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†Chaim Nahman Bialik

Biography of Hayyim (Chaim) Nahman Bialik

Hayyim Nahman Bialik (1873-1934), national poet of Israel,† was born in Radi, Volhynia in Russia to a traditional Jewish family and† studied at a yeshiva in Zhitomir. When he was 17, he was sent to the† Talmudic academy in Volozhin, Lithuania where he was attracted to the Haskalah movement and joined the Chovevei Tzion group.† Bialik quickly† drifted away from yeshiva life. .

At 18, Bialik left for Odessa and† became active in Jewish literary circles and† met Achad Ha'am, who had a great influence on him. He published his first poem in Hebrew, El Ha≠Tzipor ("To the Bird"), reflecting† his feelings toward Zion and Russia.† Bialik was not yet a full-time writer and poet. Bialik made his living as a bookkeeper in his father-in-law's business and later taught, published and translated. For six years was literary editor of the Odessa Hebrew weekly Hashiloah. Bialik† hoped to be successful in business, but after† four-years in the lumber trade he decided to make his living by teaching. In 1901 his first collection of poetry appeared to much acclaim. The next three years were a "golden" period, in which he wrote prolifically.† His "In the City of Slaughter," written in response to the Kishinev Pogrom, evoked the existential anguish of a nation over the situation of the Jews.

Bialik moved to Berlin in 1921, where he founded the Dvir publishing house. He moved the company to Tel Aviv in 1924 and devoted himself to cultural activities and public affairs. In 1927 he became head of the Hebrew Writers Union, and remained head until his death in 1934. Bialik's poetry and prose have been widely translated. His poems are required reading in Israeli schools and several have been put to music.

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