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Thursday, August 28, 2008

BBC on McCartney Concert: Sir Paul to play Israel concert

Sir Paul to play Israel concert 
Sir Paul McCartney is to play a concert in Tel Aviv next month - 43 years after being banned from performing there.
Israel's government banned the Beatles in 1965, fearing they would corrupt young fans.
But earlier this year, Ron Prosor, Israel's ambassador to the UK, visited Liverpool and apologised to the band for the "misunderstanding".
The gig takes place on 25 September. "We can't wait to get out there and rock," said Sir Paul in a statement.
"I've heard so many great things about Tel Aviv and Israel, but hearing is one thing and experiencing it for yourself is another," he added.
"We are planning to have a great time and a great evening."
Sir Paul has played a number of special, one-off concerts around the world this year, including the Independence Concert in Kiev, Ukraine; in Liverpool as part of the city's European Capital of Culture celebrations; and in Quebec to help celebrate the Canadian city's 400th anniversary.
He is also due to make a rare live appearance with his dance music side project, The Fireman, on Jools Holland's BBC Two show when it returns on 16 September.

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Russia is Selling Hezbollah surface-to-air and anti-tank missiles

Russia is Selling Hezbollah surface-to-air and anti-tank missiles
By: Elias Bejjani

August 28/08

Hezbollah's Leader Sheik Hassan Nasrallah warned that his terrorist armed militia is now much, much, stronger than before the devastating war that took place in 2006 between his militia and Israel. He rhetorically and pompously alleged that his militia would destroy Israel if its army wages any attacks against Lebanon.
Nasrallah issued this threat last Saturday at a Boy Scout ceremony in Beirut, as a response to Israel's Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's remark last week that "if Lebanon becomes a Hezbollah state, then we won't have any restrictions" in striking the country.  Olmert claimed that during the last war, Israel did not use all of its firepower because the enemy was Hezbollah and not its host country Lebanon.
Nasrallah would not have been in this threatening position if the free world countries, Arab nations and the UN General Council have been seriously addressing the numerous violations against the UNSCR Resolutions 1559 and 1701 Hezbollah, Syria and Iran committed.
Israel and the rest of the Middle East countries, as well as the USA and its European allies, are all fully aware that Hezbollah has been stockpiling all kinds of lethal weapons in its huge arsenal, and preparing for another war against Israel once the Iran masters instruct its leadership to instigate it.
Nasrallah, other prominent Hezbollah Military and religious dignitaries, as well as the Iranian Mullahs, are not keeping their hostile and aggressive schemes a secret. On the contrary they all have made them public and in crystal clear straightforward warnings and threatening messages. They have been saying loudly that in case Iran's nuclear facilities are attacked by Israel or the USA, Israel will be an actual target for Hezbollah's missiles.
One wonders why, for heaven's sake, all the free world countries and the UN are cajoling and appeasing this terrorist militia, and accordingly succumbing more and more to its threats and blackmails. They all with deadly silence have witnessed time after time Hezbollah's blatant infringements on all the UN Resolutions regarding Lebanon, especially UNSCR 1559 and UNSCR 1701 that stipulates the disarmament of this militia, and for the implementation of the Armistice Accord between Lebanon and Israel.

Not even one free world country lifted a finger when Hezbollah recently conquered West Beirut, and attempted to take over Mount Lebanon. And now they are again so indifferent while Hezbollah is adding to its arsenal Russian advanced surface-to-air and anti-tank missiles.
The Italian newspaper "Corriere della Sera" reported last week that Hezbollah's terrorist organization representatives visited Russia in early July, and signed a deal to purchase surface-to-air and anti-tank missiles. The newspaper stated that three high-ranking Hezbollah officials showed great interest to buy Russian weapons which have been effective in the recent 2006 war with Israel.
Noting that the three men entered Russia with Iranian passports, and visited the Sixth International Russian Weapon Exhibition under the status of distinguished guests.

In an interview with the Israeli newspaper "Maariv", the Italian reporter who broke this piece of news stated that Hezbollah's representatives kept a very low profile during the visit, and did in fact sign a number of private contracts to buy air defense systems and anti-tank missiles after the exhibition was closed.

Very briefly, and without any personal opinion or analysis, this important report states openly that Hezbollah, the terrorist organization is violating clause eight of  the UNSCR 1701 which stated: "No sales or supply of arms and related materiel to Lebanon except as authorized by its government."

UNSCR 1701 clause eight :"
8. Calls for Israel and Lebanon to support a permanent ceasefire and a long-term solution based on the following principles and elements:
*Full respect for the Blue Line by both parties;
*security arrangements to prevent the resumption of hostilities, including the establishment between the Blue Line and the Litani river of an area free of any armed *personnel, assets and weapons other than those of the government of Lebanon and of UNIFIL as authorized in paragraph 11, deployed in this area;
*Full implementation of the relevant provisions of the Taif Accords, and of resolutions 1559 (2004) and 1680 (2006), that require the disarmament of all armed *groups in Lebanon, so that, pursuant to the Lebanese cabinet decision of July 27, 2006, there will be no weapons or authority in Lebanon other than that of the Lebanese state;
*No foreign forces in Lebanon without the consent of its government;
*No sales or supply of arms and related materiel to Lebanon except as authorized by its government;
Provision to the United Nations of all remaining maps of land mines in Lebanon in Israel's possession;
Click here to read the text of the UNSCR 1701 in both Arabic and English

Why are the UN and the Lebanese authorities turning a blind eye to this dangerous matter, which is a clear breach of UNSCR 1701 and Lebanese laws?
We call on the UN Security Council and the Lebanese government to open an immediate judicial inquiry into what was published in regards to the Hezbollah-Russian missile deal

Meanwhile Hezbollah that recently was given veto power in the newly appointed Lebanese government keeps openly and on daily basis carrying on its illegal activities at all levels and in all domains.
Hezbollah, the Iranian Army in Lebanon, is devouring Lebanon's institutions bit by bit through force, money, terrorism and intimidation, and enforcing day after day the Iranian Mullah's "Wilayat al-Faqih" religious-sectarian education, doctrine and culture.

In the same context of  Hezbollah's on going flagrant violations to all Lebanese and international laws, it has for the last two years been publishing media reports and announcements about the death of  its fighters "under the Martyrdom operations" tag.
Not even one of these mysterious reports and announcements indicated how, when and where these fighters "martyrs" were killed. The Lebanese Government, the Lebanese politicians, and the country's judiciary have all been keeping silent about this "Martyrdom" phenomenon. Meanwhile some reports stated lately that these so called "fighters" are dying either during training they are undergoing in Iran, or through guerrilla operations in Iraq against the US army.
The last of these mysterious reports was published by the Lebanese National Agency on August 23/08 under the title:" The Islamic Resistance carried a burial procession for a Martyr In Arab Saliem". The Arabic report stated that the "Islamic Resistance" and the Arab Saliem southern town residents participated in the burial procession that was carried out for "Martyr Jihadist", Ali Hassan Abu Zayied, who was killed while performing his Jihadist operation". The report did not say where, how or when this "Hezbollah Jihadist" was killed. 
In this same context, but in the regional realm, Jim Kouri, in a report he published in the "Renew America web site", wrote on August 23/08: "Coalition forces picked up two suspected associates of the Kataib Hezbollah criminal network during operations this morning in Baghdad's New Baghdad district, military officials reported during a teleconference with bloggers and Internet journalists. Acting on intelligence tips, coalition forces raided the home of a suspected Kataib Hezbollah propaganda expert who is believed to have uploaded more than 30 attack videos to the criminal ring's now-defunct Web site. Coalition forces entered the house, where they detained two of the wanted man's brothers, who are believed to be involved in his criminal enterprises. Coalition forces have detained more than 15 suspected members of Kataib Hezbollah in the last two months, officials said. Kataib Hezbollah is reported to receive funding, logistics, and weapons such as improvised rocket-assisted mortars from Iran. The group also is believed to receive guidance or direction from the Quds Force of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps". To read Jim Kouri's report Click here

The crucial question here, does Lebanon really has a functional and free Government and a Judiciary? If so, both and with no hesitation must prove their authority in practice by pursuing these critical reports with impartially, courage, seriousness, national conscience, and in full accordance with the country's law. The same applies to the UN General Council who should immediately look into the matter and address the UNSCR 1701 violations committed by Hezbollah, Syria and Iran.

Meanwhile, we would like to bring to the attention of the Russian government that it is a signatory to all the key international resolutions on Lebanon, most important of them are resolutions 1559 and 1701. We also would like to remind the Russian Authorities that Russia is one of the most threatened nations in the world by terrorist organizations, and therefore should reconsider it positions, reassess its political middle east calculations, and fully refrain from arming those organizations and in particular Hezbollah..

Elias Bejjani

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New olim arrive in Israel for army service

New olim arrive in Israel for army service

Young Americans decide to come to Israel, join IDF. Nefesh B' Nefesh, Immigrant Absorption Ministry facilitate move
Liron Milshtein Published:  08.16.08, 08:39 / Israel Activism 

Forty-three young Jews from the US arrived in Israel this week, as part of a joint Nefesh B' Nefesh and Immigrant Absorption Ministry operation.

The group was sent to several kibbutzim across Israel, where the new Israelis will learn to speak Hebrew. In three months time they also intend to enlist in the IDF.
Other people might think it is a crazy thing to do, but if you live in Israel, you have to serve in the army, said 21-year-old Elan Bielski, who graduated from college just one day before making Aliya.
Bielski's family history can be made into a Hollywood movie: His grandfather, Zus Bielski and his two brothers formed the famed Bielski partisans during WWII. It was the largest group of Jewish partisans who fought against Nazi Germany, saving more than 1,200 of their brethren.
This family history, said young Bielski, was part of the reasons which inspired him to come to Israel.

Rachel Schneider, 18, has been thinking about coming to Israel since junior high. I'm here because I want to live in Israel, she said, adding her parents are planning to follow in her footsteps. Schneider intends to join the IDF and serve as an enlisted teacher.

Michael Basin, 22, already fluent in Hebrew, said that in his mind's eye only the best of the best join the IDF: "I want to serve in a combat unit because that's what Israel needs me to do. Suckers? I'm sorry for any Israeli who thinks we're suckers."
It's all in the name

Reasons for moving to Israel are often explicable. At times it's unavoidable, your name is your fate and 'sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name'. In new column, Liat Shpigler writes about her experiences as an old-new immigrant
Liat Shpigler
Published:  06.27.08, 17:17 / Israel Culture
My family always took the term "wandering Jew" quite literally and who was I to break the pattern? Born in Israel, raised in the States and then back to Israel 11 years ago, I learned there's nothing more important to the Jews than continuity. Before moving to Israel I lived two lives, winter, spring and fall in the States and summers in the holiest of lands.

As a "tourist" in Israel there were a few instances that stood out in my mind as "Israeli" and as foreign in relation to the sheltered suburbia life I lived as an American Jew in what I call a modern-day Jewish ghetto. Israel was language, it was hearing Hebrew at the airport checkout counter and feeling at home already.

Israel was special treatment, being isolated at the airport gate, guards at every direction making you wonder if you yourself are suspicious, it was accommodating, having to switch seats on the flight as to not offend the ultra-orthodox man sitting next to you.

Israel was also proud, since after waking up for breakfast (it's nice to be blessed with the natural ability to sleep on 12-hour international flights) and shortly thereafter seeing the bird's eye view of Tel-Aviv, there were no two ways to analyze the uproar of applause. People were literally thanking the pilot for landing at their destination of choice.

As a teenager Israel was being allowed to be outside until the wee hours of the night without a curfew, at least domestically it was safe. Israel was bold' it was a motorcyclist who stopped at a traffic light and had the audacity to tickle my foot through my open car window. It was also an old woman who could barely walk but could sure as heck cut in line at the movie theater.

All the above became more apparent after moving here and undergoing rigorous investigations by random people representing all walks of life. Here in Israel, your business is everyone's, from the taxi driver, to the shoe saleswoman, to the woman at the supermarket, to the bank teller and more.

So many mistaken concoctions for one name
This blatant honesty was and still is apparent in questions like, "How much money do you pay for rent? How much do you get paid at work? Why did you buy that car? Why did you cut your hair, you look so much better when it's long? Why would anyone in their right mind move to Israel?" Questions asked so rapidly that confusion leaves you no choice but to share your deepest secrets with a complete stranger. But is anyone a stranger here?
 I can't count the amount of times random people helped me here and how many times perfect strangers became close friends, quickly. Or, the innumerable amount of invitations I received for Shabbat and holiday dinners.

But it was also the fact that people understood the meaning of my name. Liat was not just a name that people uttered and mistakenly put an emphasis on the first syllable and not the second as they do in Hebrew. I mean I can understand mispronouncing Shpigler, but Liat – who knew there were so many mistaken concoctions for one name.

Shpigler, a.k.a. – Shipliger, Spiegler, Shpiegl, der Spiegl and so on and so forth was understandable. But here in Israel, people still haven't stopped asking me if I am related to the famous soccer player, Motaleh. (Sometimes I say I am for the kicks)
Liat means "you are mine" in basic Hebrew and everyone in Israel knows how to say it properly. In a course I took on Jewish folklore at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem one of my professors said a sentence in Latin that completely stuck. "Nomen est Omen" - your name is your fate.
 Or, according to Wikiquote, "Literally Name is omen, implying that the name is fitting for the object or person."
 Perhaps that is a factor in why a person would uproot themselves to a place where as the show Cheers ingeniously said, "Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name."

Beauty, rudeness, paradoxes, defeats, triumphs
In actuality I came to Israel 11 years ago just to join the army and then to go back to school in the States. What makes a person stay after serving with 120 men in the Golani Brigade can be left to interpretation or can be summed up as a certain sense of belonging to the greater good. Israel has its way of crawling into your veins for better or for worse and this series of articles will discuss just that.
As an old-new immigrant to Israel, who has heard the question "why did you come here?" more than "what is your name?" I have immersed myself enough in the culture to feel one with it, and 11 years later am still shocked by the beauty, rudeness, paradoxes, defeats and triumphs enough to view it from the side.
Most importantly, I learned that you can't be an Israeli without cynicism and you can't be an American Jew without dreamily and romantically sticking in the "Z" word (shhh, be careful not to say Zionism in Israel). Because I am a little of both, both elements will be apparent.

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Marranos - Returning to Judaism

It took a long time - 500 years - but at least some of the Marranos, victims of the Inquisition forced to convert to Catholicism, are returning to Judaism and renewing their connection with the Jewish people. This movement is all the more remarkable because the rabbinical establishment has done little or nothing to encourage this movement. The Marranos must have lifted a collective eye-brow when they heard the Pope lecturing Muslims about compulsion in religion. It would be quite interesting to see a debate between a Marrano who had returned to Judaism, and a Jews for Jesus fanatic.

Delegation of 16 Europeans, whose ancestors were forced to convert to Catholicism during inquisition over 500 years ago, seek to renew their ties with Jewish people, state
Ynetnews Published:  08.27.08, 06:56 / Israel Jewish Scene 

A delegation of 16 Bnai Anousim from Spain, Portugal, Italy, and France arrived in Israel over the weekend. Bnai Anousim (referred to as "Marranos" by historians) is the name for Mediterranean European Jews who were forced to convert to Catholicism on pain of death during the Spanish Inquisition.
In the late 14th and 15th century, at the time of mass expulsions of Jews from Spain and Portugal, the Bnai Anousim remained behind, where they continued to preserve their Jewish identity and to practice the Jewish faith covertly.
As a result, this unique phenomenon is still evident even today, even though the Inquisition invested enormous efforts over the centuries to eradicate it.
The trip is being arranged by the Shavei Israel organization, a non-profit organization with the aim of strengthening ties between the State of Israel and the descendants of Jews around the world.
The organization is currently active in nine countries and provides assistance to a variety of different communities such as the Bnei Menashe of India, the Bnai Anousim in Spain, Portugal and South America, the Subbotnik Jews of Russia, the Jewish community of Kaifeng in China, descendants of Jews living in Poland, and others.
In the framework of their visit to Israel, the Bnai Anousim participants will travel across the country and visit places such as Jerusalem, Rachel's Tomb, Safed, Tiberias, Haifa, Beit Shearim, Kibbutz Lavi, and more. In addition, they will take part in special classes on Jewish history, culture and religion being held for them in Spanish and Portuguese as well as learn some Hebrew.

According to Shavei Israel founder and Chairman Michael Freund, large numbers of Bnai Anousim around the world have started to openly embrace their Jewish heritage in recent years and many are seeking to renew their connection with Israel and the Jewish people after centuries of preserving their identity in secret.
"This visit to Israel by a delegation of Bnai Anousim is part of the process of forging a renewed relationship with the Jewish people and the State of Israel. I believe that we have an historic and moral obligation to reach out to the Bnai Anousim and to assist them as much as we can," Freund said.

New phenomenon sweeps Portugal: Descendants of Marranos rediscover their Jewish roots and the Jewish faith. One Porto community undergoes mass conversion
Gabi Newman
Yosef Pero Philip is professor psychiatry at the University of Porto. Arieh Ben Avraham is a renowned film director. Yosef Eduardo Albas is a soccer player in Portugal's Second Division. All three men have recently converted to Judaism, observe the mitzvoth, and are distinctly proud of their Jewish heritage.

These three men are also representative of a noticeable recent trend among descendants of Spanish and Portuguese Marranos, that is Sephardic Jews forced to adopt the identity of Christians, who are now rediscovering their Jewish faith and reclaiming their ancient heritage en masse.

Rabbi Eliyahu Birnbaum of the "Shavei Israel" Foundation, which oversees the conversion process among these Marrano descendants, said that over the years individual Marranos have converted to Judaism , but now, thanks to the foundation's efforts, entire communities of Marrano offspring are converting to Judaism and reclaiming their ancient heritage.

"If you asked people in Israel, they would probably tell you that Marranos are merely a blurb on the annals of history, but here we see definitive proof that people still view themselves as Marranos and children of Marranos, and that this is a very real, spiritual phenomenon," said Rabbi Birnbaum.

Indeed, many Portuguese are now becoming reacquainted with their Jewish lineage. Aaron Ram, Israel's Ambassador to Portugal, told Ynet that "when people find out that I'm the Israeli ambassador, many end up telling me that they are Jewish, or rather that they are of Jewish descent. Many of these Marranos are not Jewish anymore, nor do they intend to convert, but they nevertheless mention their heritage with great pride. I would say that 10% of all Portuguese are offspring of Marranos of Jewish descent."
What led to this spiritual reawakening among these former Jews? The waning power of the church in both Spain and Portugal is a definite factor leading to this trend, as is the quest for belonging and identity so prevalent around the world today.

The Marano descendants in question tend to come from a high socio-economic background, and are typically well integrated into the Christian society that they live in. They claim that their return to their Jewish heritage does not invoke scorn or hatred in their peers, and that they are typically applauded for their resolve and bravery.


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Jewish Bloggers - Israel is a nice place to visit, why live here?

This is evidently a real quote:
"When people ask me if I'm making aliyah I say 'not yet' in Hebrew because I feel that this is the right answer for now," says Esther Kostnovitch, who runs blogs such as 'JDaters Anonymous' and 'My Urban Kvetch'.
"I am very much in favor of aliyah, but I feel that I write so much about Israel and take such an interest in Israel not least because I don't yet live here."
Nothing can spoil romance worse than marriage. Nothing can spoil Zionism worse than living in Israel, right? Wrong.
And the bloggers were supposedly all "Kosher" - though most Israelis are not really "kosher." But this article is encouragement that in fact, we are making a difference.
Ami Isseroff
Non-Kosher, Israeli Jewish blogger.
First Jewish bloggers summit convenes in capital

Kosher blog writers gather in Jerusalem for conference on Judaism, Zionism, aliyah with participation of blog-savvy MK Netanyahu, who encouraged participants to immigrate to Israel
Adar Shalev
Published:  08.22.08, 14:16 / Israel Activism
Around 200 Jewish bloggers of all ages from around the world gathered in Jerusalem on Wednesday in honor of the first Jewish Zionist blog convention, organized by Nefesh B'Nefesh, a foundation that promotes immigration to Israel from the US, Canada, and the UK.

Jewish patriots that currently reside outside of Israel named Jewlicious, West Bank Mama, Israpundit, and the like met in person for the first time since beginning their online journals. Six hundred other bloggers who couldn't make it to the event watched it live online.
On their way to make aliyah, 240 additional people also boarded the planes packed with bloggers. Renana Levine, one of the convention's organizers, said that Nefesh B'Nefesh has been responsible for the aliyah of around 15,000 people in its six short years of existence.

The foundation attempts to ease the new immigrants' inevitable clash with Israel's arduous bureaucracy and helps them to obtain employment. Currently their success is undisputable, as 94% of the olim who have so far arrived with the program are working citizens.

The organization decided to cooperate with the Jewish blogosphere upon discovering that there was no better way to promote Israel than through blogs. Their writers are not connected to any official agency, which makes them more reliable, and they describe their everyday lives normally, without bombs, camels, or other stereotypical images usually related to Israel.
There are cases in which people say they immigrated to Israel because of blogs, and I can mention Benji Levitt's blog, 'What Warzone', which has shattered a number of myths about camels and constant war in the streets. Because of him, at least three olim that we know of have arrived in Israel," Levine said.

The worldwide Jewish blogger community exists in a sphere almost totally disconnected from the Israeli and Arab blogger community, as the latter usually appear in spots such as Tapuz and Israblog, while the former use sites such as BlogPost, LiveJournal, and WordPress.

Within this sphere they discuss subjects such as modern Judaism, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and the appreciation of their ratings. The blogs incorporate old Yiddish and 'leet' (a type of internet argot), and many of the bloggers read the hip Jewish magazine 'Heeb' to keep up with the banter.

'This is your country'
Among the bloggers who spoke at the summit was former prime minister and current opposition leader, Knesset Member Benjamin Netanyahu, who posts his blog under a Creative Commons (CC) license, meaning anyone can use the contents he publishes. "I opened a blog and found it to be a great medium, but the problem is that it requires too much free time, or shadow writers," he said.

Netanyahu claimed that during his time as prime minister the internet's vast potential for the promotion of Israel throughout the world remained a vastly untapped resource, explaining that the web was not as influential then.

"Make aliyah, this is your country and your city – and it will remain this way," he told those present amid storming applause. But most of the bloggers who attended the conference had arrived in order to visit relatives or improve social ties rather than to relinquish their previous lives in the Diaspora.
"When people ask me if I'm making aliyah I say 'not yet' in Hebrew because I feel that this is the right answer for now," says Esther Kostnovitch, who runs blogs such as 'JDaters Anonymous' and 'My Urban Kvetch'.
"I am very much in favor of aliyah, but I feel that I write so much about Israel and take such an interest in Israel not least because I don't yet live here."

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Is Europe turning Muslim?

 Is this a description of reality or a gross exaggeration?
Wealthy Muslims are proceeding to buy Europe, as well as its conscience
Eitan Haber
Published:  08.27.08, 17:02 / Israel Opinion
In the coming days, tens of thousands of Israelis will be returning from their vacations abroad. After they unpack their suitcases and take out the perfumes they bought at the duty-free store, and after the kids go back to school, memories of their trip overseas will resurface.

And among other things, what they will remember is this: Veils. Plenty of veils. Black veils made of simple cloth, expensive veils made of silk, long veils, and short veils.
 Europe is putting on a veil over its face. For years now this has been the picture encountered by guests who arrive there for a brief moment (and who are more aware of these things) in the major streets of large cities, and also in small towns.

Yet it appears that an all-time record was broken this summer – but perhaps we are still far away from the record?

Money can buy almost anything
A common sight these days is a Filipino man following his veiled woman on the streets of Paris, London, Rome, and Berlin, while carrying her shopping bags. In large luxury stores, wealthy Muslim customers ask managers to keep other clients out of the store before proceeding to buy half of it, at times spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on one occasion. Muhammad is buying Europe.
Why should this be of interest to us and why is this important to us? We must internalize the realization that money can buy (almost) anything, and mostly Europe's conscience. For how long will we be able to keep referring to our values, the morals of our prophets, our Bible, and the Holocaust?
Perhaps it will not happen in this generation, but in the next generation Europe may certainly become a branch of African and Middle Eastern countries. And so, a seemingly minor phenomenon that got under way in the wake of the economic miracle in Europe following World War II – the decline in birthrates and the shortage of workers – has become increasingly serious in the 1980s.

Today, the Muslim population is exerting pressure on Europe, and indirectly on us as well. Ladies and gentleman, Europe is veiled.

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Reports: Hezbollah setting up bases in Venezuela

According to reports in Ha'aretz and LA Times, US and Israeli security officials fear that Hezbollah is setting up bases in Venezuela, with the cooperation of the Chavez regime.
Latin American involvement of the Hezbollah is not exactly a novelty. Deep Hezbollah entrenchment in Paraguay made possible the bombings in Argentina in revenge for the death of the former Hezbollah leader. Now officials fear the Hezbollah may use Venezuela as a base for a similar revenge attack for the death of Imad Moughnieh, the top Hezbollah terrorist responsible for the Argentinean bombings as well as murder of US troops in Lebanon in the 80s. There is no proof of Israeli involvement in the death of Moughnieh, which occurred in Damascus. Moughnieh's car blew up. For folks like that, such occurrences are properly classed as "death by natural causes." He had earned a lot of enemies.

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Jeff Halper arrested, releasted; Israel considering boarding Gaza boats

Israel may reverse its decision not to board the boats that entered Gaza illegally in support of the genocidal Hamas terrorist regime, as they have evidently taken with them 14 Palestinians who were denied exit from Gaza by Israel, presumably because of terrorist connections.
Israeli academic Jeff Halper, who had arrived on the boats, was arrested when he crossed into Israel, for illegally entering Gaza. Halper has never made any attempt to hide his ambition to destroy Israel and substitute a "secular democratic state" for it, using the occupation as an excuse. Halper was released on bail for some reason. While in Gaza, the illegal Hamas government, which took power by force, gave Halper Palestinian citizenship, of which he is quite proud.
Dr. Vaggelis Pissias, one of the organizers of the Free Gaza Movement, rejected Israel's right to stop the boats.

"We do not accept that Israel can stop these boats," Pissias said. "Palestinians have the same rights as all other peoples. Why is it that the only people in the Mediterranean without access to their own waters are the Palestinians?"
Well you see, Dr. Pissias, the Hamas government is illegal, and is effectively at war with Israel. Why didn't the Germans have access to passage through the Baltic in World War II?
Ami Isseroff

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Gulf times has this worrying news:

Gulf times has this worrying news:
Al Qaeda Seen Establishing Presence Inside Israel
Al Qaeda, long crowded out of the Palestinian territories by more localised armed groups, may be establishing a creeping presence inside Israel itself among its large Arab minority, experts say.
Over the past year the Shin Beth internal security agency has announced the arrest of four cells inspired by the ideology of Osama bin Laden's global terror network on jihadist websites and suspected of planning attacks.
span class = "fullpost">

The most high-profile case was that of a Jerusalem student who allegedly sought advice on an Al Qaeda Internet forum on how to shoot down George W Bush's helicopter during the US president's visit to Israel in January.

An indictment filed last month alleges that Mohamed Najem, 24, from the town of Nazareth, frequently visited the Ekhlass website message board using the alias Mohamed of Sham, a Qur'anic name for Syria, Lebanon and Palestine.

The US-based SITE Intelligence Group, which specialises in penetrating and monitoring protected jihadist websites, intercepted his alleged postings.

"My brothers in Allah... How can a plane be shot down, and how can that be done? The planes of the dying Bush land and take off over a period of two days in an area close to my residence," read a January 10 message in Arabic.

According to Shin Beth, Najem was one of six Israeli Arabs and East Jerusalem Palestinians who planned how "to apply the movement's ideology".
The six, who face severe charges, have denied belonging to Al Qaeda or planning to launch attacks.

"They might have browsed certain websites, but that does not make them members of an illegal movement," said Lea Tsemel, a lawyer representing the alleged leader of the ring, 21-year-old Yusef Sumeirin, from occupied East Jerusalem.

"They are religious Muslims whose beliefs might be similar to some of Al Qaeda's views, but they were never accepted into the organisation and did not plan any attack," she added.

In another case, Israeli authorities last month detained two Bedouins from the southern town of Rahat suspected of planning attacks on airports, skyscrapers and military bases after joining Al Qaeda online forums.

"In recent months there have been several arrests in Israel that involved mainly Al Qaeda recruitment and planning over the Internet," a security official said on condition of anonymity.

Although the Palestinian cause figures strongly in Al Qaeda's rhetoric the group has never successfully attacked Israel, although it did carry out twin attacks against Israeli targets in the Kenyan city of Mombassa in November 2002.

Al Qaeda never developed much of a following in the occupied West Bank and the Gaza Strip, where it has been mostly crowded out by older groups such as the late Yasser Arafat's secular Fatah and the Islamist Hamas movement.

While Hamas and Islamic Jihad focus exclusively on battling Israel, they also reject Al Qaeda's vision of a global jihad, precluding any kind of alliance.

"Radical Palestinian groups differ very much from Al Qaeda and in fact try not to be part of Al Qaeda's ideology. In that regard, the groups have different Internet forums, and often these forums are very critical of one another," SITE Intelligence Group director Rita Katz said.

Mutual animosity among the various Islamist groups has endured despite Hamas's seizure of Gaza, she said.

"In recent years we have noticed many new trends in regard to Al Qaeda's activities in Israel. Hamas is no longer part of the global jihad, and is actually considered by Al Qaeda leadership as an enemy," Katz said in an e-mail.

Israeli security officials fear Al Qaeda may manage to recruit Israeli Arabs who have in the past largely avoided the more traditional Palestinian armed groups.

The country's population of more than 7mn includes about 1.2mn Arabs, the descendants of Palestinians who remained in the Jewish state following its creation in 1948.

Experts say that Al Qaeda's network has grown throughout Israel and that the recent indictments should not be seen as isolated cases.

Shay Arbel, a senior researcher for Terrogence, an Israeli firm that specialises in analysing jihadist websites, said that the recent years have seen a sharp rise in the number of Israeli Arabs visiting the Al Qaeda forums.

Gaining access to such sites is possible only after passing a rigorous online test which includes a request for newcomers to present detailed ideas for attacks, Arbel said.

Gulf Times 

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Egypt cops stop Copts from repairing church: right group

Egypt Police Prevent Copts from Repairing Church: Rights Group  

The Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights (EIPR) claimed that Egyptian police used violence on August 17 prevent villagers from repairing the only church in their area, a rights group said on Monday, warning of a rise in sectarian tension as a result.

"A policeman assigned to guard the Archangel Michael Church in Deshasha, in Bani Soueif province south of Cairo, hit three women while they were taking sand into the church to fix the floor which was cracked as result of water collection underneath," the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights (EIPR) stated.

Subsequently, rumors spread in the village that Copts had locked up the policeman inside the church, beaten him and torn his clothes, leading to the brief arrests of several Copts and to threats of retaliation from Muslim villagers, the group claimed.

"The worrying rise in sectarian tension that we have seen in Deshasha is a direct result of violations committed by the police," EIPR director Hossam Bahgat said.

"This incident must be investigated and those responsible held accountable."

Egyptian law allows the repair of churches without a prior permit, but church officials notify provincial authorities in writing, in advance. However, officials of the Archangel Michael Church claimed that the state security police (Mukhabarat) have prevented repair from being carried out at the church for the past 11 years.

The church is the oldest in the region, built in 1895 according to clerics. It was last renovated in 1930 and serves 100 Christian families in the Deshasha village.

"The Archangel Michael Church in Deshasha is but one example of the futility of any efforts to reform and unify construction and renovation laws for places of worship so long as security agents continue to violate existing laws in a discriminatory manner and with complete impunity," EIPR said.

Egypt's Copts -- the largest Christian community in the Middle East -- account for about 10 percent of the country's 76 million inhabitants and suffer from documented  systematic discrimination and harassment.

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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

New U.S. Poll: 63 Percent of U.S. Voters Support Military Action Against Iran if Diplomacy Fails

New U.S. Poll: 63 Percent of U.S. Voters Support Military Action Against
Iran if Diplomacy Fails

According to a new poll conducted by Public Opinion Strategies and Greenberg
Quinlan Rosner Research and commissioned by The Israel Project:

87 percent of American voters say if Iran developed nuclear weapons it would pose a threat to the U.S.;
90 percent say if Iran acquired nuclear weapons, it would share the technology or materials with terrorist organizations;
81 percent say the international community should try to prevent Iran from further nuclear research;
62 percent feel there is still an opportunity to pursue a diplomatic solution with Iran to prevent it from developing nuclear weapons;
55 percent say they would approve of the United States and its allies making targeted strikes against Iran's nuclear weapons facilities;
63 percent say if diplomacy fails, they would approve of Israel taking targeted military action against Iran's nuclear sites to prevent Iran from getting a nuclear weapon;

69 percent say America should be a supporter of Israel and only six percent say America should be a supporter of the Palestinians.

Washington, D.C. - A new bipartisan poll commissioned by The Israel Project (TIP) shows that Americans across the political spectrum see the Iranian regime as a threat to the U.S. Fully 85 percent of Democrats and 97 percent of Republicans believe Iran represents a serious threat to the U.S.

A total of 91 percent of American voters agree Iran poses a threat to Israel; the percentage jumps even higher - to 96 percent - when respondents were asked whether a nuclear-armed Iran poses a threat to Israel. Another 83 percent view this threat as serious. Similarly, 87 percent of American
voters say a nuclear-armed Iran poses a threat to the U.S.

Fully 90 percent of Americans believe Iran will likely share nuclear technology or materials with terrorist organizations if it obtained nuclear weapons. Additionally, 80 percent of Americans say it is likely Iran would use nuclear weapons if it acquired them. American voters oppose Iran's development of a civilian nuclear research program, with 71 percent of the public strongly in favor of international efforts to prevent such a program.

Among those polled, 62 percent say an opportunity to pursue a diplomatic solution with Iran still exists. However, 55 percent of Americans would approve of the U.S. and its allies making targeted conventional military strikes against Iran's nuclear weapons facilities, with nearly a third of Americans strongly approving of such action. In addition, if economic and diplomatic action does not stop Iran's pursuit of nuclear technology, and Iran acquires medium-range missiles and a nuclear capability, 63 percent of  Americans say they would also approve of Israel taking targeted military action against Iran's nuclear sites.

The poll shows that negative feelings about Iran are rising in the U.S. and Germany: 77 percent of likely American voters hold an unfavorable attitude toward Iran, and 64 percent of Germans view Iran unfavorably. Moreover, attitudes toward Iran are consistently negative in the UK, with 39 percent of the British public holding a negative view of Iran.

"Americans, the British and the Germans worry about the direct threat to Israel from Iran and fear Iran's potential to share nuclear technology with terrorist groups," said Stan Greenberg of Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research. "All countries want diplomacy over military action to address this threat. The Germans oppose military action for historical and cultural reasons and the British do not want another Iraq. Yet the Americans are more open to military action, especially if a diplomatic solution fails to become a

Said Jennifer Laszlo Mizrahi, founder and president of The Israel Project, "The threat of a nuclear Iran isn't a Democratic issue or a Republican issue - it's a concern for all peace-loving people who don't want to live under the constant threat of a nuclear attack by an unstable regime and its terrorist proxies, Hezbollah and Hamas. Let us not forget that Iran is the world's largest state sponsor of terror and continually threatens to attack the U.S. and Europe."

Mizrahi also said the international community needs to work harder to keep Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad from realizing his goal of gaining nuclear capabilities, particularly as he threatens to annihilate Israel and trigger a catastrophic war between countries in the Middle East and the West. "The nuclear clock is ticking faster than the diplomatic clock and time is running out," Mizrahi said.

Threats by Iran's president to wipe Israel off the map and Iran's funding, training and arming of terrorist groups such as Hezbollah and Hamas worry Americans, the British, and Germans. Iran's threats against Israel and its promises to share nuclear technology with terrorist groups are of particular concern to Americans and Germans.

American support for Israel vis-a-vis the Palestinians is at an all-time high of 69 percent, and only six percent support the Palestinians. Americans say they feel close to Israel, ranking it only behind Canada and the UK. Israel's image has steadily increased among German opinion elites during the past two years, as 40 percent now view Israel favorably.

The national survey of 800 U.S. likely voters was conducted by telephone July 23-27, 2008. The national omnibus surveys of 1,001 German adults and 229 opinion elites and 995 UK adults and 158 opinion elites were conducted July 18-22, 2008. The surveys were commissioned by The Israel Project and carried out by Neil Newhouse of Public Opinion Strategies and Stan Greenberg of Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research. The margin of error for the U.S. poll is +/- 3.5 percent; the margin of error for the UK and German polls is +/- 3 percent.

Earlier this week, The Israel Project launched a major TV and print campaign at the Democratic National Convention in hopes of pushing for diplomatic and economic measures that can help prevent war. The ad, which will also air during the Republican convention next week, will focus on the threat of a nuclear Iran. The Israel Project does not rate or endorse any candidates.


The Israel Project is an international non-profit organization devoted to
educating the press and the public about Israel while promoting security,
freedom and peace. The Israel Project provides journalists, leaders and
opinion-makers accurate information about Israel. The Israel Project is not
related to any government or government agency.

 Board of Advisors: Sen. Evan Bayh (IN), Sen. Ben Cardin (MD), Sen. Saxby
Chambliss (GA), Sen. Tom Coburn (OK), Sen. Norm Coleman (MN), Sen. Susan
Collins (ME), Sen. Judd Gregg (NH), Sen. Joe Lieberman (CT), Sen. Ben Nelson
(NE), Sen. Gordon Smith (OR), Sen. Arlen Specter (PA), Sen. Ron Wyden (OR),
Rep. Rob Andrews (NJ), Rep. Shelley Berkley (NV), Rep. Tom Davis (VA), Rep.
Eliot Engel (NY), Rep. Frank Pallone (NJ), Rep. Jon Porter (NV), Rep. John
Sarbanes (MD), Rep. Jim Saxton (NJ), Rep. Brad Sherman (CA), Rep. Joe Wilson
(SC), Actor and Director Ron Silver

IMRA - Independent Media Review and Analysis

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Does the US support the Palestinian position?

Palestinians have been insisting on a peace settlement that would deny Israeli national rights in East Jerusalem. According to an Al Quds report, Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice gave Palestinians to understand that she supports this position. A great deal may have been lost in translation, but the report certainly deserves a followup. It is likely that the report meant to say less than it said, and that Ms Rice also meant to say, or really did say, less than she is quoted as saying.
According to the [slightly edited]  google translation of the report in Al Quds, Jerusalem: 
Jerusalem - A high-level Palestinian source in the Palestinian Presidential Office told Al Quds that the American Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice touched for the first time during talks yesterday with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in Ramallah ono [evidently "on] the need to establish a Palestinian state on the borders of June 67.

The source said that "Rice touched for the first time during her meeting with the two sides to the issue of borders in June 1967, including the Gaza Strip and occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem and the Jordan Valley and parts of the Dead Sea." [Sounds like the Palestinian position]

The source added that "this is a kind of development and clear [clarification?] by the U.S. administration about the peace process between Palestinians and Israelis."

He explained that Rice urged the parties to hold meetings daily and intensive secret between them to reach a formula acceptable to both parties, and that it will pursue every course of meetings to be held between Palestinian and Israeli sides.

The source confirmed that Rice asked the two sides to agreed [agree]  with each other to make limited adjustments on [should be "to'" the 67 borders and requested action on the issue of Jerusalem [ambiguous statement about Jerusalem] and to reach understandings with respect religious sites and also the security and administrative arrangements concerning the relationship between the two parts of the city east and west.[assumed control of East Jerusalem by Palestinians evidently].


It was the official spokesman for the Palestinian presidency Nabil Abu Rudeineh who revealed that Rice had raised "new ideas" concerning the peace process during her meeting with Abbas in Ramallah yesterday. [was Abu Rudeineh also the mysterious 'source'?]

Hat tip - IMRA

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Official sources: Abbas may meet Olmert on Sunday

The headline and the article are a tiny bit different. Read carefully! Can you spot the one word difference?
Official sources: Abbas to meet Olmert on Sunday

    RAMALLAH, Aug. 27, 2008  (Xinhua) -- Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and Israeli prime minister Ehud Olmert may meet on Sunday, Palestinian sources said on Wednesday.

    The sources said that the Palestinian and the Israeli officials hold contacts to arrange for the meeting which will be the second between the two men this month.

    In the meeting, Abbas and Olmert will discuss the movement of peace talks over the final-status issues such as the border, water, refugee, security and the state of Jerusalem. [not clear how Xinhua knows what will be discussed]
    They will also talk about the U.S.-backed Road Map peace plan, mainly the Israeli obligations of halting settlement activities on the occupied Palestinian land, according to the sources. [are we sure those are the main issues that will be discussed? According to which sources?]
    The negotiations are aimed at reaching a deal enabling the creation of a Palestinian statehood alongside Israel. But the continuation of the settlement activities blocks the progress of the talks and makes it difficult to reach the deal before the end of this year.
    On Tuesday, U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice met Abbas at his office in Ramallah where she "proposed new ideas related to the peace process," according to Nabil Abu Rdineh, the spokesman for the Palestinian presidency.
    Abu Rdineh did not reveal the new offers but said "the coming weeks will be very decisive."

    On Thursday, Abbas will pay an official visit to Lebanon, his office said.

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Israel and Palestinian Authority protest Jordanian cuddling up to Hamas

According to an AP story, Israeli Embassy spokesman Itai Bardov in Amman called Jordan's contacts with  Hamas "unhelpful to the peace process.

"We're against any negotiations with Hamas because we regard it as a terrorist movement," he said. "We should find ways to strengthen the Palestinian Authority instead of legitimizing Hamas, which made an illegal military coup in Gaza."
The Palestinian government of Mahmoud Abbas agrees. Abbas sent  interior minister, Abdel Razak Yehiye, to Jordan last week to "find out what the Jordanians are up to and if their contacts with Hamas meant dropping support for the Palestinian Authority," according to anonymous Palestinian official in Amman. Needless to say, the United States is not happy either.
Jordan has been cuddling up to Hamas of late, a strange phenomenon noted in several places and given different interpretations. Rami Khoury, writing in the Daily Star, asserted that it is a sign Jordan believes the day of the PLO are numbered, and that the PLO is unpopular according to its polls. That is strange, because the polls seem to show Palestinians prefer the Fatah to the Hamas by about 2 to 1. Jordan's behavior is even stranger considering it has always been a client state of the United States and Britain, supporters of the PLO. But then again, Jordan has been
A different interpretation is offered by AP. They quote former Jordanian parliament speaker Abdul-Latif Arabiyat as saying  "We're at a crossroads and Jordan must protect itself and its national

According to the AP story, which does not give sources, Jordan fears that the possible failure of Palestinian-Israeli peace talks backed by the Bush administration, which leaves office early next year, could embolden Hamas in the neighboring West Bank, as well as Muslim extremists in Jordan and across the Mideast. Quiet contacts with Hamas could mollify any fallout for Jordan if that happens.

Also, according to AP, Jordan is worried a failure of talks will revive Israeli hardliner calls for ejecting West Bank Palestinians to Jordan or for parts of the West Bank to form a confederation with the kingdom as an alternative to an independent state.

Of course, the way to ensure the talks fail is to legitimize Hamas, so the whole AP-Jordanian aplogetics fall apart.

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More Iranian threats to 'Zionist Entity' and US

A Reuters news story notes that Iran's Republican Guard has announed that the  "Zionist Entity"  is in range of their  missiles. According to the story, Iran could hit back with missiles if Israel attacked it and could also rely on allies in the region (meaning Hezbollah in Lebanon)  to strike, as stated by the commander of the Islamic Republic's Revolutionary Guards on Wednesday.
The commander, Mohammad Ali Jafari told Mehr News agency, "Our strategic calculations show that if the Zionist regime wants to make the smallest move against our interests, either independently or with America, in the shortest time all the territories under the Zionist regime's control will become unsafe."
"That country is completely in the range of the Islamic Republic's missiles. The missile capabilities of our armed forces is such that the Zionist regime, with all its capabilities, would not be able to confront it," he added.
The Guards are an 'ideologically motivated' (meaning "religious fanatic") arm of Iran's military with an independent command structure from the regular armed forces. They have their own land, sea and air units. Though Reuters did not discuss the issue, the prospect of nuclear weapons in the hands of these fanatics is not appetizing.
"The Israelis know that if they take action against Iran definitely the capabilities that the Islamic world and especially the Shi'ite world has in the region would deliver a hard blow to them," Jafari said. No doubt he was referring to the Hezbollah in Lebanon, and the Iranian funded Islamic Jihad. The Reuters article incorrectly included Hamas as part of the "Shi'ite" world (all those Muslims look the same to them). Hamas might join in the fun, but they are Sunni Arabs.
Jafari also said U.S. troops were vulnerable because of their presence in the region. Washington has troops based in Iran's neighbours of Iraq and Afghanistan, and naval forces in the Gulf, along which Iran has a long coastline.
"The presence of these forces enables Iran to harm America's interests in different ways...not even using its missile capability," he said.

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Gaza Medical Workers strike against Hamas

An article by the Palestinian Ma'an news tells us that "Medical workers in Gaza declare open ended strike against Hamas."
According to Maan -  Nablus - Ma'an - The Palestinian union of medical professionals  declared a total strike in the Gaza Strip following the reported firing of more than 40 union members from their jobs in the Strip, the latest in a series of labor actions against the de facto government of Gaza.

Ma'an claims that union sources told them that the open-ended strike will protest the "violent practices" of the Hamas-led government in Gaza.

The union is urging its members to stop work in hospitals affiliated with the Hamas-run government and instead donate their services to nongovernmental hospitals that treat people for free, Ma'an writes.

According to Ma'an, earlier the Palestinian union of civil servants threatened to go on strike in all ministries in the Gaza Strip in protests against the ruling Hamas  movement's policy of "dismissing and marginalizing large numbers of

Ma'an quotes union Secretary Mu'in Ansawi as saying, "That indicates only their [Hamas']  inability to run public sector foundations as well as their inclination to eliminate the other side and not recognize his existence."

Ma'an reminds us that a pro-Fatah Palestinian teachers union has been on strike in Gaza this week against what they see as politicized hiring and firing practices on the part of Hamas

It should be noted that the Palestinian General Federation of Labor Unions affiliated with Fatah recently signed an agreement with the Israeli Histadrut, pledging dialogue and cooperation on labor issues. Previously, the federation had evidently been the initiator of numerous boycott Israel initiatives in Europe.

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IAF buys bomb-proof material for bombed runways

According to the Jerusalem Post story:
Yaakov Katz , THE JERUSALEM POST Aug. 27, 2008

The Israel Air Force has purchased a unique material that can be laid on bombed-out runways within minutes to enable fighter jets to take off with barely any delay, defense officials revealed Tuesday.

Until now, the IAF had been dependent on asphalt companies to repave damaged runways. The new solution can allow a base to resume operations within minutes.

The air force recently conducted a number of tests with the new material, including the takeoff of fully-loaded fighter jets.

A top IAF officer told The Jerusalem Post the decision to buy the material was made in line with the lessons learned from the Second Lebanon War, when more than 4,000 Hizbullah rockets pounded Israel.

The IAF was concerned that Syria and Hizbullah would target air bases in an effort to neutralize Israel's fighter-jet capability, the officer said.

"Our assumption is that we will be under a heavy barrage of missiles in a future conflict," the officer said. "This applies to all of the air force bases - in the South and the North."

For this reason, the IAF is also considering purchasing several Joint Strike Fighters, which have vertical-takeoff capability. The IDF has announced plans to purchase at least 25 F-35 jets with the option to purchase dozens more.

The decision to consider the vertical-takeoff airplane, the F-35B, was made due to an understanding that in time of war Israeli bases and runways would be heavily targeted by enemy missiles.

Also Tuesday, the Israel Air Force's official magazine reported on a new avionics system installed in F-15I fighter jets that enables pilots to drop several smart bombs simultaneously. Smart bombs, or precision-guided munitions, are guided weapons intended to maximize damage to the target while minimizing civilian damage.

The F-15I is Israel's most advanced bomber and has a range of over 4,000 kilometers with the ability to reach speeds of up to Mach 2.5. The plane can carry an assortment of missiles.

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Anti-Zionism and censorship: Truth and consequences at Harry's Place

Anti-"Zionists" have managed to shut down a Web site, Harry's Place, for the crime of telling the truth. We kid you not.

Next time you read that anti-Zionism is not anti-Semitism, and next time you hear that the Zionist conspiracy is "muzzling" criticism of Israel" remember this one.

An "anti-racist" boycott Israel activist in the notorious BRICUP faction of the British UCU posted a link to the Web site of former KKK Grand Wizard and even more notorious fascist racist David Duke. Jerusalem Post had the story.

According to the Jerusalem Post, Delich's introduction to the David Duke screed read:

Delich's message was in support of a colleague who backs the boycott call. It reads: "John, in support to your link this may be a long but also an interesting reading: No comment necessary. The facts are speaking for themselves, Jenna."

Read the rest: UCU anti-Zionists, Harry's Place, censorship and anti-Zionism vs Anti-Semitism

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Obama: World must press Iran before Israel gets desperate

Barack Obama evidently did not say "World must press Iran before Israel strikes." Read the fine print. It is really hard to know what Obama or McCain or anyone would really do when push comes to shove. Probably not a great deal. Obama's promise to "get sanctions in place" is problematic, since the Russians and Chinese are reluctant to support such sanctions, and nobody wants the price of oil to go up. Neither Obama nor McCain seem to recognize that Iran is not about Israel, and it is not just about nuclear weapons.
Last update - 10:13 26/08/2008       
Obama: World must press Iran before Israel strikes
By Natasha Mozgovaya, Haaretz Correspondent and Reuters
DAVENPORT, Iowa - U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama said on Monday that the world must increase pressure on Iran over its nuclear program before Israel feels it has its "back to the wall."
"My job as president would be to try to make sure that we are tightening the screws diplomatically on Iran, that we've mobilized the world community to go after Iran's program in a serious way, to get sanctions in place so that Iran starts making a difficult calculation," Obama said in response to a voter's question at a campaign event in Iowa. "We've got to do that before Israel feels like its back is to the wall."
Obama was asked whether Israel felt it had a "green light" to take military action against Iran if the United States and its allies did not soon demonstrate progress on containing Tehran's nuclear ambitions. "I don't want to speculate on whether or not Israel feels like it has a green light or not, because that would be speculation," he replied. "What is not speculation is that we have to act much more forcefully and effectively on the world stage to contain Iran's nuclear