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The hidden history of Anti-Zionism

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The Hidden history of Anti-Zionism

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Anti-Zionism is opposition in principle to the idea that the Jews are a people, or opposition in principle to the idea that the Jewish people deserve a state. It should never be confused with legitimate criticism of Zionism and of Israel, both of which are endemic to the history of Zionism and very much alive in Israel and in the Zionist Jewish community of the Diaspora. A major standard complaint of modern Jewish anti-Zionists is that it is not fair for Zionists to "speak for all of the Jewish people." Of course there are entitled to their views. However, the Zionists were the only Jewish group who succeeded in forming a world organization, and the majority of the Jewish people, even if they would not call themselves "Zionists," are more or less active supporters of Israel. A second complaint of anti-Zionists, Jewish and otherwise, is that "Zionists" (often meaning Jews) are unwilling to brook any complaint about Israel or Zionism. This complaint is usually accompanied by dozens of critiques of Zionism and of Israel by Israeli Zionists.

Anti-Zionism existed before there was a state of Israel and before there was a formal Zionist movement. Anti-Zionism does not criticize Israel or Zionism for what they do, but rather because they exist.

The roots of Anti-Zionism are varied. They stem from Anti-Semitism, from Nazism, Communism, The Reform Judaism movement, Jewish assimilationism and reactionary portions of rabbinical Judaism.

Anti-Zionism, while popular today among some "progressive" circles, has unsavory roots in several disparate ideologies. These are largely unrelated to history of Jewish-Arab relations in Palestine and Israel. They all preceded the creation of Israel, and in some cases they preceded the rise of the Zionist movement. Some of these were Jewish reactions to Zionism, some were socialist and communist reactions to Judaism, often the brain child of Jews like Moses Hess. In modern times, Stalinism, Jihadism and Fascism have been perhaps the most important influences. There are basically three roots  of anti-Zionism, that rely on each other and draw on each other for inspiration:

Jewish anti-Zionism

Classical Anti-Semitism

Arab Anti-Semitism

The above gave birth to the following different ideologies and movements:

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Reform Jewish anti-Zionism

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Marxist anti-Semitism

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