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The crimes against humanity of Richard Goldstone II

[This is the second part of an analysis of the Goldstone Report and his recent 'retraction.' Part I of Goldstone is here ]

Richard Goldstone’s report was not an isolated error. It was a weapon in a propaganda arsenal that has been used to make an organization of fascist racist gangsters seem like a legitimate actor, to make genocide into a noble goal and deliberate murder of children into an honorable tactic. Goldstone knew very well that there could never be “evenhandedness” between the Hamas and Israel,just as it would be preposterous for a judge to be “evenhanded” between the rapist, the victim and police who arrested the perpetrator. It was not a one-time betrayal. It was, as I wrote, a stab in the back that keeps on stabbing.

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The crimes against humanity of Richard Goldstone I

Analysts are still wondering about the motivation, the impact and even the meaning of the very strange article authored by jurist Richard Goldstone about the Goldstone Report. The report alleged Israeli “war crimes” in Operation Cast Lead (Gaza War of 2008-9). The article, appropriately enough, appeared on April Fools day in the Washington Post and may have been a recantation (or was it?)  of the findings of the original report. A great effort has been and is expended by Goldstone and others to obscure that which should be perfectly clear. Thus, it may be worthwhile to try to untangle the real meaning, impact and motivation of both the report and of the more recent article.

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