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Jew!?- Epithet with a Pedigree

This Jew Page

This Jew page is not intended to give a thorough explanation of the origins and history of the Jews, our nation or the Jewish faith. It is here to counteract hate materials about Jews that abound on the Internet, but it is not joke or filibuster. This is the truth about Jews.

Who is a Jew?

Jews are members or descendants of members of the Jewish faith or the Jewish people, that had a kingdom in ancient Judea and Israel and were then called Hebrews, Judeans or children of Israel (Bnei Yisrael).?Jewish orthodox religious law recognizes anyone whose mother is Jewish as a Jew. Reform Jews also recognize as Jewish anyone whose father was a Jew. Israeli Law of Return recognizes anyone who had at least one Jewish grandparent, and who has not converted to a different faith, as a Jew. Non-Jews often use a much looser definition, so that even Jews who are are descendants of converts, like Karl Marx, or Benjamin Disraeli may be called a "Jew." The Nazi regime used a pseudo-scientific criterion of racial descent, so that a Jew with one Jewish parent was a "half Jew," a Jew with a Jewish grandparent was an eighth Jew.


A Jew may thus be a person, who believes in the Jewish faith, a person? who identifies themselves as a member of the Jewish people, or a person defined by others as a Jew, or all any of the above in combination. Members of the Jewish faith believe that there is one God, who is omnipotent and indivisible, and with whom the Jews have a covenant, a special relationship of ethical and moral obligations and of protection. Jews do not allow any images of their God. The foundations of the Jewish faith are given in the The Old Testament Bible and in the later law books, particularly the Mishna, the?Talmud and the Shulchan Aruch.

Origin of the word 'Jew'

The word Jew first appears in Middle English about 1000 A.C.E. and is probably derived from similar forms in Old French, such as giu and juieu. These in turn are probably from the Latin "Judeaus" which is the Latin form of the Hebrew word "Yehuda" - Judah, which was the name of one of the Jewish tribes and of the ancient Jewish kingdom. The word "Jew" or similar words, are used in many European languages, often as pejoratives. Thus, the more polite Russian word for "Jew" is evrei,? while Zhid is the word used by Jew haters.?

Becoming a Jew

The Jewish religion does not, as a rule, actively seek converts, but it is possible for a non-Jew to become a Jew -- convert to Judaism -- either following the stricter Orthodox rules, or the more lenient courses of study and preparation followed by Conservative, Reform or Reconstructionist Judaism. If you are curious about conversion, further information is at Converting to Judaism.

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Jew Hate

The many meanings and overtones of the word "Jew" in English betray the history of racism and prejudice that has beset the Jewish people for about 2,000 years. "Don't Jew me down" and "Don't be such a Jew" are linguistic legacies that attest to the attitudes and the facts about Jew hate, not about Jews.

The Jew has been considered the epitome of evil in Western society for over 2,000 years. Anti-Semitism (see also Time-Line: Anti-Semitism), the term used for Jew hate, was coined in the 19th century, but Jew hate originated before Christianity. Pagan authors insisted that the Jews worshipped a golden donkey in the temple. This myth was repeated by Tacitus. The fathers of the Christian church spread rumors that Jews engaged in cannibalism. One of these was quoted by Edward Gibbon in the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire.? Jew-Hate has periodically erupted in violence, expulsions and religious persecution. Jews were expelled from Jerusalem in the time of the Romans, they were expelled from Spain several times, they were expelled from medieval Britain. During the rusades, the Jews of several German towns were murdered, and the Crusaders expelled the Jews from Jerusalem. Jews were treated better in Muslim countries, but they also underwent periodic persecution and forced conversions. As Arab and Muslim society declined, the position of the Jew declined in Muslim society, In the nineteenth century, many observers reported that it is customary for Muslim children to throw rocks at Jews. (see Jews in Arab Lands ),

In medieval Europe and until the 19th century in fact, Jews were confined to ghettos and the occupations permitted to them were often restricted. Forced religious conversions were frequent. The "ghetto Jew" became a standard stereotype. The Shakespearean play, "The Merchant of Venice," immortalized the European stereotype of the Jew as a crafty and evil money lender.

Emancipation freed the Jew from the ghetto, but the Jew soon found his way barred in many areas of modern society: clubs, universities and professions were often closed to Jews, or had a quota for Jews. In modern times, Jew hatred was exacerbated by the rise of nationalism. The Czarist Russian government forced Jews to live in a pale of settlement. Czarist secret police helped to incite massacres of Jews in the nineteenth century, called Pogroms.

In the early twentieth century Jew hate was rife in most of Europe. Western culture took stereotypes of Jew hate for granted. The novels of Dorothy Sayers, Agatha Christie and Scott Fitzgerald portrayed the Jew as crafty, pushy and dishonest. In his youthful diary, Somerset Maugham described the Jew as crafty, dishonest and ugly, and "Jewesses" as sexy and promiscuous.

In France, the Jew Alfred Dreyfus was disgraced, dismissed from the French army and banished to exile on a false espionage charge at the end of the nineteenth century. The Jew became the target of numerous right wing groups in Central and Eastern Europe. European Jew hate culminated in the?Holocaust, perpetrated by the Nazi regime in Germany, in which six million Jews were murdered. The Holocaust was perpetrated by the Germans, but they were eagerly assisted by Jew haters in the territories they occupied, and by the fact that almost no country in the world was willing to take in Jews fleeing Nazi persecution.?

The Holocaust also spawned a new Jew hate libel, Holocaust denial: the perverse claim that Jews fabricated the story of the Holocaust.. Anti-Semites variously refer to the "Holocaust Myth," and "Holocaust Hoax." Massive documentation, confessions of war criminals, accounts of survivors, physical evidence of the gas chambers, documentary records, population statistics, crematoria and death camps are all dismissed as "inventions" by Holocaust deniers.?

Following the Holocaust, outright Jew hate became less fashionable in the West, and therefore the same product is often served up in the guise of "anti-Zionism." In the USSR, the Jew was attacked as a "rootless cosmopolitan," and "Zionist" was used consistently as a substitute for "Jew." The Soviets invented an anti-Semitic "science" of Zionology. This practice spread, so that myths of Zionist control of the world substituted in many places for myths of Jewish control.

However, in the Arab world some Jew haters are more honest, and use the Jew word unabashedly. For example, in Al Ahram, Khaled Amayreh recently quoted a Palestinian official as saying of German Chancellor Angela Merkel : "This woman, like all German leaders since [Konrad] Adenauer, feels enslaved by the Jews." Al-Ahram also reported that Jimmy Carter lashed out against "the Jews" at an award ceremony.

Copies of the forged Protocols of the Elders of Zion, Hitler's Mein Kampf, Henry Ford's International Jew, and other hateful works, many produced in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, continue to circulate, especially in the Arab world. These and other books perpetuate Jew hate, and harp on the following classic themes:

Jews are all powerful.

Jews are taught by the Talmud to be deceitful, to hate non-Jews and to plot the conquest of the world.

Jews practice ritual murder of Christians. This is called the blood libel. It was condemned by some popes but affirmed by others (See Papal Bulls about Jews). Even today there are groups and Web sites that support the cults of child "saints" like Andreas of Rinn and Simon of Trent allegedly murdered in fictitious Jewish rituals. The ?blood libel is widely believed in the Arab world and supported by a popular book by Moustapha Tlass, former Defense Minister of Syria.

Jews start all the wars, including World War I, World War II, the Iraq War and the French Revolution.

The Jews have secret lore, including hidden plots against Christians, revealed in a "secret" book called the Hesronot Shas, which only Jews are allowed to read.?

There is a powerful Jewish conspiracy, the Elders of Zion, that is plotting to take over the world.

Jews bake Matzot or Purim pastries from the blood of Christian children. This medieval accusation appeared in a Saudi Arabian journal not long ago.

"The Jews" are responsible for World War I, World War II, the Russian Revolution and the French Revolution. These accusations recur in various places, including the charter of the Hamas movement.

Jews invented the Holocaust, in order to gain concessions from the world, and in particular, to get a Jewish state.

There are No Jews

A novel form of Jew Hatred has been invented by a Jew. We shall call it Jew denial. Shlomo Zand, a professor of French history, insists that Jews are all impostors and not descended from the ancient Jews. Jews, according to Zand, were never exiled from Roman Palestine, and all those people in the Diaspora were converts. The "real" Jews of ancient times are the Arabs of Palestine. Hitler killed the wrong people, it seems. More about Zand and his ideas: Jewish people: Do we exist?? ?

Jew Pig

Medieval and renaissance churches in Germany and a few other places in Europe are decorated with a common motif called the Judensau - Jew Pig or Jews Pig. This shows Jews performing various indecent acts with pigs. A particularly odious one was reproduced in a book published in Frankfurt Am Main in the 18th century. It shows Jews copulating with a pig and suckling it, while a goat copulates with a Jewess and the Devil looks on. The top panel represents the blood libel. showing the child "martyr" Simon of Trent. ?

Jew Pig - Judensau

Jew Gold

Jew Gold is a superstition that may have originated with the satirical animated show, South Park. The claim is that Jews have a bag of gold that they wear around their necks, or perhaps that Jews wear one fake bag that is fairly visible and contains only rocks and a different one that is real and concealed and contains the gold. Unfortunately, the "joke" is believed in one form or another by many people, such as for example, a Dr. William Pierce who wrote about it here: natvan.com/free-speech/fs987c.html. You can see the clip of the Jew Gold episode from Southpark here

Jew on the Internet

Although Google and other search engines do not feature the Jew hate Web sites as prominently as they once did, it is still very easy to find anti-Semitic propaganda on the Web. Some of these sites are returned for keyword "Zionism." Some of the principle purveyors of racism today include these Web sites among others:

jewwatch.com/ - Features Jewish conspiracies, Protocols of the Elders of Zion, Henry Ford's "International Jew," Zionist Occupied Government (see ZOG). Claims that Leon Trotsky was a Zionist, a claim that might surprise a lot of Trotskyites. This site was once returned by Google as number 1 for keyword "Jew." It now seems to be listed only for its main page domain name.


biblebelievers.org.au - Protocols of the Elders of Zion and similar materials.


serendipity.li/zionism.htm - Portrays "Zionism" as a "pernicious" conspiracy precisely the way Judaism is described by anti-Semites. Google returns this site as number 3 currently when people search for "Zionism."


stormfront.org - American Nazi Party.


ziopedia.org - An up and coming Australian anti- "Zionist" Web site that features standard anti-Semitic shibboleths. At one point the owner threatened to close the site for lack of funds. It seems that this problem was quickly remedied by eager donors.?


rense.com - Claims to be anti-"Zionist." Features links to the defunct ABBC.COM Web site. Sample material:

Zionists Made A Deal With The Devil
Accepting The 'Protocols of the Elders of Zion'

radioislam.org - Features Jew-Hate and Jew Hate disguised as anti-Zionism.


ihr.org/ - Holocaust Denial.


jewscontrol.com/? - Charges that Jews control the media, the government etc.


zundel.org - Web site of an infamous Holocaust denier


?www.zundelsite.org/english/101/101toc.html - features the "Holocaust Myth" (see? Holocaust Myth


www.natall.com??is prominently featured in search engines for keyword "Holocaust Hoax"

Note - if you write about these sites on the Web, please do not link to them, as that will increase their popularity in search engines.


And of course there was the Iran Holocaust Contest - a virtual event that may be a preparation for the real thing.


Jews, Zionism and the Talmud

The Talmud is the oral exegesis of Jewish law. Anti-Semites claim that the Talmud teaches hatred of gentiles, and that it is the basis of Zionism. However, the "gentiles" of the Talmud were pagans and not monotheists, and the claims often cite non-existent books of the Talmud such as "Libbre David" invented by anti-Semites. The claim? that Zionism originated in the Talmud, is absurd. Many of the founders of Zionism, including Theodore Herzl, were not religious Jews and did not follow the Talmud. There are several non-Zionist and anti-Zionist Jewish sects, such as the Neturei Karta and the Satmar Hassidim? (originating in the Transylvanian town of Satu Mare) (see also Jews against Zionism). All of them follow Talmudic law, and include many Talmudic scholars. None of them are Zionists. The same Web sites that claim that the Talmud is the basis of Zionism often proudly link to Neturei Karta and Jews against Zionism Web sites, which explain why, in their view, the Talmud forbids Zionism!


The Protocols of the Elders of Zion

The Protocols of the Elders of Zion is a document fabricated by the Czarist Okhrana secret police in the nineteenth century. It claims that the Jews plan to take over the world in conjunction with the Freemasons. The document was apparently concocted by plagiarizing from an 1864 non-anti-Semitic satire by Maurice Joly, about Louis Napoleon, and from an 1868 anti-Semitic novel by one Hermann Goedche written in 1868. In 1921, the New York Times revealed the protocols as a hoax, based on a book by Lucien Wolfe published in London, on research by Alan Dulles and information supplied by an anti-Semitic Russian emigre.?The Protocols of the Elders of Zion are sometimes entitled "The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion."

A version of the document and elaborations on the theme of the "International Jew" were published by Henry Ford's Dearborn Independent newspaper in a series of articles in the 1920s. Ford had printed 500,000 copies of the Protocols, but he later retracted and apologized. Nonetheless, racists cite Ford as an "authority" for the authenticity of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. The Protocols of the Elders of Zion have been translated into many languages including Arabic, and regrettably enjoy a wide readership in Arab countries. The Hamas Charter assumes that they are factual.

?Further reading about Protocols of the Elders of Zion

In addition to our own article about the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, you may be interested in these sources: Wikipedia - Protocols of the Elders of Zion Christian Action: The Protocols of the Elders of Zion? (quotes Ford's repudiation)? The Protocols of the Elders of Zion and Anti-Semitic Conspiracism The Protocols of the Elders of Zion among Palestinians.? A Web site that give the texts of protocols are biblebelievers.org.au/przion1.htm which calls it the "Zionist" plan for conquest. This site - biblebelievers.org.au/intern_jew.htm publicizes the "International Jew" articles of Henry Ford. This page documents Egyptian publicity for a television series based on the: Protocols of the Elders of Zion. This article by an Egyptian comments on the TV Series: "Knight without a Horse" that dramatized the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

More about the above at Jew, Talmud Zionism - sense and nonsense about the Jewish religion.


The image of the Jew

First, some pictures of actual Jew-Zionists. We come in all shapes, colors and sizes.

, Jew Zionist immigrant to Israel
This is Jew-Zionist Mehereta Baruch, card carrying member of the international racist Jew-Zionist conspiracy. She is an immigrant to Israel from Ethiopia. This Jew-Zionist is wearing a T-shirt that says "This is what a Zionist looks like". She is a new immigrant to Israel as well.

Below are some fanciful portrayals of Jews.

Jew - Nazi version The image at left shows a Nazi portrayal of a Jew, helping the "enemies of the Reich," the USSR and USA. A larger version of the poster is here. The picture at the right and the one below it show Jews with a large nose and the usual stereotypical features in Arab "anti-Zionist" propaganda. Click the image at right to see a larger version. A common tactic of modern anti-Semitic propaganda is to portray Jews, Israelis or Zionists as Nazis, as illustrated in the cartoon at right. Lenny Brenner did so in his book "Zionism in the Age of the Dictators." Slavoj Zizek has the same basic idea. German bishops, of all people, visited Israel and proclaimed that Israelis are like Nazis. An article that originally appeared in Haaretz newspaper was deliberately distorted to create the lie that the IDF uses Nazi tactics against Palestinians.


Anti-Semitism: Image of the Jew in the Arab world and Pro-Palestinian Groups

Anti-Zionism is Anti-Semitism, or Jew hate. Arab world propaganda prominently features Jew hate, and anti-Semitism is regrettably a permanent feature of Arab world rhetoric (see Arab and Muslim anti-Semitism - A Study) .? Honest supporters of the Palestinian cause condemn anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism, but anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism? are in fact mingled freely with "criticism of Israel" in Arab propaganda and in Web sites like Rense.com, serendipity.li and the IHR Holocaust denier's Web site. Recently a pro-Palestinian movement (ISM in Britain) failed to pass resolutions condemning anti-Semitism.

Jew: Anti-Zionism and Arab Anti-Semitism

Anti-Semitism in US Policy - "The Jews" control the government


The idea that the "Israel Lobby" controls the United States is not new. Though it is now popularized by Jimmy Carter, it was already a pillar of attitudes to Israel in 1967, on the eve of the Six Day War, as revealed in recently declassified documents. Actually, US policy at the time was probably more influenced by the pro-Arab Aramco lobby, which pressured the government, apparently successfully, to renege on its commitments to support Israeli rights to navigation in the Straits of Tiran. In Britain popular journals recently pictured the Jews taking over Europe, but a reformed terrorist revealed that actually, British authorities had made a deal with Islamist terrorists to allow them to operate freely, so long as they do not perpetrate acts of terror in Britain.

Jews taking over the Britain -Statesmen Jews taking over the USA -Indpendent

New Statesman cover for article by Pilger & Sowell.

Independent cover for Robert Fisk

Famous Jews

Attention Jew Haters. Here are some famous Jews to hate:

Jew: Jesus of Nazareth Jew: Mary, Mother of Jesus Jew: John the Baptist
Jesus of Nazereth
King of the Jews
Mary, Jewish
Mother of Jesus
Joseph, Jewish
father of Jesus
Jew: John
the Baptist


Remember that, Mr. Mel Gibson and Biblebelievers. Since someone wrote and asked if Jesus was really a Jew, we should emphasize that indeed he was a Jew, born of a Jewish mother and therefore Jewish by Halachic law even today. This must be true according to Christian belief as well as historically, since Christians believe that Jesus is a descendant of King David.


Jesus celebrated the Passover holiday with his disciples before the Roman authorities crucified him. That was "The last supper."


Jesus said He was a Jew and was very proud of it:

John 4:22 Ye worship ye know not what: we know what we worship: for salvation is of the Jews.

Jesus said "we." It was not an accident.


A few more "evil" Jews in modern times:

Albert Einstein? - Famous Jew-Zionist.

Jonas Salk - Inventor of the polio vaccine - a Jew.

Albert Sabin - Inventor of the oral polio vaccine - a Jew.

Edwin Land - Inventor of the Polaroid Camera - a Jew.

Carl Sagan - Astronomer, Author - a Jew.

Norbert Wiener - Invented Cybernetics ?- a Jew. .....


There are hundreds and hundreds of these people and you hate all of them. Too bad for you! Too bad for Hitler, who forced all the Jewish or part-Jewish scientists in Europe to flee - these included, among many stars - Albert Einstein, Lisa Meitner, Max Born and a host of others. This was a great blow to the Nazi war effort, and fortunate for the allies. Among those forced to flee was Fritz Haber, a Jew who originally had the delusion he could be a German. Haber's work was crucial to the German war effort in World War I. He had haughtily turned down all requests to back Zionism, as he was a proud German, but in the end, stripped of his honors, his position in the university and in society, he had to admit, too late, that the Zionists were right.?


See also Jewish Scientists and Philosophers ?Jewish Nobel Prize Winners


Humor about Jew hate

Uncyclopedia: Jew


My Favorite Jew Jokes

Ikey is reading a newspaper on a park bench. His friend Mo sees him and says:

"Ikey, why are you reading that anti-Semitic newspaper?"

"Mo, I like to read good things about the Jews."

"Good things?"

"Certainly. It says right here that we Jews control the banks, Jews control the newspapers, Jews control the government and all Jews are rich. So what could be bad?"

It's 1932. Ikey and Morris the Jews haven't had work in a year. They are hungry. They see a sign on a church,

"Converts to the Catholic Faith get $100.

$$$ One Hundred Dollars!! $$$"

A fortune in 1932!!?

But converting to Catholicism is a big barrier. Ikey and Morris aren't religious, but still, they do not want to leave their people and insult the memory of their ancestors... And yet, they are very hungry. A hundred dollars would buy a lot of food in 1932, and pay the rent too.

"And what if we convert and they don't pay?" asks Morris.

"I'll tell you what," says Ikey. I'll do it, and if they pay, then you can do it."

So Ikey goes into the church, and Morris waits expectantly, and waits, and waits..."

At length, Ikey emerges, beaming.

"So, how was it, Ikey?" asks Morris.

"Ikey? Who is Ikey? I am Aloysius Xavier now."

"OK, OK but how was it?"

"Oh it was wonderful. Father O'Brien said the mass, and at the conclusion the congregants participated in the Eucharist and..."

"Never mind all that, what about the money. Did you get the $100?"

"Money! All you Jews ever think about is money!"?


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