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Israel: Human Rights

Is Israel really the world's leader in human rights violations? Is Zionism Racism?

Human Rights in Israel and other Countries

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People say Israel is a ‘fascist, apartheid state.’ Is this true? Are the countless exclusive UN condemnations of Israeli Human Rights violations really justified? Is Israel really a "world leader in human rights violations? To help you decide, here are some important images and facts.

If you are a progressive, if you care about human rights, gay rights, women's rights, compassion, think carefully, which side are you on? 

Human rights in Iran and Israel


In Zionist Racist Israel   ln Iran

 Human rights- Israel - Bahai Shrine in Haifa

  Human rights - Iran- destruction of the shrine of the bab
Israel - A part of the Bahai Shrine in Haifa, where Bahai, refugees from Iranian persecution, enjoy complete religious freedom.

The Bahai faith is a true religion of peace. It was founded over 100 years ago in Iran, but its followers are not allowed to practice their religion in Iran. They are not allowed to practice it freely anywhere in the Middle East in fact, except Israel.

  Iran - This was the the most sacred site for one of Iran’s largest religious minorities, the Baha’is. Situated in Shiraz, the house belonged to the Bab, the first of the two Baha’i prophets. The Iranian Islamist revolutionary government instigated the destruction of this holy shrine. Today, the remains of the Bab are buried in the golden shrine in Israel. 
In Zionist Racist Israel   ln Iran
  Iran - Bahai religious martyrs
Israel - Religious pluralism - a place for Christians, Jews, Muslims, Druze, Bahai. Each with their own belief, or no belief.   Iran - Real religious martyrs - These Bahai women were hanged by the Iranian government for teaching school.
In Zionist Racist Israel   ln Iran
Human Rights - Gay pride parade in Israel   Human Rights - Hanging Gays in Iran
Israel - Gay Pride Parade in Jerusalem.   Iran - People are hanged for the "crime" of Homosexuality
In Zionist Racist Israel   ln Iran
Israel - Arab women can vote in practically the only free multiparty elections in the Middle East.   Iran - Women can vote, but only for "Islamic" candidates. This woman is about to be stoned for adultery.


Human Rights in Israel and elsewhere

Israel: Which Side Are You On?

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Human Rights in Israel and Iran