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Racism in the Middle East - Zionism or Arabism?

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Racism in the Middle East - Zionism or Arabism?

Is Zionism racism? That is what is claimed by many, including a now repealed UN Resolution. The proof is lacking. However there is surely racism in the Middle East. Here are some examples of "information" about Jews in Arab world media:

"Jewish women are whores"

"Israel invented Avian Flu"

"Judaism is not a monotheistic religion"

"Jews bake matzoth from the blood of Christian children whom they kill."

 “Jehovah is a god of hatred, fear, and blood, who is content with visions of carnage and takes pleasure in the scent of blood…"

"Hitler was right"

Is every criticism of Israel "Anti-Semitism?" Of course not. How about criticisms like those? Are they  legitimate criticism of the Israeli occupation and the "racist" nature of Zionism? How about that nasty Jehovah fellow?

These criticisms target Jews, including citizens of the countries in which they were published, anti-Zionists, and Jews against Zionism: Big Jews, Little Jews, Orthodox and Secular, Rich and Poor. It doesn't matter. "Criticisms" of this type are nothing new. They are older than the State of Israel and older than Zionism. The first well publicized Arab World "blood libel," the accusation that Jews made ritual Matzoth by slaughtering Christian children and using their blood, probably occurred in Damascus in 1840. In 1961 this fine tradition was continued by Mustapha Tlass, Defense Minister of Syria, who wrote a book 'explaining' that the blood-libel accusation is really a fact, and that the Damascus accusation of 1840 was justified. This triumph of intellectualism has been reprinted many times in Syria. Arab world anti-Semitism is a sad fact that is documented quite extensively (See Arab and Muslim Anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism  and references below). Racism is evident in books, newspaper articles, television serials, movies and schoolbooks. Little children are taught that Jews are evil. With that sort of education, what sort of government will they elect if there is ever democracy in Egypt or Syria?

Below is an abridged version of a document that gives a tiny sampling of the available "literature."

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Of course, we hope for changes in in the Arab and Muslim world, and not all Muslims or Arabs must be judged by the ranting of extremists. It is strange though that so many progressives who are concerned about Zionist "racism" are not concerned about Syrian or Egyptian racism. A good deal of this material is published in countries that are supported  by the USA like Egypt, and it is published with the blessing and support of the local regime. Ask your congressperson if they know about it.

What would happen I wonder, if someone made the claim, based on the above, that "Islam is Racism" or "Arabism is Racism?"

Ami Isseroff

March 6, 2006

Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center

at the Center for Special Studies (C.S.S)

Abridged and adapted from - http://www.intelligence.org.il/eng/eng_n/pdf/as_syria0306e.pdf

The hate industry

Syria as a source for the distribution of anti-Semitic literature: while the Syrian regime fans protest demonstrations due to the publication of the cartoons which hurt Muslims’ feelings, Syria continues to export anti-Semitic books to the Arab and Muslim world. These books are meant to inspire hatred against Jews, portray them as infidels, and lay the foundation for acts of violence against them.


On December 21-31, 2005, the 17th International Book Fair was held in Doha, the capital of Qatar. The fair was organized by Qatar’s National Council for Culture, Arts and Heritage, and sponsored by the Sultan of Qatar, Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani. 355 publishers from 17 Arab and Islamic countries took part in the fair, and tens of thousands of books were displayed.1

As customary in book fairs held in the Arab world, the fair in Qatar also featured anti-Semitic literature, published in Arab countries during the last several years.1 Notable among the countries displaying anti-Semitic literature at the fair were Egypt, Syria, and Lebanon. While the Arab world is seething over the distribution of cartoons that hurt Muslims, and with Syria allowing (and perhaps even fanning) violent demonstrations on its soil against Denmark and European countries, the “hate industry” against the Jewish people is at full swing in Syria. This is clearly part of the policy espoused by the Syrian regime (which supervises its country’s culture life) to stir hatred against the Jews, create an atmosphere of fear and hatred against them, and ultimately make them a legitimate target for violence.

Characteristics of the Books Reviewed

Reviewed in the present Information Bulletin is a selection of anti-Semitic books published in Syria over the course of the last several years, during the tenure of President Bashar Assad, and sold at the fair in Qatar. Those anti-Semitic books are also spread through the internet; thus their distribution is expanded to Arab and Muslim reader audiences outside the Middle East.

The books present three main anti-Semitic motifs:

Judaism is not a monotheistic religion. Jews are depicted as infidels and idol-worshippers, spreading infidelity and corruption across the globe.

This ridiculous claim (which the authors “prove” by references quoted from the Jewish Torah and Islamic religious law) indoctrinates the readers with the message that shedding Jewish blood is acceptable and that Muslims must wage an all-out war against the Jews, as with any infidels.

The Jews strive to take control not only of Palestine, not only of the Middle East, but of the whole world. For that purpose, they make use of world powers (US), religious factions (the fundamentalist Christians in the US), the media, and additional voluntary international organizations such as the Free Masons. According to the anti-Semitic authors, even the charm of the Jewish women and Jewish humor are part of the arsenal used by the Jews in their striving to take over the world.

Jews are corrupted, bloodthirsty, despicable, and possess other negative traits. Their negative traits come into play in all historical times and in all places, since the days of the Bible to modern times. Jews are associated with contemptible animals such as monkeys, pigs, and snakes. The image of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, depicted in the form of a bloodthirsty monster, is also used as a tool to disseminate the anti-Semitic message. The dehumanization of the Jews (a method of action already used by the Nazis) is also meant to lay the foundation for acts of violence against them.2

Syria as a source of distribution of anti-Semitic literature

Bashar Assad’s regime, as the regime of his father, is tainted with anti-Semitism. This has been reflected in public statements made by President Bashar Assad, anti-Semitic articles published in Syrian press, and the production of anti-Semitic movies such as The Diaspora and The Garden of Death.3 This has also been reflected in the extensive publication of anti-Semitic literature, including the publication of new editions of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. In a totalitarian country such as Syria, where media and literature are closely monitored, those anti-Semitic publications are published with the regime’s approval and encouragement.

Thus, for example, a new edition of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, written by Raja Abd al-Hamid Urabi, was published in 2005 by Dar al-Awael, a publishing house whose specialties include anti-Semitic literature). This new edition (previously analyzed by the Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center) was also sold at the International Book Fair in Qatar, alongside other anti-Semitic books published in Syria.4

Most of the authors of anti-Semitic books published in Syria are Syrian, but occasionally anti-Semitic literature by non-Syrian authors is published in Syria as well. The authors are university-educated, historians, writers, poets, and journalists, trying to furnish the drivel and fabrications they spread with an air of “scientific”, “academic”, and “religious Islamic” credibility. Some of those authors even work for the Syrian regime (the Propaganda Ministry, Syrian media, various regime institutions).

Following is a selection of anti-Semitic books sold at the International Book Fair in Qatar, and reviewed in the present Information Bulletin:

“Allah or Jehovah? Which one is the God of the Jews?” (2003)

“The day of wrath, did it begin during the intifada of the month of Rajab?! [a reference to the current Israeli-Palestinian violent confrontation] An interpretation of the Torah prophecies on the end of the State of Israel” (the publication date is not listed but its contents testify that the book was published in the past two or three years)

“The characteristics of Jewish personality and its nature as reflected in their humor” (1999)

“Talmudic concepts, the Jews’ view of the world” (2003)

“The blood triangle, Sharon: yesterday, today, tomorrow” (2003)

“Quranic signs on the struggle against the Jews” (2004 edition)

“The boundaries of the [Jewish-Arab] conflict [are] historic. The secrets of the conflict between the Arabs and the Jews, the Zionists, and the Israelis” (2005)

“The Jewish woman between the scandals of the Torah and the domination of the Rabbis” (2002 edition)

The anti-Semitic book “Allah or Jehovah?

The purpose of the book is to question the fact that Judaism is one of the monotheistic religions, using so-called “proof” taken from the Torah. The book intends to portray Jews as non-monotheistic infidels in order to inspire hatred against them, make them illegitimate in the view of Islamic religious law, and justify an all out Islamic war against them.

In the book’s foreword (pp. 11-12), the author states that his teachers had taught him that Judaism was the first monotheistic religion, followed by Christianity and Islam. The author states that the book is meant to prove that Judaism is not, in fact, a monotheistic religion. The author states (p. 12): “… I noticed while reading that the Jews do not recognize Allah [i.e., God] at all and that they [never] worshipped him. When they translate the [sacred name] Jehovah into the term Allah, they do so in order to deceive and defraud, to portray themselves as being monotheistic and worshipping Allah.”

The following appears on the back cover of the book: “Jehovah is the God of the Jews—where did he come from? What are his qualities? The God in the Torah lies, speaks the truth, kills, shows mercy, regrets, feels sorrow, tires, rests, weakens, grows strong, and gives birth. [The question, therefore, is:] are Jews [really] monotheists?”

On page 16, the author writes: “It is no mystery to anyone reading the Torah that the Jews did not worship [just] one God, and that they do not accept [the fact that] one God alone controls the universe, an absolute, eternal God, who is without partner.

They [Jews] discovered that Jehovah is just one god among a group of gods, differing from them by his being the most powerful.” The author backs his claim by alleged “proof” from the Torah.

The author reiterates the ridiculous claim that Jews worship a number of gods: one god is called El, another Tammuz, and a third Jehovah. The author claims that Jehovah is a god of tribal character, from which he once again infers that Jews are not monotheists. The author concludes the book by saying that the Jews have used the name Allah as a nickname for Jehovah, but that is incorrect. The author concludes: “Jehovah is a god of hatred, fear, and blood, who is content with visions of carnage and takes pleasure in the scent of blood…” (p. 128).

Dar al-Awael publishing

Dar al-Awael is a Syrian publishing house based in Damascus (in the Jalaboune neighborhood). The publishing house specializes, among other things, in the publication of anti-Semitic literature. It has a website (www.daralawael.com) which it uses for distributing its books. Among other books, Dar al-Awael has published an updated edition of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion (2005), and another anti-Semitic book (2004) titled “Murder, from the Jews’ Torah and the Protocols of the Elders of Zion to Headless Horseman”.5 Several anti-Semitic books published by Dar al-Awael were sold at the International Book Fair in Qatar.


The Book "The Jewish woman between the scandals of the Torah and the domination of the Rabbis"

Author: Dib Ali Hassan

Date and Place of Publication: Three editions published in Syria in 2000, 2001, and


Publishing House: Dar al-Awael, Jalaboune, Damascus

The book’s back cover features the following absurdities:

“This book reveals how the Jewish Poppea [Sabina] facilitated the burning of Rome by Nero [Roman emperor in the first century AD] and his killing by his mother.

How Shulamith danced naked in front of Herod, in exchange for which John the Baptist was beheaded.

How Esther seduced Ahasuerus and in exchange he gave the Jews the right to kill more than half of the kingdom’s residents…

How Roxelane rose from seamstress to the official wife of Suleiman, the Sultan of Turkey, and how [she] dictated Turkish history ever since.

How Netanyahu threatened to burn down Washington if Clinton exerted pressure [on Israel] for the peace process, after which Monica’s dress appeared [i.e., Monica Lewinsky], and on it [Clinton’s seed]…?!!

[These are] pages from the false [in this context, distorted] history of the Jews and their subhuman view of women…

An object… a means… a plaything… a chess piece… impurity… seduction…drugs… prostitution… that is the Jewish woman [in Jews’ eyes].

This research clarifies, publicly exposes [in the pages of history], and reveals how the Jewish rabbis turned the Jewish women into playthings, acting on their own will since [the beginning] of the Jews’ existence until now!!!”

The absurdities in the book, presented as a research (!), are meant to depict Jews as being corrupted and the root of all the world’s problems. It depicts the Jewish woman as the Jews’ spearhead, meant to be used towards the realization of their foul ambitions. The author does that by making up vulgar tales on Jewish women, presenting them as full-fledged historic facts.

The book portrays the Jewish woman as a whore, a corrupted seductress who stops at nothing to achieve her aims, without any values, and the complete opposite of the image of the humble Arab woman. The author presents Jewish women as standing at the forefront of Jewish corruption and insidiousness.18 The book reviews Jewish women starting from Esther, who seduced Ahasuerus to save the Jews, to female agents supposedly sent on behalf of the Mossad.

The book is accompanied by numerous anti-Semitic epithets for Jews, such as: “The Jews are a lost people, sons of snakes, evil, murderers of the heir [probably referring to Jesus] and the prophets, they are the people of the curse and worshippers of money…” and so forth (p. 7).

The Author of the Book

The author of this anti-Semitic book is Dib Ali Hassan, a Syrian journalist writing for the official Syrian daily Al-Thawra.

Dib Ali Hassan, an anti-Semitic journalist who chose to portray the Jewish woman as a central means used by the Jews towards the corruption of the world. 18 Depicting Jewish women as perverted whores is widespread in (mostly Egyptian) movies, Arab media, and books.


1 It should be noted that the 38th International Book Fair, with 32 participant countries, was held in Cairo on January 17, 2006. As usual, anti-Semitic literature was also on display.)

2. This method of blaming Israel, the Zionist movement, and the Jewish people for every disaster and calamity plaguing the world, a favorite tactic with anti-Semites throughout history, is continued to this day by Bashar Assad’s regime. Thus, for example, on January 31, 2006, Syrian government daily Al- Thawra published an article claiming, among other things, that “it is possible that Israel invented the bird flu virus to damage Arab genes”; the article even refers to the bird flu as “the Israeli race bomb” (source: MEMRI—the Middle East Media Research Institute.

3 The Diaspora is an anti-Semitic television series produced in Syria and globally distributed by Hezbollah through its television station, Al-Manar. The series’ broadcast resulted in the station’s banning in France and other countries. The Garden of Death is another television movie produced in Syria, combining harsh anti-Israeli incitement and anti-Semitism. It was broadcast in Syria, Lebanon, and the Palestinian Authority administered territories.

4 This edition of the Protocols has already been analyzed in an Information Bulletin dated February 28, 2005: “A new Syrian edition of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion (2005) featured at the Cairo International Book Fair and exhibited with other Syrian-published anti-Semitic books. It combines Christian European and traditional Islamic anti-Semitic myths with political propaganda encouraging Palestinian terrorism and predicting the disappearance of the State of Israel. The Syrian publishing house Dar al-Awael notes in its foreword that publication was authorized by the Syrian Ministry of Information, providing additional proof that the current Syrian regime is infected with a vicious strain of anti-Semitism also marketed to the Arab-Muslim world.”

5 “Headless Horseman”, an anti-Semitic television series produced in Egypt in late 2002.


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