Hagannah Induction Oath


The Haganah was the Jewish clandestine defense force in Palestine, founded in 1920. The oath below was sworn by all new members. The "Foundation Doctrine" and Duties mentioned in the oath were evidently approved by the Histadrut at the foundation of the Hagannah - See Hagannah Foundation Doctrine ("Ushiyot").

A personal recollection of the dramatic induction ceremony and oath (1947) is given here: Joining the Haganah.

Another personal recollection (1934):

I was 14 years old when I took it the first time. It was in the cellar of the Mizrachi school in Jerusalem. The cellar was lit by a candle. Around the table were sitting 3 commanders of the Hagannah (one of them a friend of my father) on the table was a parabelum pistol. I had to put my hand on thr pistol and read the oath (I am not sure whether I had to sign). I then joined the Gadna - Gedoodei Noar [Paramilitary Youth]) . I am not sure whether I had to take another oath when I joined the 'Heyl Sadeh' (Hish) [the Hagannah forces organized by Yitshak Sadeh].

Evidently, the oath remained unchanged from 1920 until the dissolution of the Hagannah in 1948. See also Hagannah.


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I hereby declare that based on personal voluntarism and my own free recognizance I am entering the Hebrew defense organization [Irgun Hahagannah Ha'ivri] in the land of Israel. [Eretz Yisrael].

I swear to be faithful all the days of my life to the Hagannah organization, to its constitution and to its duties as defined in its foundation doctrine by the high command.

I swear to stand ready to serve the Hagannah organization, to take upon myself its discipline unconditionally and unreservedly, and, upon its call, to enter into active service at any time and in any place, to obey all its commands and to fulfill all its instructions.

I swear to dedicate all my powers and even to sacrifice my life to defense and to the war for my people and my homeland, for the freedom of Israel and for the redemption of Zion.

Hebrew Text

(alternative sources:


and http://noar.education.gov.il/main/upload/publications/hagana.doc

שבועת ''ההגנה'':


"הנני מצהיר כי מתוך התנדבות אישית והכרה חופשית אני נכנס לארגון ההגנה העברי בארץ ישראל. הנני נשבע לשמור אמונים כל ימי חיי לארגון ההגנה, לחוקתו ולתפקידיו, כפי שהוגדרו באשיותיו על ידי הפיקוד העליון. הנני נשבע לעמוד כל ימי חיי לרשותו של ארגון ההגנה, לקבל על עצמי ללא סייג את עול משמעתו, ולפי קריאתו להתגייס לשירות פעיל בכל עת ובכל מקום, לציית לכל פקודותיו ולמלא את כל הוראותיו. הנני נשבע להקדיש את כל כוחותי ואף להקריב את חיי להגנה ולמלחמה על עמי ועל מולדתי, על חירות ישראל ועל גאולת ציון".

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