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Israel Peace Week

It’s time to do something about anti-Israel propaganda on campus.

Israel Peace Week highlights the positive aspects of Israeli society.

The revolutions and attempted revolutions sweeping the Arab Middle East underline the fact that Israel is a beacon of democracy, progress and hope and an oasis of human rights in this region. That fact cannot be hidden by well-financed PR campaigns and empty racist slogans.

If there is no Israel Peace Week at your university, get busy organizing it!! If there is going to be one, be sure and participate.

At UC Berkeley, for example Israel Peace and Diversity Week began this week (March 6). The schedule is here

For more information about upcoming events or about setting up Israel Peace Week contact or


Yet more information:

Israel Peace Week should replace ignorance with facts. It should educate students about Middle East realities, and get them concerned about real issues of democracy, peace and human rights in the Middle East.

Be PROACTIVE Don’t wait until there is an anti-Israel event at your campus.

Ami Isseroff

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