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Googletestad - What's This?

Here is everything you need to know about the search engine smash hit mystery - googletestad.

The peculiar nonword "Googletestad" is currently a top search word in search engines. It retrieves mostly junk pages. We have been unable to find out HOW it became popular, but supposedly it might be the name of an (apparently mythical) bit of software that is used to check the search engine ranking of Web sites for key words. Google is the top search engine at present, so everyone wants their site to be top ranked at Google. That is what Googletestad is supposed to help you do.

What it is all about -† ranking for a keyword helps determine how many visitors your Web site will get. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) firms claim they can help raise the popularity of your Web site - it MIGHT be true - or not! Googletestad is supposed to be free (or otherwise) software that will magically help you improve the ranking of your Web site for some keywords - or help you monitor the ranking of your site. Web site owners look for tools such as Googletestad in about the same way as explorers used to search for the fountains of life or the holy grail.

What is attractive about Googletestad? †Simple! It is a VERY popular keyword, but there are "only" about 50,000 sites listed in Google for this word. That is opposed to less popular words like "News" "Iraq" "Israel" "Zionism" (not to mention the really popular ones like "Paris Hilton" Music downloads" and some I won't mention) for which Google may return millions of Web sites. If you are one in 50,000, you have a better chance of being spotted then if you are one in a million. That's what Search Engine Optimization and Google Rank Monitoring† are all about.

In reality most of the Web sites listed for the keyword Googletestad don't have anything to do with Googletestad or search engine optimization at all, they are search engines or "link farm" pages that form part of the flotsam that clutters up the Web and gets in the way of finding actual information.

Googletestad Software

There is no executable program called Googletestad that we know of. There are ways to improve the standing of your Web site and get more visitors.

Update - googletestad was a hoax object in the culture of search engine marketing and search engine optimization - one of many red herrings planted intentionally or accidentally. I have started a Web log -† Search Engine Optimization for Everyone and an SEO Web site that will cover these subjects.

Why does googletestad interest us? Click here to find out.

Ami Isseroff

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