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Gaza "Prison"

Palestine genocide

We are all Hamas?

Is Gaza an Open air Prison Camp?

Independence and Jewishness - independence is also a state of mind.

From Holocaust to Resurrection - The juxtaposition of Holocaust memorial day with Independence day does not mean Israel was created for the Holocaust or because of it.   

Jewish Identity and the Diaspora - Is the Diaspora essential for Jewish identity? Is anti-Semitism due to Jewish separateness?

Lessons of the Itamar Massacre - The Itamar massacre was only the latest in a very long Palestinian history.

The crimes against humanity of Richard Goldstone II - Goldstone's betrayal helped to legitimize the Hamas. It was the stab in the back that keeps on stabbing.

The crimes against humanity of Richard Goldstone I  - No recantation can undo the damage Richard goldstone did, and he did not retract his report.

Muslim and Arab Anti-Semitism. - The near invisibility of the phenomenon is almost as impressive as its pervasiveness. As long as it exists, talk of normalization and peace is meaningless.

Arab and Muslim anti-Semitism, Arab Anti-semitism 1997, Arab Anti-semitism 1998, Arab Anti-semitism 1999, Arab Anti-semitism 2001, Arab Anti-semitism 2002, Arab Anti-semitism 2003. Arab Anti-semitism 2004, Arab Anti-semitism 2005, Arab Anti-semitism 2006, Arab Anti-semitism 2007, Arab Anti-semitism 2008 Anti-Zionist Quotes . Mahathir Muhammad  Speech 2003 , Racism in Saudi Texts, Jews and Muslims in Post-Israel Middle East - Azzam Tamimii

Israel in world public opinion: more lies, damn lies and statistics

The Palestinian Tahrir Square - The murders in Itamar demonstrate that there never could be a peaceful Palestinian protest movement. Evil goals are to be achieved by evil means.

Business as usual: Blame it all on the Jews - Commentators try to blame the suppression of Arab revolts, as well as their instigation, on Israel.

Israel Peace Week - a counter to Apartheid Week.

HRW Condemns Hamas War Criminals -

Understanding the Arab Revolts: Where is the Middle East? - The Middle East is a ver big place outside the Israeli- Palestinian conflict.

Viva Mubarak! Say what??? - Mubarak was not a good ruler, despite silly eulogies.

The message of the Arab revolts for progressives - The big problems of the Middle East are not cause by Israel or Zionism.

U.S. veto of U.N. Resolution on settlements – not so simple

Egypt: Inside the Muslim Brotherhood- An Egyptian reformist explains the Muslim Brotherhood.

Common sense about Egypt - Some people want you to forget...

What is “Jewish” in the Diaspora? - What does Jewish mean outside of Israel?

Revolution in Egypt - What is happening?

Behind the spin about European Jews- Masses of Jews are not leaving Europe for Israel.

 The curious “concessions” of the Palestinian papers- The Palestinians gave away what the do not own!

 Psychopathology of anti-Israel discourse - The insane rhetoric of a student meeting.

BDS: goal is to destroy Israel - The transcript of this meeting leaves no doubt as to the intentions of the BDS movement. 

What is “Jewish?” 5. Jewish peoplehood in America - Outside Israel, the concept of peoplehood does not seem to have a definite meaning.

What is “Jewish?” 4. Zionism and the Jewish people - Israel realized the concept of "Jewish" as nationhood.

What is “Jewish?”: 3. The Jewish religion in modern society - Is there a future of the Jewish religion?

What is “Jewish?” 2. The evolution of “Jewish” How the meaning of "Jewish" changed.

What is “Jewish?” 1. Is it a religion?- "Jewish" is a very strange sort of religion.

Letter from a Coptic Christian to President Obama- a warning written before the violent attacks.

What UCLA students think: Hamas is a spread on pita bread - Students display exceptional ignorance

Zionisme - israelinformatie- Zionisme Israel/Jodendom Israelisch-Palestijns Conflict Anti-Semitisme Shoa - a Dutch Web site with many useful Jewish, Zionism and Israel links (in English too).

שוויון הנטל הלאומי- גיוס חרדים וערבים - Equitable draft law for all in Israel.

شبكة الرادار الإخبارية مجلة الكترونية - Arabic language Middle East News


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