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e-Zion - Commentary on Zionism and Israel

Preachers of Hate: Pierre-André Taguieff on the new "anti-Zionism" - The author of Preachers of Hate discusses how anti-Zionist discourse has come to dominate radical culture. More

Zionism and Peace - A Zionist Credo - Why Zionism has really been, and must always be, an ideology of peace. More

Why Israel is losing the Students and the Left  A recent poll shows that US university students have an increasingly negative image of Israel and Zionism and racist images of "the Jews." It may be tempting to write these off as the views of "leftists" but in fact, these students are the future of America.  These frightening findings are not very surprising, and the conclusions to be drawn from them should be action items for everyone who supports Israel, democracy in the USA and the Middle East,  and the fight against racist ideologies. More

 Perhaps the Wrong Discourse: Jihadist Terror in Historical Perspective - What are the "true roots" of terrorism? Prof. Steven Bowman examines the historic roots of Jihadist attitudes toward "people of the book" and the roots of terror and martyrdom in European and Muslim society. More

Zionism for the Ages - Israel Bonan and Rami Mangoubi examine the claims of anti-Zionist Sephardi Jews about life in the old country for Arab Jews and their relation to Israel and Zionism. Is it worthwhile longing for the fleshpots of Egypt?  More

Zionism and Its Impact - A look at the real impact of Zionism on Palestinian Arab society. More

The True Meaning of Zionism  True Zionism is not expressed in real estate or violating the rights of others. The disengagement from Gaza is a true Zionist act, argues Gershon Baskin. More

The Occupation, Palestinians, Israel and Zionism If you love Zionism, you don't need to love the occupation. If you hate the occupation, you don't need to hate Zionism  More

European Judeophobia  - Gustavo Perednik examines the relation between European anti-Semitism and anti-Zionst and anti-Israel - policies More

Naive Spanish Judeophobia - Gustavo Perednik discusses the un-conscious Spanish anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism. More

Bridges Between China and Israel - English Version  - What do the Chinese and Jews have in common? More Chinese Version

The Postage Stamp Question for Zionism, Israel and Peace - Judea Pearl asks if Arabs will recognize a postage-stamp sized Israel. That is the essential question. More

The One State Solution - A Vision of Despair Uri Avnery explains that the "one state solution" is not a workable solution for Israel and Palestine. More

The Bi-national State: The Wolf Shall Dwell With The Lamb  Peace advocate and veteran leftist activist explains why the binational-state is not a solution for Israelis and Palestinians. More

Zionism and Race  - Progressive Fred Foldvary examines whether Zionism is Racism More

Urban Kibbutz - Socialist-Zionist Pioneering in Israeli Cities - The Kibbutz is renewing itself in socially conscious city kibbutzim that combine communal life with community action. More

Reinventing the Israeli Cooperative  - The cooperative movement helped build Israel. Now Israelis are forming new cooperatives adopted to the modern age. More

The Language of Anti-Zionism - French linguist Georges Sarfaty explains the linguistic tricks used to discredit Jews, Israel and Zionism More

True Torah Nazis - Vienna ultra-orthodox anti-Zionists team up with neo-Nazis. More

The Jews started the war - Again - Ami Isseroff notes that the ugly charge that "the Jews" started the war fueled Nazi anti-Semitism. Not it is back for a "sequel" - "The Jews started the war in Iraq"  More

John L. Strawson: Why I am against the Boycott of Israeli Universities  Palestinian advocate Strawson explains that Zionism is a national movement as good or as bad as any other. Anti-Zionism, he writes, is very close to anti-Semitism. More

My Personal Exodus  - The fascinating personal story of expulsion from Egypt by Israel Bonan More

Why I am so Angry- The forgotten Refugees - Israel Bonan discusses the plight of Egyptian Jewish refugees. More

Anti-Zionism is Racism - Formula Could Combat Campus Racism - Emphasizing that anti-Zionism is racism can help combat campus anti-Semitism. More

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