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What is Zionism-Israel Center?

Zionism & Israel Center  is part of a network of Web sites supporting fair play for Israel by providing basic facts and informed opinion.  Zionism & Israel Center is maintained by a group of volunteers,  who subscribe to the following political  principles:

  • The Jewish people have the right to a national home in Israel

  • Israel has the right to exist

  • Jewish nationalism is as legitimate as the nationalist movement of any other people.

We try to maintain the highest standards of academic and journalistic integrity in our work. If you find errors or omissions, please let us know. This policy applies to our opinions and comments as well as to historical articles. We will never disseminate as true information we know to be false, under the guise of "opinion" or as the attributed claims of others.  See our  Fairness and Accuracy Policy

What are we trying to do here?

These pages were created to explain Zionism and anti-Zionism, and to support the elementary proposition that the Jewish people have the same right to self-determination as the Czechs, Poles, Greeks, Americans, British, French, Armenians, Turks, Jordanians, Lebanese and any other group that chooses to develop its own national culture.

The Zionism pages are intended for use by citizens who want to know about Zionist ideas and history and the controversy surrounding Zionism, and by supporters of Zionism who want to know how to explain Zionism to others.

What is our political position?

The major political propositions we defend in the Zionism pages are that the Jewish people have the right to a national home in Israel, that Israel has the right to exist, and that Jewish nationalism is as legitimate as the nationalist movement of any other people. These pages do not belong to any particular Zionist ideological stream.  In these pages, we do not take any position about political issues within the Zionist movement, or favor any particular definition of Zionism or Zionist program over any other, as long as it is not a definition or program that excludes or delegitimizes others.

Every people has the right to live in freedom and develop its own culture, language and society. Jews are people like any other people. The Jewish people is a people like any other. The Jewish people, like all others, have the right to self-determination in their national home, where they can speak our own language and develop their own culture. Those are the basic ideas of Zionism.

These elementary propositions are grounded in common sense, decency, fair play  and accepted concepts of human rights. They are under attack by an unholy coalition of medieval religious fanatic Jews, assimilationist Jews, Marxist ideologues, Islamists, Arab nationalist extremists, right-wing racists and anti-Semites.

To state the obvious, Jews are as good or as bad as anyone else. Anyone who believes differently is a racist.

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