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Islamism and women

A mini-photo essay

Islam is a religion with over a billion adherents. A small portion of those adherents are extreme fundamentalists. They rule in places like Iran and Sudan, and spread their ideas through terror groups like Hezbollah and Hamas. They repress women, homosexuals and other religions. (See Human Rights) They do not represent the views of the vast majority of Muslims.

Everyone should support religious tolerance. The question is why so many people who support human rights in general, and women's rights and gay rights in particular, go out of their way to support these extremist regimes and groups.

Recently, Al Jazeera ran a report about the  status of women in Afghanistan and UN attempts to end practices such as wife beating and child marriages. The plight of women in Afghanistan, even after the end of Taliban rule, is no joke, but these pictures illustrate the problem in a humorous way.

Islamist beauty contest

Islamist Beauty Contest


Islamist teen porn

Islamist Teen Porn: Why isn't this girl married?


Islamist strippers

Islamist strippers

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