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These pages are a searchable archive of news reports, editorials and other web resources related to Israel. They are intended to be used for study and to aid in research for journalists, bloggers and students. They are based on materials prepared by Stephen Franklin and reproduced here by permission. Remarks at the end of each entry show the source and the type of material, and some show classification information.

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Documents, Articles and materials

15-Mar-1999 - The Status of Jerusalem Text MFA

1998? - The Palestinian Refugee Issue From A FATEH Perspective - This address by Fatah Central Committee member Sakher Habash explains that Fateh policy is to perpetuate the refugee problem and to use return of the Palestinian refugees as a "winning card" that will mean the end of Israel. According Habash, this is also the policy of the Palestinian National Authority.

23-Oct-1998 - Wye River Memorandum  Israel Palestine Netanyahu Arafat agreement Text UN

28-Jul-1998 - PLO Charter letter to UN PLO Charter Israeli letter showing that the charter is unchanged. Text UN

2-Jan-1997 - Y Chromosomes of Jewish Priests DNA Ashkenazi and Sephardi Cohanim proved to have same origin PDF

10-May-1996 - Arafat's Stockholm Address Oslo Trojan Horse "We Palestinians will take over everything, including all of Jerusalem" Text Insight

25-Apr-1996 - PLO Charter Wasn't Changed Fatah Text 

13-Sep-1993 - The Oslo Declaration of Principles  Rabin Arafat Text UN

1-Jul-1992 - The Question of Palestine British-Jewish-Arab Relations:1914-1918 P 84 - 85 Twice promised land Resolves the issue of the twice promised land Book written by Isaiah Friedman

15-Dec-1988 - UN GA Resolution 43/177. Question of Palestine Palestine State Resolution Text UN

1988: Palestinian Declaration of Independence - Under the impetus of the uprising ("Intifadeh") in the Israeli-occupied Arab territories, the Palestine Liberation Organization declared a state in exile. Some see this declaration as implying recognition of Israel, but the declaration makes no mention of Israel or of UN resolution 242.

1-Nov-1988 - The Hamas Charter  Hamas Text Hamas

20-Dec-1981 - Statement by Prime Minister Begin on US Measures Against Israel Text Israel

17-Sep-1978 - The Camp David Framework Agreements and also The Camp David Accords  Text US, Israel & Egypt Governments

11-Nov-1977 - Begin broadcast quoting Sura 5 Egypt Peace Text MFA

17-Jul-1968 - Palestinian National Charter - Revised document adopted by the Palestine Liberation Organization in 1968, as the basis for their struggle against Israel and Zionism. In 1993, as part of the Oslo agreement, the Palestinians promised to cancel key provisions of the charter that denied the right of Israel to exist. The PLO executive met on two different occasions (the second one in the presence of President Clinton) to alter the charter. 

22-Nov-1967 - 1967: UN Security Council Resolution 242- Resolution adopted following the  6-Day War, calling for a negotiated peace and Israeli withdrawal from territories conquered in the 6 Day war.  Text UN

1-Sep-1967 - 1967: Khartoum Resolutions - Following the 6-Day war, an Arab summit meeting in Khartoum rejected the possibility of peace or negotiations with Israel.

1-Jun-1967 - Six Day War Comprehensive Timeline 6 day war Text sixdaywar.co.uk

1964 - Palestinian National Charter (original) - The Palestine Liberation Organization was formed in this period at the instigation of Syria and Egypt and adopted a charter calling for the destruction of Israel and "liberation" of all of "Palestine.

1-Jul-1964 - The Fateh Constitution Fatah Approximate date Text Fatah

17-Nov-1958 - Statement to the Special Political Committee of the United Nations General Assembly by Ambassador Eban Arab Refugees Text MFA

Undated - Ethical Code of the Israel Defence Forces Purity of Arms is something the Israeli army takes extremely seriously.  Text IDF The Ethical Code of the IDF

3-Apr-1949 - Rhodes Armistice Agreement Between Israel and Jordan Note Article 2 Para 2 stated in effect that the armistice did not establish final borders UN

28-May-1948 - SS Lieutenant Robert Brandenburg SS p 187 Jewish Quarter In command of Iraqi forces that captured Jewish quarter with arab Legion PDF Freie Deutsche Jugend

15-May-1948 - Establishment of the State of Israel TIMES ARCHIVE Text The Times

14-May-1948 - Declaration of Establishment of State of Israel Israel Independence Text ISRAEL Government Alternative at MidEastweb, with Introduction:  Declaration of Independence of the State of Israel

8-May-1948 - The British Record on Partition

22-Feb-1948 - Ben Yehuda Street bombing 58 Jewish civilians killed by British deserters Text Zionism

29-Nov-1947 - UN GA Resolution 181 End of British Mandate for Palestine Text UN Alternative with introduction:  UN Partition Plan for Palestine: General Assembly Resolution 181

3-Sep-1947 - UNSCOP Report Alternate with Introduction - Report of UNSCOP - The UN Special Commission on Palestine

4-Jul-1947 - UNSCOP report to UN GA (Oral evidence) "The very terms of the Mandate and the fundamental intentions of its authors ruled out any conclusion that the policy of the White Paper was in conformity with the Mandate."

Testimony of Ashkenazy Orthodox, Histadrut Leaders and Moshe Sharrett to UNSCOP

Testimony of David Ben Gurion to UNSCOP

Testimony of Chaim Weizmann to UNSCOP - This remarkable testimony to the UNSCOP on July 8, 1947, contains both a capsule summary of Zionism as well as important background on the intent of the Balfour declaration.

20-Apr-1946 - Anglo-American Committee of Inquiry Palestine Jews in Europe Text Avalon (Yale). With introduction: Report of the Anglo American Committee of Inquiry - The Committee rejected partition and recommended allowing 100,000 Jewish immigrants to enter Palestine. Palestine would remain a cultural "Jewish Homeland" but Jews and Arabs would work together. The report of the commission provides an excellent detailed summary of the history of Palestine under the mandate and of security conditions, as well as appalling documentation of the Holocaust and its effects on European Jewry

1-Feb-1946 - The Zionist Movement Zionism Palestine Includes many treaties Text Zionist Organisation of America (ZOA)

22-Nov-1945 - Cemetery into Business Center Mamilla cemetery Museum of Tolerance site PDF Palestine Post

15-Jun-1944 - The Auschwitz Album Photos of Jews arriving from Hungary for slaughter at Auschwitz VideoYad Vashem

28-Nov-1941 - Hitler & the Mufti Nazi Husseini Text Jewish Virtual Library

29-Jun-1939: Permanent Mandates Commission of the League of Nations- Report 29th June 1939: A.  Palestine:  observations on the policy laid down in the  White Paper of May 1939 -  League of Nations Mandates commission found that British policy was not in conformance with the mandate, but did not make a unanimous recommendation to the League Council.

29-Jun-1939 - White Paper not in accordance with mandate Paragraph 110 Text UK (quoting PMC)

1-May-1939 - MacDonald White Paper Palestine: Statement of Policy With Introduction: The British White Paper

9-Nov-1938 - Kristallnacht 9th-10th November 1938 Night of infamy Text Museum of Tolerance

30-Nov-1937 - The Passfield White Paper- The Passfield White Paper, issued simultaneously with the Hope-Simpson report, adopted the provisions of the Hope-Simpson report and declared that the protection of the rights of Arab inhabitants was of equal importance to the mission of the British Mandate with the development of a Jewish National Home.

7-Apr-1933 -

Nazi Anti-Jewish Laws Text ADL

1-Oct-1930 - 1930: The Hope-Simpson Report - (note - this is a very large document) The Hope Simpson report, issued following the riots of 1929, recommended the cessation of Jewish immigration to Palestine pending development of irrigation, which might allow the immigration of an additional 20,000 families.

24-Aug-1929 - A Recently Revealed Letter of a Survivor of the Hebron Massacre PDF

23-Aug-1929 - The Hebron massacre, August 23, 1929. Text Toby Klein Greenwald

1-Jul-1925 - A brief guide to Al-Haram Al- Sharif Grand Mufti P 4 Its identity with the site of Solomon's Temple is beyond dispute." PDF Amin el Husseini

3-Dec-1924 - The Anglo-American Convention Enshrines Mandate borders of Palestine in treaty Text League of Nations

12-Aug-1922 - British Mandate for Palestine Note articles 6 and 7 Text The League of Nations

3-Jun-1922 - The Churchill ("Command") White Paper - Document that created, in effect, the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, while reasserting the commitment of Great Britain to a Jewish National Home in Palestine west of the Jordan river.

24-Apr-1920 - San Remo Resolution - Resolution of the 1920 San Remo conference of the four principal allied powers, concerning the distribution of class "A" mandates in the Middle East territories of the former Ottoman Empire. Syria was to have been an independent state. Palestine was to have been a Jewish homeland, but the mandate was not yet assigned to any country. This document should not be confused with a document called the "San Remo Convention" that appears in a few places on the Web, but which is identical to the text of the British Mandate for Palestine issued in London in 1922 by the League of Nations

15-Dec-1919 - THE SURAFEND AFFAIR Massacre of Arabs by Australians Text Australian Records

3-Jan-1919 - Feisal-Weizmann Agreement Accord 1st Arab Jewish agreement Article IV is particularly interesting Text Zionism-Israel.com with Introduction.

1895-1974 - Amin el Husseini Grand Mufti of Jerusalem

WHAT THE QUR'AN REALLY SAYS Text Shaykh Prof. Abdul Hadi Palazzi

Understanding the Arab-Israeli Conflict Quotes Useful quotes (last updated 2008)

The Trial of Adolf Eichmann Nazi Mufti

The Role of the SS Handschar division in Yugoslavia's Holocaust Nazi Palestine Text Flame

Taqiyya Lying that is permitted by Islam

Sura 5 Koran "God Gives the Holy Land to Israel"

Peace treaty with Israel is a temporary measure Oslo accords PA Many comments by PA and others describing Oslo as temporary measure Text Wikipedia


Muftism and Nazism: World War II Collaboration Documents Nazi Mufti


Justice In International Law Text Article by Schwebel in UPJF

Joseph's Tomb Palestine PA Text Wikipedia

Jerusalem and Ibrahim Pasha (II of III) 1830s Many Egyptians came to Palestine with Ibrahim Pasha of Egypt

Is Israel Guilty of Ethnic Cleansing? 1948 Refugees 1948 Arab refugees Text Jerusalem Post

History of Israel in a nutshell PP Udi Ohana

Cartoons from the Arab World Anti-Semitic Cartoons Cartoon Mideast Media Analysis

Ayodhya Mosque built at Hindu holy place

Radical Islamism and Arab Nationalism since 1915

Israel Apartheid Quotes

Accounts of the Holy Land in 19th Century

Response to Apartheid Campaigns Stand With Us

Water Israel has a 75 percent water-recycling rate, making it the world's number one water recycler. The second-largest water recycler is Spain, with a rate of 12 percent.

Roots Club, Gaza 5 star hotel in Gaza


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