American university students, or will they instead get the impression that all Zionists are bigots? Is this line of advocacy helpful or harmful to Israel?

Before you answer, please consider the following. Israel has peace treaties with Jordan and Egypt, two Muslim Arab countries, and diplomatic relations with other Muslim countries. This week, the Israeli Prime Minister was received with state honors in Turkey, a country with a Muslim majority, where an Islamic party is currently in power. A sizable body of Muslims are concerned about extremism, Holocaust denial and anti-Semitism in Muslim society. They write books and Web logs and speak out against Muslim anti-Semitism. Fuad Ajami, Irfan Khawaja, Walid Salem and many others have made courageous and consistent stands against extremism. Numerous Iranians spoke out courageously against Ahmadinejad's Holocaust denial farce. There is even a Muslim Zionist Sheikh, Prof. Abdul Hadi Pallazi. These moderate voices are the best hope for reform and progress in the Muslim world, and they are probably Israel's only hope for long term survival. There are 1.3 billion Muslims. If we insist on making enemies of all of them, forever, we will never be able to survive in the Middle East.

Misguided individuals and bigots often take a ride on anti-Semitism, as with every legitimate issue. Not every effort against anti-Semitism is really "good for the Jews." Racism and bigotry are never good for anyone.

Ami Isseroff

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Replies: 3 Comments

Moral imperatives are an arbitrary and "never say never" tired routine of history.

The Quartet Plan is forcing relocations and Land seizure while the attacks support the notion of conflict.

Everything is hierarchical. Conciousness is arrives with social rank. To understand anything we have to approximate the conciousness of elites. The proletariat follows a lead.

underthesuns, Thursday, February 22nd


Ami Iseroff is a typical Islamic apologist who does not understand Islamic scripture or Muhammad. I would bet that he has never read the Qur’an and Sunnah (Hadith). He sanctimonously criticizes David Horowitz’s efforts to educate the public about Islam.
This is a case of ‘attacking’ the messenger who wants to present an “unpleasant truth.”
I have been circulating the message below in order to stimulate debate and set the record straight about Islam. Mr. Iseroff should do his homework before launching into ad hominem attacks against those who are attempting to educate us about Islam and Muhammad. Moreover, I would suggest that he check out the following websites:

The term radical Islam (or extreme Islam) is a misnomer. This term implies that only a small number of Muslim Extremists adhere to a form of Islam which we, in the west, consider radical (according to our mores,morals and ethical values). Moreover, it is assumed that those who practice radical Islam are corrupting the message espoused in the Qur’an and Sunnah (sayings and tradtitions of Muhammad). In fact many ‘pundits’ in the media as well as many politicians (including President Bush), clergy and academicians have stated that “… a small number of radicals and extremists have hijacked a peaceful religion…”
By making such a mendacious proclamation, the implication is that Islam is a peaceful religion.
Nothing could be further from the truth!

Keep in mind that Muhammad’s Islam, fundamental Islam is not RADICAL ISLAM.
Pious Muslims who follow Muhammad’s example, outlined in the Qur’an and Sunnah, are practicing fundamental Islam (Muhammad’s Islam, ie authentic Islam).
The definition of radical according to Merriam-Webster is:

marked by a considerable departure from the usual or traditional : extreme b: tending or disposed to make extreme changes in existing views, habits, conditions, or institutions c: of, relating to, or constituting a political group associated with views, practices, and policies of extreme change d: advocating extreme measures to retain or restore a political state of affairs

Hence, those differing from traditional, fundamental views and who insist upon extreme change can be considered radical.

Ergo: Those who seek to reform or change Islam by changing the Qur’an/Sunnah or by adding to or subtracting from the Qur’an/Sunnah are radical.
Therefore, many individuals who label themselves as ‘moderates’ are the true radicals. Those individuals who seek to reform Islam are the true radicals.
Anyone who seeks to change Muhammad’s version of Islam is a radical.

All of those well meaning individuals (former Muslims and peaceful Muslims included) are radicals.

This is why I say - without equivocation - that Islam has to be exposed, rejected and refuted - just as Nazism was. Why would any intelligent human being want to follow a religious/political agenda such as that espoused in the Qur’an/Sunnah?
The more benign aspects of of Islamic scripture do not constitute a convincing argument to follow Muhammad. Also, keep in mind that the more benign (Meccan) verses of the Qur’an have been “abrogated” in favor of the more belligerent (Medinan) verses.

The bottom line is this: the Qur’an is a terrorist manifesto and the Sunnah is a declaration of war against mankind.

Jeff Grill, M.D.

Jeff Grill, Tuesday, February 20th

I tend to agree -- If someone states "the majority of Muslims are violent", such claims can only strengthen the opposite side. Labelin an entire group as "violent" is a patent falsehood which I find extremely aggravating. It's not "helpful." (Ditto for anyone who alleges, "Muslims are despicable or that Muslims are a despicable lot" obvious statements made by racist bigots...which, btw, gets my dander up and I start defending Muslims.)

But at the other extreme (which, btw, I find even more common) is the notion that only a bigot could possibly feel that there's anything "wrong" with the religion of Islam and its current followers. So many (at least here in Canada) appear to be in a state of total denial. If "problems" exist in the Islamic world -- well, obviously, that's the fault of Israel or the United States. When this lop-sided assessment occurs, my response is to point out the problems with the Islamists (along with the problematic nature of Koranic statemsnts, which the Islamists wish to assert are the ONLY genuine or authentic interpretations.) There are other interpretations out there -- and there's even now an effort to have Islam become amenable to (or compatible with) secularists (I don't know how successful such an effor will be, but at least it's a start).

The real "trick", I suppose is to find the proper balance...(extremely difficult, but it has to be found). And, I suppose, at one point or another most of us have probably slipped up (or made statements too far to one side or statements "not sufficiently nuanced.").

J.S., Sunday, February 18th

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