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Zionism is sustaining a concerted attack by those who wish to delegitimize Israel and the Jewish right to self-determination. If you believe that Jews have the same rights as other people to self-determination in our own national home, you can help fight racism and anti-Zionism.

The Internet is a powerful tool for good and bad. Islamists and anti-Zionists have been using it very effectively to spread vicious and racist propaganda. Help us build a support Web for Zionism. Create your own Zionism Web site and link to us. We will link to you and help get publicity for your Web site. Use the materials at this site and others to support Zionism and answer anti-Zionist critiques. Be an advocate for Zionism at work or on campus and in the media.

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Help make sure that Zionism gets a fair hearing on the Web. Copy the links below to your Web site, send them to Web forums and elsewhere.

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Link Exchange: Web sites and Web logs of sites promoting fair play for Israel and Zionism:

Anyone who supports fair play for Israel and Zionism can (and should) exchange links with and and all of these sites. Let us know if you do and we will be happy to include you in this list, regardless of your stand on Israeli-Palestinian conflict, provided you are not racist or anti-Zionist and provided you have† provided valid links that can be followed by search engines.

A new chapter for the UN
Keeps track of UN treatment of Israel

Dvar Dea - Israel & Zionist advocacy.

Blue Truth - Devoted to unmasking unfair muzzling of Zionist views.

Brave Zionism

Christians Standing With Israel

Christians Standing With Israel - Blog

Israel Facts - Dutch/English Web site devoted to Israel Advocacy

IsraŽl in de Media (NL) Dutch blog about Israel in the Media

Fresno Zionism

IMO - Israel & Midden Oosten Blog (Dutch)

Irene Lancaster's Diary - Aliya, Religion, Zionism, Israel & Politics

Israel & Palestijnen Nieuws Blog (Dutch and English)

Israel-Palestina - (Dutch) Middle East Conflict, Israel, Palestine,Zionism... IsraŽl-Palestina Informatie -gids IsraŽl, Palestijnen en†Midden-Oosten conflict...
Israeli-Palestinian conflict from a European perspective - Dutch and English.

Israel News

Israpundit-Zionism & Israel Commentary

Liberal for Israel - A liberal defense of Israel

Life in Israel - Israel like this, as if †- Every day life in Israel.

La BibliothŤque Proche Orientale- Le Grand Mufti Husseini

Look Israel

Maurice Ostroff: Countering Disinformation about the Middle East, Israel and Zionism

Middle East Analysis - Our communal blog - other bloggers with similar views are welcome.

Middle East, Israel, Zionism and other stuff

MidEastWeb: Middle East



Peace with Realism

Tempting Topical Topics:† politics, international affairs, news items, women's affairs, religion and human rights

The Grand Mufti Hajj Amin Al Husseini

The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Zionism - Brave Zionism


Zionism Pages

ZioNation - Zionism-Israel Web Log†††


External Zionism Links

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Sister sites: Zionism and Israel Pages Zionism and Israel On the WebBrave Zionism

Web Logs at Zionism On the Web: ZOTW's Blogs
ZNN - Zionism News Network - News and Views about Zionism, Israel and Antisemitism - serving a network of Zionist Web sites.

Friends and informative sites:

Zionism - Definition and Brief History

Labor Zionism

Israel Advocacy handbook

Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: Peace with Realism

HSJE-Historical Society of Jews from Egypt

La BibliothŤque Proche Orientale- Le Grand Mufti Husseini

The Grand Mufti Hajj Amin Al Husseini

TheMiddleEastNow - Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Middle East, Zionism, News and Views

Israel-Palestina - (Dutch) Middle East Conflict, Israel, Palestine, Zionism.... Dutch and English.

Israel Council for Peace and Security (also at Israel Council for Peace and Security)

Look Israel

MidEastWeb- Middle East

Israel and Palestine - Ancient and Modern History

Current History -† Arab Israeli conflict

Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: Peace with Realism

Boycott Israel?

Boycott Israel?

What is Zionism?Chicago Peace Now on Zionism.
Anti-Zionism is Anti-Semitism

Zionism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Zionism at Jewish Virtual Library

Six Day War (UK)
Christians Standing With Israel - Blog
Christians Standing With Israel

What is Zionism?- ADL on Zionism

ZioNation - Zionism-Israel Web Log †† Israel NewsIsrael: like this, as if Christian Zionism Albert Einstein Bible Palestine Nakba 1948 Israel Independence - Birth of a Nation Six Day War History of Zionism War of Independence Zionism FAQ Zionism Israel Center Maps of IsraelJewZionism and its Impact Israel Christian Zionism