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After all you heard about the terrible Z-word and the terrible Z-people, here is a fast lesson in the facts about Zionists (oops, there's that word). Zionists are not afraid to say they are Zionists, not just "pro-Israel" but Zionist. Zionists who are members of the Jewish people are not afraid to be proud that they are Jewish. We are Jews, not "J people."†

Who are Zionists?

We are Zionists, and we are proud Zionists too. "Zionist" is dirty name only in the mouths of racist and evil minded people. Some of them use it as a "polite" way of saying "Jew". This page was created to counter some myths about Zionism and Zionists that have been spread by the usual sorts of people ("r people" - anti-Zionism is "r" - racism).†

What Zionists believe

Zionists believe that the Jews are a people and deserve a country of their own. Zionists believe in Zionism, the national liberation movement of the Jewish people. Zionism is not against anyone and it is not racist. Zionism implements the right of self determination of the Jewish people.

Until the 19th century, almost every Jew was a Zionist at heart, but there was no Zionist movement, and therefore no political Zionism. Theodor Herzl founded the Zionist political movement, though he was not the first Zionist. This is the real truth about Zionism and Zionists. Read about the History of Zionism and Zionists.

Zionist Quotes

These are real Zionist quotes of actual Zionists - not the fake kind you may find at many Web sites.

If other national movements which have risen before our eyes were their own justification, can it still be questioned whether the Jews have a similar right? They play a larger part in the life of the civilized nations, and they have rendered greater service to humanity; they have a greater past and history, a common, unmixed descent, an indestructible vigor, an unshakable faith, and an unexampled martyrology; the peoples have sinned against them more grievously than against any other nation. Is not that enough to make them capable and worthy of possessing a fatherland? The struggle of the Jews for national unity and independence as an established nation not only possesses the inherent justification that belongs to the struggle of every oppressed people, but it is also calculated to win the support of the people by whom we are now unwanted. This struggle must become an irresistible factor of contemporary international politics and destined for future greatness. Leon Pinsker, Autoemancipation, 1882

"How can Jews, who demand emancipation in Russia, rob rights and act selfishly toward other workers upon coming to Eretz Israel? If it is possible for many a people to hide fairness and justice behind cannon smoke, how and behind what shall we hide fairness and justice? We should absolutely not deceive ourselves with terrible visions. We shall never possess cannons, even if the goyim shall bear arms against one another for ever. Therefore, we cannot but settle in our land fairly and justly, to live and let live. " (Meir Dizengoff (writing as "Dromi") "The Workers Question," Hatzvi, September 21, 22, 1909)

More Zionist Quotes

This is what a Zionist looks like

Zionists raising the ink flag in Eilat Zinist pioneers, 1930s Zionism: This is what a Zionist looks like


"Racist" Zionists -
Mehereta Baruch
and LaVon Mercer
1948: A young Zionist soldier raises an ink flag in Eilat. His name was Avraham Adan, later General
"Bren" Adan.
Zionist pioneers New Zionist Immigrant,

Some Famous Zionists

Zionist: Photo of Moshe Sharett
David Ben Gurion (1886-1973)
Head of the Zionist Executive; First Prime Minister of Israel
Moshe Sharett (Shertok) (1894 - 1965) Second Prime Minister of Israel Levi Eshkol
Third Prime Minster of Israel
Golda Meir (Meyerson)
Fourth Prime Minister of Israel
Yitzhak Rabin
Fifth Prime Minister of Israel
Shimon Peres (1923- )
Sixth Prime Minister of Israel.

More Photos of Famous Zionists

Biographies of Famous Zionists

Aaron Aaronsohn, Sarah Aaronsohn, Mordechai Anielewicz, Shaul Avigur, Rabbi Yehudah Alkalai, Ehud Barak, Mehereta Baruch, Menachem Begin Yitzhak Ben-Aharon David Ben-Gurion Eliezer Ben Yehuda Yitzhak Ben Zvi (Izhak Ben Tzvi) President of Israel Ber Borochov Chaim Nachman Bialik Joseph Chaim Brenner Esther Cailingold Moshe Dayan Albert Einstein Levi Eshkol Avshalom Feinberg Aaron David (A.D.) Gordon Achad Haam Yehuda HaleviYehoshua Hankin Theodor Herzl Chaim Herzog Moses Hess Ze'ev (Valdimir) Jabotinsky Berl Katznelson Abba Kovner Golda Meir LaVon MercerRabbi Tzvi Hirsh Kalischer (Kalisher) Yitzhak Navon (Izhak Navon)† Benjamin Netanyahu Mordecai Manuel Noah Max Nordau (Simon Maximillian Nordau)Ehud Olmert Colonel John Henry Patterson Shimon Peres Amir Peretz Leon Pinsker Yitzhak Rabin Haviva Reik (Chaviva Reich) Arthur Ruppin Hannah Senesh (Szenes) †Enzo Sereni Yitzhak Shamir Moshe Sharett (Shertok) Manya Shochat (Mania Sho'hat) Ariel Sharon Nahman Syrkin Henrietta Szold Joseph Trumpeldor Chaim Weizmann Orde Charles Wingate

Who is a Zionist?

Anyone of any faith or race who believes that the Jewish people have a right to a land of their own, centered around the ancient Jewish capital in Zion: Jerusalem. is a Zionist. Zionists may be of the Jewish faith and people. They may be Christian or Buddhist or Muslim or atheists. Zionists can be Marxists or monarchists or capitalists.

What is Zionism?? Zionism implements the national liberation of the Jewish people. The Jewish people, like any other people, has the right to self-determination; Jews have a right to a national home in their historic homeland.†† Zionism has made a reality of the "impossible" project of restoration of the Jewish people to our homeland, after nearly 2,000 years of exile. The work of Zionism is far from complete, however.

Zionism has always been† a part of Judaism - The ideological and cultural foundations of Zionism have always been present in Jewish tradition. Most Jews were always Zionist.. Jews always thought of themselves as a nation or people. The concept of "am Yisrael" - the "people of Israel" or "nation of Israel,"† has been inherent in Jewish culture from ancient times. Jewish cultural and religious life always centered around the land of Israel. This did not change during two millennia of dispersion.†

Why Zionists are Proud

Achievements of Zionism - Zionism is the ideological success story of the twentieth century, overcoming seemingly insuperable obstacles to realize an impossible dream. The story of Zionism challenges the imagination. Zionism revived a dying people and brought them back to their land. Zionism changed the image of the land and of the people.

Zionism in Israel - Zionism brought water to a thirsty country. The Israel national water carrier pumps more water in a day than was consumed in all of Palestine in 1948. Thanks to Zionism, glass and steel towers rose from sand dunes; the forgotten and disease ridden armpit of the Ottoman Empire became the most technologically advanced society in the Middle East, where both Arabs and Jews enjoy a higher standard of living than anywhere else in the Middle East, except the petroleum sheikhdoms, the highest literacy rates in the Middle East, and the lowest infant mortality. Zionism benefited Jews and Arabs. The average Israeli Arab enjoys a higher standard of living than the average citizen of oil-rich Saudi Arabia.

Zionist Revolution - Zionists wrought a revolution. Zionism was more than a political movement to obtain a homeland for the Jewish people. Zionists proposed, and carried out, a revolution within Jewish thought and culture. Zionists gave a new life to the ancient Hebrew language.† Zionists changed the image of the Jewish people. Thanks to Zionism, merchants and students and peddlers came out of the ghetto to become Jewish mechanics, Jewish farmers, Jewish engineers and Jewish soldiers. Zionists made the "impossible" into reality. The Zionists ended "the longest occupation in history" - the occupation of the land of Israel.

Benefits of Zionism - Zionism benefited Diaspora Jews as well as those living in Israel, Zionists and anti-Zionists, because it gave a different meaning to the reviled word "Jew." Zionists helped to save people and salvage the vestiges of the dignity and honor of the Jewish people in the Holocaust, bringing boatloads of immigrants to Mandate Palestine in the "illegal" immigration, sending parachutists behind enemy lines to save Jews and help the allied war effort, and leading ghetto revolts and partisan groups. By creating and defending the state of Israel, Zionists ended the 2,000 year nightmare of the Diaspora during which Jews were despised and persecuted by almost every nation in the world, through no fault of our own. Nobody is forced to live in Israel, Zionist or not, but Zionists gave the Jewish people a choice.

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