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Learning Hebrew

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These pages are devoted to resources for learning Hebrew. Different folks learn in different ways and require different sorts of help - dictionaries, grammar, phrases, pronunciation. We will give you a bit of each, from resources we have created and from online resources (many of them free and pretty good) as well as books you can purchase. Of course, you will find it EASIER if you have a real live teacher or study group where you can practice - or if you learn a bit and then spend some time in Israel.

Hebrew Learning Resources at this Web site 

Learning Hebrew made less hard - Introduction

Hebrew alphabet for dummies - A complete mini-course. Read and write Hebrew today!

The Quick Mini Course Review & Expansion
Hebrew ABC for Dummies-1 Advanced Hebrew Alphabet for Dummies I
More words and review of Hebrew for Dummies 1

Hebrew ABC for Dummies 2

Advanced Alphabet Review 2

Hebrew ABC for Dummies 3

Advanced Alphabet Review 3
Hebrew ABC for Dummies 4 Advanced Alphabet Review 4
Hebrew ABC for Dummies 5 Advanced Alphabet Review 5
Hebrew ABC for Dummies 6 Advanced Alphabet Review 6
Hebrew ABC for Dummies 7 Advanced Alphabet Review 7

Hebrew Signs


Hebrew Reading Cheat Sheet 

Hebrew Pronunciation and Transliteration

Learning Hebrew External Links

Here are some links for online Hebrew courses and other materials. We have no relation with these sites and are not responsible for content or quality:

Learn Hebrew Phrases with Audio - The free site incorporates 54 topics with 1,200 Hebrew phrases
and sentences. The Hebrew phrases are presented as images with nikud [vowels]. There are English translations and transliterations. The high quality audio was created in a sound studio. The site includes 152 Hebrew study sheets
for learning offline.

Learn Hebrew with pictures and Audio -  425 words and photographs. Each Hebrew word is presented as an image with nikud [vowels], with English transliteration and translation for each word. Audio track provides the correct  pronunciation of each word.

Before you Know it - Download Free Hebrew Course - Free beginners courses in  60 languages

Foundation Stone - a Free and easy way to learn Hebrew  -  Free Hebrew Course software that you can download.

Hevenu Shalom Aleichem - Free online Hebrew course with audio pronunciation  

My Hebrew Dictionary - The dictionary is free and useful and doesn't require any special fonts. The site also sells Hebrew education materials materials. Their dictionary is limited though useful - their pronunciation guide may be a bit confusing and there are some errors there.

Akhlah - has a Hebrew course including alphabet and worksheets aimed at children.

Aleph Bet on the Web - These tutorials are more useful if you have purchased the book "Encounters in Hebrew."

Hebrew words and phrases for travelers 

Learn Hebrew Online - The Language of Modern Israel -  Sorry, this one is not free!

Hebrew Grammar - Very useful Wikipedia article. 

Hebrew is easy - all the basics in one page.

Basic Hebrew Grammar - a complete online course.

History of the Hebrew Language - a truly awesome online book.

The Hebrew Alphabet page - Including the alphabet and many links to online Hebrew resources.

Click links Hebrew Guide - Collection of Links http://www.clickinks.com/Hebrew-Resources-Learning-and-Practicing.html